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The Night People (OOC)

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Well, since it goes for them both, I assume the Raven-Thing is up close.

Switching Tricks array to Forever Blade.


Move-Action Feint to try and get its defenses a bit down: Bluff 1d20+16 = 28

Followed by Forever Blade: 1d20+6 = 25

DC31 Toughness if that connects.

And hoping that the Forever Blade's light descriptor might do something fun against the Raven-Thing.

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Sense Motive: That beats the Raven-Thing's Sense Motive 

Tou vs 31: 31!


Light should do something, though, so I'll put a bruised on that just to make things interesting! 



shoots the thing  

15 + 7 = 22, which hits the DC of 19 to hit


Tou vs DC 28

19 + 10 = 29 

And that's another pass, welp! 


The Raven-Thing strikes at Watchdog and Forever Boy simultaneously - and also misses! 

Okay, Forever Boy is up for Round 2... 




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