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All that glitters...


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November 8th, 2018

5 PM


It had been a long day in the Eastern Seaboard Bank Building in Wading Way. The effects of the recent Terminus Invasion had been felt, and everyone was rushing to keep up with the resulting workload. Amidst the chaos, it had been decided to move the bank's already small gold deposit to another location. After all, Freedom City was teeming with super villains as it were. 


They never got the chance. The moment the gold had left the vault, a group of two heavily armored men, all covered in shining gold, emerged from the nearest staircases. They moved quickly and with purpose, quickly taking down any the guards that got in their way, before heading towards the exit with the gold, carried in a pair of heavy bags.


The alarms sounded soon after, easily being heard out in the streets. After all, this was Freedom City. While the city home to villains, it was also the home of heroes.

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"Twenty five dollars and a whistle"


That was exactly how much was left to Rev by her Great Uncle, whom she hardly knew and whom had passed away last week. He had been a virtual recluse living in a trailer park and had barely kept in touch with Revs mother (twice in the last five years). It had been a stroke of fortune that anyone had even found his dead body. 


With such a character, the family lamented but did not collapse into grief. They had not expected any inheritance of note, and their expectations were duly met. 


She had taken the afternoon off early to go see the Solicitor, and had promised Fax they would have a blow out meal and all the Cherrypop! lollipops they could carry. Unfortunately, cheap as Cherrypop! was, twenty five dollars only went so far. 


Quite why her Great Uncle had left her a brass whistle was anybodies guess. She gave it a blow. It whistled. 


"Well, it whistles, Fax, at least...wait! look over there!"


She pointed at the gold that was being purloined by gold. 


"Follow that bar!" she proclaimed. "....of gold!" she added. 

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Facs had come along to support his friend in her time of need more than anything a few cherrypops! For pixie would've been a nice side bonus but it was never anywhere near the top of the list.


"Well its nice to know he was thinkin' about ya when he took ill right?" He offered helplessly in the face of a death.


"Maybe he thought you were still a nipper, when i was 12 i thought 10 dollars was a lot." He laughed humouredly "prolly thought of you like that, more money than he thought you'd ever seen and a noise maker, kids delight." He reasoned before his attention snapped to the on going robbery.


"Golden power armour? Thats a bit tacky....but hey, gold robbin's classic criminal caper...just missin a bullion train." He remarked as he held his keys out to rev.


"You wanna get after em whilst i...put my buisness suit on?" Not the best euphermism he'd ever had but he had to keep em fresh.

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Despite their shining armors, the pair of bank robbers did not seem like they wanted to stay around any longer than necessary, as they hurried through the building. They shouted a number of threats, mostly about the ways that they would kill anyone that got in their way. Most stepped back, but before they could escape through the entrance, a pair of security guards finally stepped up. 


"Freeze!" the first one shouted, a man in his 50'es that looked like he had seen everything that Freedom City could show at him. His younger partner kept silent, visibly trembling as he did his best to keep his aim. 


The two armored men looked between each other, before turning to the guards again. "No, little man." The voice was deep, sounding somewhat electronically scrambled. They approached, the resulting gunfire ricocheting of the armors.

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"Whoa! They are threatening to kill people! That's not cool! If you kill people, they might die from it!"


This galvanised Rev into actoin. Not that she really needed galvanising. It was more like it had propelled her to move faster. 


"JET!" the flames on her feet burnt off her sneakers. 


"SET!" and now they smoked and burned furiously, the shiny metal feet exposed to the world, lifting her off the ground...


"GO!" and she was in the air, soaring at tremendous velocity!


"You cant steal that gold! Its theft!" she yelled, as she burned fuel hovering thirty feet above the two Gold men. 

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Facs smiled, it was times like this that he lived for, there was no better feeling in all the world he felt, than to know that your direct actions could prevent hardship and evil, super powers or no.


He watched rev take off like a rocket and whistled impressed "i forgot how much of a go getter she is." he confessed to a stunned bystander with a smirk on his face.


"By the way, bro, you got a light i can borrow?"




Taking full advantage of his new forms light weight he made a much slower but also more subtle apporach from the rear of the two bulky armour weilding miscrents, winking to rev and the two officers with the glint of mischeif in his eyes with a finger over his lip he extended a finger towards the sacks of ill gotten golden gains and let a tiny mote of burning lighter fluid shoot forth into the material to see if he could make them spill their bricks as it were.


They do say fools and their money are soon parted.

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By the time Rev and Facs reached the men in the golden armors, the older guard was struggling in the grip of one of the men. The younger had turned tail, hiding behind one of the nearby pillars. Both looked up as Rev as she shouted at them. "Super hero. Of course he wanted us to rob the gold here," the man that currently held the struggling guard grumbled. 


Then the bag caught on fire, drawing a loud curse from the other. "Super heroes, brother!" He quickly threw it to the floor, turning to Facsimile. "This one is on fire!"


