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Codus Immortus: Old Gods Anew (OOC)


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That hits!


Tough Save: 1d20+12 23 a better roll, but still fails by 12, so dazed and staggered. It is also knocked back a few feet (10 to be precise. Thats giants for you...-18 Knockback!)


In response, the two non-hit giants will smash Voin and Dreadnought each. 


First off; demoralising as a move action -5: Intimidate / Startle: 2#1d20+8 23 19 so beat that (23 for Voin, 19 for dreadnought) with Will/sense motive/intimidate. 


Then, the smash attacks: Smashy: 2#1d20+4 11 19 i believe Dreadnought catches a blow, for a DC 27 Tough save


Round 2


23 - Voin - Unharmed - 2 HP

20 - Dreadnought - Unharmed - 1 HP

0 - Giants [1,2] - Unharmed

0 - Giant [3] - Staggered






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Klara is shaken 1 round. Her attack, however, still hits! DC 25 Toughness save: Tough Save: 1d20+12 26 Giant makes it. 


Dreadnought is also shaken 1 round, meaning attack roll is at -2: a total of 11. However, as you say, the Giant is prone, so +4 for a total of 15 which does in fact hit. Tough Save: 1d20+12 29 vs DC 37 is bruised and dazed. Incredibly, not KOd!


So two giants can act this round, and, predictably and slowly they will do exactly the same as before!


Demoralise fast: 2#1d20+8 13 25 for Dread and Klara respectively. 


Then, SMASH (Again!)


Smash: 2#1d20+4 16 21 I think that hits both (as Dreadnought all out power attacked), so another Toughness save DC 27!









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So I realised it wasnt Dreadnoughts turn anyway! But lets leave it stand!


Round 3


23 - Voin - Bruised - 2 HP

20 - Dreadnought - Bruised - 1 HP

0 - Giants [1,2] - Unharmed

0 - Giant [3] - Staggered, Bruised


Voin is up!


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