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A true horror, the co-ed Halloween Dance


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Gordy snapped on the lights to the gym, not surprised that he was the first of the dance committee to arrive. Someone had already been by with a ladder, but he was hoping someone who could fly would be the one to put up the high up decorations. It wasn't that he was afraid of heights, it's just that it was easier that way. And he didn't really like ladders. They just seemed dangerous by nature. There wasn't really much in the way of decorations, the general atmosphere at a dance usually stemming from just turning the lights down, and being a Halloween dance, there was certain to be no exception. Some orange and black streamers, a couple of pinata's shaped like pumpkins, and a fog machine would really be all that was needed. There was supposed to be a delivery a little later of some pre-carved Jack-o-Lanterns from a company in town, and the food was being provided by a cheap catering agency. Private school or not, they were still making them go on a small budget. Though maybe not that small.

Gordy places the bag with his costume in the corner of the room. He was certain he was going to wow the crowd this year. Not that it was all the original of a costume, but to the best of his knowledge none of his classmates had seen him perform over the summer, so it would be new to them. Humming a tune of his own composition to himself, Gordy sets to taping streamers to the wall and twisting them to make a spiral pattern.

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Chris poked his head around the door suddenly. "Dammit, it's not enough that I got roped into this, but I'm only the second one to turn up. Daaaaang." He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a long-sleeved black t-shirt with suspicious bulges around his wrist where he'd concealed his zappers.

"So, Gordy, whaddya want me to do?" he said, leaning back against the wall.

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"Oh, hey. Didn't hear you come in. I'm blanking on your name. Craig? Carl? Something with a C? It'll come to me I'm sure. Uhh, how are you with electronics? Someone needs to set up the stereo system before the DJ gets here."

Gordy finishes with his current streamer and surveys the gym. Starting to look ok. Though looking more and more like he was going to have to use that ladder. Gordy suppresses a shudder as he looks over at the new arrival.

"Hey, where's your costume? It's Halloween!"

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"Fair enough. That's why mines in the bag. The stereo should probably go.....hmmm. I'm thinking back wall, in front front of the door, so the music is coming right at you when you come into the gym? What do you think?"

As Gordy is talking there is a knock at the side door. Gordy answers the knock, and the caterers almost bowl him over as they enter, carrying tables.

"Hey! Watch it!"

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It was so noisy... While she would have normally returned to her dorm and simply relaxed, she did become increasingly curious over all the noise that was being done. Thus, the young freshman, Haimura, walked towards it all. When she heard a bunch of people carrying things in front of her, she quickly went invisible, then silent, not wanting any to be able to detect her as she wandered about. She was glad she'd decided not to make a full dress, she could only guess what was on the floors here as people hurried all about to set things up. Talking about a stereo system? Oi... this place was just going to be noisy. But why? She hadn't heard anything about a party, but it was possible it was posted some place. How odd, but she continued to listen, her invisibility dropping to reveal the girl in a lavish purple and indigo set of clothing, truly high class. Her eyes were closed as she leaned against the wall where the boy was planning on setting things up as she relaxed, but braced or the eruption of typical American music. Her skirt was not wrinkled in the least, but her hand still went to smooth it out, just in case as she continued to stand there, her odd purple pupils seeming fixed on one of the tables..

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Halloween, Hollow's Eve, Glorious Night of mischief, tricks, treats, and costumes, night where pranks and fun was to be had by all. A night which many kids would be out playing and talking to their friends about getting things done, even this early in the day. Scheming, giggling, talking about their peers of the opposite gender, all sorts of nifty mischief and good hearted fun.

Warren, however, was simply staring at the wall of his even now sparsely furnished dorm room, which was solely his, thanks to his grade, but which was empty aside from a few posters, a laptop, and a television, as a result. He was staring at the wall and poster, too bored to move much more than that, and too interested in the large bag of candy he had on his bed beside him to actually do anything to move or get interested in something. He was on his bed, but not laying, or sitting, rather on his back with his legs and torso up, as if sitting on the wall, but sort of leaning his weight against it and the bed, as if he was lounging but trying to exercise his legs at the same time.

As he absent mindedly looked at the poster and the costume his father had sent for the boy to wear if he wanted to, he munched a piece of peanut butter chocolate candy, his dorm room door opened just a crack, so he could see anyone walking through the hallway it was next to, if they were walking.

