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So for my first outing on the website as a GM I was thinking about doing something a bit lower on the power level scale.
Something in the range of maybe PL:7-8. Maybe with a bit of a mixed PL Range. A PL 9-10 with a two or three PL:7-8 might actually work.


I would intend this to be the first relatively short part of a three or four mission narrative. So if your in the first one your likely to at least end up in another one.

The general requirement for the start on this would just be.

#1: Be in Freedom city.

#2: Be some one who can either explain why you would catch wind of a black market deal.

#3: Be some one who has enough of a eye on the underworld that you might just run across something that looked like a deal going down.

#4: Again be in the general lower PL Range. And or MAYBE be a PL:9-10 that can or does work with some other people.

I can alter the overall feel of the whole thing to match up with a group I like. So if I end up with two or three Power Level 10's. That's fine, I can just beef up the ideal a little bit.

This is also just a in for me to do a little world building on my end so there will be some looking around, talking and investigating most likely after the punching people... so you know, not just punching people.

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3 hours ago, Tarrakhash said:

My only low PL character is in Bedlam, but either Black Mamba or Delta would love to be involved in this. I'd prefer Black Mamba just because he needs some more game time.


Let me know what I can do to get in!

Fair enough.
Black Mamba looks pretty good, depending on who else I get that's interested...
Also depending on who I get I am actually open to moving the first scene to another location.

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Red Lynx is in the PL range and spends his evenings doing the whole cowl thing and could either stumble upon a deal or dig it up in the course of investigations.


Ace Danger is at PL 10 and has more PP over that for versatility but pretty much always has an excuse for knowing what's going down in Freedom with his contacts and what not.


Either could work with Red Lynx probably better if you're trying to keep it low powered.

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