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Meta-Justice OOC


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Justice is all armored up since she's on the bike, so MOD System at TOU+15/DEF+5 and MOVE System at Armor Plating, which means Impervious TOU 5.


Alright, Justice drives in from a sideroad on the left and blocks the path of two of the bikes, shooting at the last bike with her Shock Blaster: 1d20+14 = 32

Yes, hitting the bike.


TOU save for the bike vs. DC21: 1d20+8 = 13

Fail by 8. Since its an object, its lethal damage, so the bike is now Dazed, Bruised and Injured. The rider makes a drive check vs. DC15 to stay in control: 17, still holding on, but slowed down.


The other two motorcyclist shoots at the two heroes:

At Justice: 14, miss

At Meta-Naut: 7, even more miss


25 - Justice - 1HP - Uninjured

7 - 3x Motorcycle Robbers: All uninjured, 1 bike (Dazed, Bruise x1, Injury x1)

6 - Meta-Naut - 3HP - Uninjured

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The Meta-Naut is going to try and yank the last moving guy's bike out from under him with her Tractor Beam. It's a crit at 28. Giving her a +5 to her grapple check, it's 30 against the bike's grapple bonus or reflex.

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Justice notices Meta-Naut and is starstruck, triggering her Fangirl complication and skipping her turn, so the robbers are up.

The robber that hit the ground gets up and shoots at Meta-Naut, the other two shoots at Justice: 14 18 12

Justice gets hit, but her Impervious TOU takes care of that.


You're up.


25 - Justice - 2HP - Uninjured

7 - 3x Motorcycle Robbers: 2x uninjured, 1 on the ground [1 bike (Bruise x1, Injury x1)]

6 - Meta-Naut - 3HP - Uninjured

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Justice brings out the Rocket Hammer and SMACKS the nearest bad guy: 1d20+8 = 15

That's a DC27 TOU save for the bad guy, which he can't make: 23 getting close though, and a KO!

And knockback from that... That's 16-3 = 13 = Oh god he's flying!


Gonna try to Intimidate the last one into giving up, with a +2 Circumstance bonus from having shrugged off their bullets, having just sent the other one flying and him being all alone now: 1d20+4 = 23

Resisted by Intimidate: 5

The last guy knows when he's beat, drops his gun and gives up. Combat over, unless Meta-Naut wanna meta-smack someone.


25 - Justice - 2HP - Uninjured

7 - 3x Motorcycle Robbers: 2x KO, 1 given up  [1 bike (Bruise x1, Injury x1)]

6 - Meta-Naut - 3HP - Uninjured

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