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Chris sniffed the air, realising somebody else had entered. Glancing around, he couldn't see anything. "My gecko-sense is tingling," he muttered, hefting the stereo and turning around to see the girl in the dress. "Hah! Thought I smel-" Insensitivity alert! "Sorry, heard someone come in. Couldn't see you coming in there, nice trick."

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Gordy turned around at the sound of Chris talking, and jumps in surprise when he sees a girl he hasn't met just standing there. He hadn't heard anyone come in except the food people, and they weren't being all that loud. Who ever it was must be pretty special to sneak into a big echo-ey gym without making a sound.

"Woah! You shouldn't sneak up on people like that in this school. You never know when someone might blast you on instinct. My name is Gordy, I'm in charge of the dance committee. What do you think?"

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The girl simply kept her eyes closed, after hearing the two boys talk about her needing to be more careful. They were so wierd, talking about random things that didn't really matter. Still they did address her and she did need some of her questions answered. As she faced them she smiled, keeping her eyes closed still. Her steps remained silent as she walked towards Gordy.

"What is it all for?"

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Darian walks into the gymnasium with a sense of dread and hope at the same time. This will be his first non-academic social event with people in his age group. His costume, conveniently tucked away in a small duffle bag for now, would be a mockup of the Loa god of death, Baron Samedi. He arrives early to see what's all done and left to be done. Not a lot of people here, he thinks to himself as he walks in the gymnasium, Hopefully it will pick up soon. I would hate for this to be a failure. He walks towards the bleachers and has a seat.

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Gordy gives the girl an uncomprehending look, as is quickly glad that her eyes are closed. He wouldn't want her to think he was being judgmental. "It's for the Halloween Dance. It's gonna be great. Everyone will have costumes, there will be some really awesome music, free food, and of course the costume contest. Best costume wins. Oh, excuse me."

Gordy just noticed a newcomer walk into the gym. He had the look of someone waiting to be talked to, and hopefully, help out. "Hi, My names Gordy, are you here to help set up? Do you know how to work a fog machine? The gym is almost done, and I need to go get my costume on. Is that yours in the bag? Bet it's great. Can't wait to see it."

Gordy shoulders his bag and points toward the back. "Changing rooms are in there, in case you didn't know."

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Darian stands up to meet his impromptu welcoming commitee. "Nice to meet you again, Gordy. I am Darian. A fog machine, you say? I will take a look at it. It surely cannot be that complicated," he catches himself in his hubris, then tries with an apologetic tone to explain himself, "What I mean is that I have a knack with machines. I do not mean to put your qualifications down." Quickly trying to change the subject, he looks over to where Gordy pointed and then back to him, "When are the festivities to begin?"

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Gordy hold back a chuckle at the new kids speech mannerisms. He was pretty sure he hadn't used a single contraction. "In about 45 minutes. My costume is a little makeup heavy, and I want to be sure I do it right. I may be a little late with the greetings, but it's a dance, I'm sure people will figure it out. I mean, I can't really be in the contest because I'm one of the judges, but I can still look awesome. And trust me, you're better with machines then me. I don't understand them." Gordy begins to turn toward the mens shower room. "The machine is over by the DJ stand. Thanks"

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Gordy swings around to face Lullaby after the tap on the shoulder. He smiles nervously at her request. He'd never had a girl ask him to dance before, and the music hadn't even started yet.

"Sure, I'd love to, but I need to get my costume on real quick. It'll be great. You should ask the DJ to play something good for the first slow dance."

As the designated start time draws closer, a few more of the schools more famous students begin to trickle in. The first is Seven, dressed in a cliche though well put together witch costume, followed by Changeling, who can be overheard excitedly talking about all the possible costumes she can be.

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Darian walks over to the fog machine. Fog machines are easy to fix, he reminds himself, unless there is some sort of gremlin in there, we are fine. He kneels down to take a look at it. Opening the side of the machine, he sighs. While it definitely does not look like a gremlin, it is still something living affecting the the flow of mist. A tiny female with wings made of pure energy sucks the last bit of fluid from a straw attached to the now empty fluid container. Her eyes go wide when she sees Darian, as if he was not supposed to see her. she quickly lunges out of the machine and into his messenger bag, almost knocking him over. He hurriedly searches the bag but there is no sign of the creature. Darian quickly looks around it looks like no one saw the commotion. He shrugs and makes a note to himself to tell Gordy that the machine needs fluid and duct tape. He grabs his duffle bag and heads towards the changing room.

