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Fulcrum Returns

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Hello, everyone!


First off, I'm so happy to see the site going strong. I haven't been around in years, and seeing old and new faces alike is heartening.


Time perhaps then to jump back into the mix. My main character is Fulcrum, a punchy paragon that ranged across Freedom City. Mainly looking for interesting people to meet and evil robots to recycle. I would really enjoy catching up (or meeting and greeting) in character! If anyone is interested please drop me a line. 


I haven't decided on what Fulcrum was doing in the intervening time. Given the wealth of major stories since my last thread, my guess is that she was out of the city during those periods. Globetrotting? Incapacitated? I know she had family and career interests that could fade her into the background otherwise.


Until I figure that out, I will work on updating her sheet. May I have it retrieved from the archive please?


I am also considering another character. Perhaps a Claremont student?


But that's all up in the air. Bringing myself up-to-date will definitely take some time. Thank you all for such a great site. I hope to see you in the chats.

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Welcome back Darius!

Fulcrum has been unarchived!


We have a pretty big Claremont class right now, so a great time to join. Only problem is it is the start of Summer Vactaion now, so might be better to wait until the fall? (Of course you could always make the character and have them in some adventures over the summer and start Claremont in the fall).

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Thank you very much! ?


And thanks for the un-archiving, Thevshi.


Some summer shenanigans sound very fun. I've been brainstorming ideas. At some point I want a magnetic controller. Beyond that I have no details yet. The other concept is more-or-less a complete one I've knocked around since my previous days on the site: a Sabretooth expy named Troll. Polished up with various fantasy elements. Modeled to the right PL, the character would make a fine, socially awkward Claremonter.


Welcome aboard, blackstarraven! Congratulations on your first character. You will find all sorts of adventures here. Just keep your eyes peeled.


Would you like a meeting thread then? I will be happy to make one. Once I review the site rules again and this fancy forum. I don't want to poke the interface and destabilize the space-time continuum or something.


Edite: And it looks like Ecal posted a troll character years ago. Very nice!

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