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Training Day (OOC)

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Eira takes a 20 on her Computers check and gets 30 - I will post what she finds in her IC post. 



Looking back over old AEGIS case files, you're able to find some interesting information. A lot of the people who come out to the Big Bend region come out here because they don't want to be around other people, either for reasons of character or personality. What that means is that there are some people connected to superpeople even out here - there's a small community of Superfreaks (the super-hippie cultists) out by one of the robot sightings, and the actual sighting of the saltwater croc here in Alpine was done by none other than the city's resident alien - a Lor who went native decades ago and now works as a sculptor. 



The science is not with you today - but you do have time to take 10 on the check, giving you the basic information that all the animals spotted around here are from the region, with the singular exception of that weird saltwater croc. And indeed, all the animals do seem to have appeared around the time of their natural 'active' periods (snakes during the day in a hot Texas spring, house geckos and other nocturnal creatures at night), but you can't tell for sure - too many of the reports came in after the sightings, so your data is imperfect. It does _seem_ like someone with a deliberate knowledge of biology is doing this - or could something else be going on. 


As for your Survival check, you know that these sightings were scattered far apart in rough terrain. To be that precise that many times apart requires some sort of superhuman power - either teleporting, technology, or something else that would allow for that kind of clockwork (ahem) precision. 

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