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Awww... everyone seems to be busy. Trust Darian to get roped into fixing stuff. "Ok, I'll go put up your Happy Hallowe'en barrier if you all seem to be busy..." muttered Chris, grabbing the barrier, a couple of nails and a hammer, before stuffing the hammer into his belt. Then he ran straight up the wall, quickly and deftly hammering one end into place. "One end, aaaaaand..." he dragged the 'aaaa' sound out as he pulled the banner along the wall until the message was clearly displayed, before hammering in the other end.

"Geckomaaaaaaaaan!" said Chris triumphantly, raising his arms in a two-fisted gesture of victory... before gravity caught up and he tumbled down the wall to the floor.

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Mura's eyes twitched a bit as she faded from view yet again, her form disappearing and going completely silent. She was gone, while she was no speedster, and she could not teleport, she was a very quick girl. She ran to the only place she had nearby to finish her objective, and while she knew there was a door in the way, she didn't much care. Turning the doorknob she growled and opened the door, either by it being unlocked or intending to simply shatter the lock with her strength.

"Warren! I need the best Halloween costume there is."

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Several minutes later, Darian emerges from the makeshift dressing room. His costume, while not the most impressive is not lacking in detail. His feet are bare. His dress pants are held up by a rope belt and the bottom part of the legs are shredded away into nothing. His longtail coat has it's arms ripped off to show painted on symbols up and down his arms and a ribcage painted on his torso. The top of his head look to be covered in a white mask that mimics a skull, that in turn is covered by a tophat. His eyes are shaded by sunglasses, but with the right lens missing. He carries a walking stick half the size of himself under his right arm and holds the head of the stick, a miniature skull, with his right hand. He goes back to the bleachers to drop off his messenger bag and sit down. This event will start soon, he thinks to himself, then maybe more people will start showing up.

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Warren heard her a mile away, with the way she was moving and the fact the door creaked open even wider than it otherwise would have, what with the fact that it was already opened a crack when Mura grabbed the knobw and opened the door. The response from Warren to Mura was simple, as he leaned against the bunk he was laying upside down before in, still laying upside down.

"Do I look like a Genie, Mura?"

His response was simple, and he silently placed a piece of peanut butter chocolate candy in his mouth as he finished saying those words.

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Gordy stepped out from the mens locker room about 20 minutes later, into a party that looked like it wanted to start. The DJ had set up and was playing a rap song Gordy didn't recognize, and more of the student body had shown up. No one was really on the dance floor yet, but that's was to be expected. It was still early. Gordy smiled though as he looked down at his costume. Once again he had donned the image of a french peasant boy from the revolution. Despite being in the play, Gordy still wasn't sure which of the revolutions, but he looked convincing, and that was all that mattered. The head of the dance committee walks over to the DJ to grab a mic and officially start the party.

"Hi everyone, and welcome to the Halloween Dance! Tonight is gonna be awesome, and I hope everyone is taking the time to look at all the awesome costumes. We'll be giving out a prize for best costume, best pairs or group costume, and a special one for best teacher costume. But first, we have to play a traditional song. It's terrible, but you love it, admit it."

With a nod, the DJ switches songs over to the Monster Mash. There are some groans, but most people smile, and proceed to block it out.

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Chris emerged from the bathroom dressed in a black costume with a domino mask and cape designed to look like the 1960s Raven. He deliberately swirled the cape around dramatically as he walked into the gymnasium. For effect, y'know. Oh dear god... the monster mash? Noooooooooooooo!!!

Chris mingled with the few people who'd turned up this early in the party. "Hey." "How you doing?" "Looking gooood, ladies!" "Hi, dude." "Now that outfit's in bad taste. Shame on you." "No, I'm not dressed as a woman."

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Gordy surveyed the party, particularly the comings and goings. He noticed when someone came in dressed as the old Raven, and after a few seconds recognized him as one of the two guys he had seen arguing in the beginning of the school year. Didn't they have biology together? Ever the gracious host, Gordy walks over.

"The original Raven eh? You make it yourself?"

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