They moved quickly. While the one holding the guard threw him in the direction of Rev, the other moved at incredible speed towards Facsimile. A broad blade extended just above his right fist, as he threw a punch directly at Facsimile's chest.

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"Whoa!" yelped Rev. She didn't see that coming!


Well, she actually did see the guard coming at her. Which was fortunate for both her and, more importantly, the guard. 


"This works best with balls, not people!"


She focussed on her left arm - the synthetic skin ripped and the arm elongated ten, twenty feet, the still human-looking hand grasping on to the guard at the end. 


With another click! her arm fell off. 


This was not a horrible injury. It was, in fact, quite painless. Rev could detatch her arms and keep control of them. 


"Lets get you to safety! Hold on!" she told the guard, as her arm fell to the floor and started slithering away carrying the guard with it!

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"Oh brothers huh, so which of you is tweedle dee and which is tweedle dumb?" He teased as he hopped into the air and from his feet flames licked the streets momentarily before he rocketed uo and backwards, looping back round , flames from his palms errupting and adding spin to his flight to deliver a corkscrew kick to the brother whos sword had sparked across his chest, momentum, weight and heat crashing over them as he followed through and carried on down the road.


"You gold fools have lost your fools gold already, discretion not the better part of valour for you guys? Or is common sense not in the better part of your walnuts?" He teased knocking his metal knuckles against his head with a light clanging.



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The flaming punch connected with the golden gladiator with a satisfying *CLANG!*. From the way the would-be robber stumbled, it didn't sound like the armor had much padding inside to protect his head from the recoil after the hit. He groaned loudly, looked quickly at his brother, then decided to follow Facsimile's advice. Quickly picking up a few gold bars, he tried to make his way for the door, moving as quickly as when he had attacked Facsimile moments before.


The other brother stared at Rev. "That's freaky! What kinda thing are ya?" A blade appeared from just above his wrist. A small burst from ankle mounted rockets sent him flying straight for Rev in mid-air, as he did his best to try and hit her with the blade. He didn't even notice that his brother was making a hasty retreat.

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"I'm a me!" answered Rev, as proudly as she could. It was, superficially, rather proud and confident. But still, scratch the surface deep enough, and Rev did have lingering shame over her condition. 


Down to three limbs, her flying was not as controlled as she would like, but it was still enough to thrust upwards and let the blade swipe under her. 


She spied the running brother making a getaway. 


"Oh no you don't, buster!" she shouted, and swooped down after him, her foot jets burning blue plasma and propelling her straight for him. Fast as he was, she was a lot faster, and in a moment she was right by him, swinging a massive haymaker punch....

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*CLANG!* resounded from the impact once again, with Rev's haymaker connecting with the armored thug's back, which was apparently more reinforced than his helmet. Whoever had made these golden armors really hadn't thought about the comfort and protection of their wearers. "Ha, servez ya right!" the armored thug slurred a bit, still feeling the effects of Facsimile's furious flaming fist. He tried to continue his escape, abandoning his brother completely.

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"Oof...thats rough bud, ya own brother...but i know what its like." He commented from his perch as he ran his metal fingers through his flaming hair.


"Tell ya what bud, ain't too late to give up ya know, you havent hurt anyone too seriously...yet." he commented as he shifted in his place.


"Surrender and cooperate with us and ill put in the good word for you and if you want, ya brother, cus lemme tell ya...every hero worth their salt has heard that silent alarm now and you ain't exactly...subtly dressed so its really a question of how much bother you wanna be in when one of us catches up and sends you to the big house...if you're lucky and its not that loopy vigilante that gets you both." He shivered as he recalled the headlines.


"Grizzly fellow...wouldn't wish him on anyone."

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The hurt thief stumbled a single step away from Rev, then decided otherwise. If she was gonna try to hit him, then he would hit back, no matter what kind of freak she turned out to be. His movements were surprisingly fast given that he had a very probable concussion. The street lights shined in his armor as he punched at her with the blade above his fist, aiming for her chest. Girl or whatever she were, he wasn't about to let her beat him to a pulp. "Just leave me a-lone, ya freak!" His voice was still slurred. He was probably not going to last much longer, despite his best efforts.


His brother stopped for a second, seeming to ponder Facsimile's words. Was he right? Had his brother abandoned him? "You're wrong, hero!" He almost spat out the last word. "My brother's getting help! We're gonna squash you two freaks! No #¤%& vigilante is gonna get us!" With a roar, he threw himself at Facsimile, wildly swinging his small blade around, and attempting to stay close. Still, there was some doubt in his voice.

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"Haha sure thing slugger, im sure them gold bricks he grabbed are for he cabbie, generous tipper your brother." He laughed bitterly as he twisted out of the way of the enraged swinging.


"Think you got something a bit backwards though, its you who wants to get away from me, cus my buddy rev there is a speed freak and you can't outrun her and you can't even touch me; Let alone get through my skin."

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The blade struck Rev right in the chest. She looked at for a moment, wondering how she had let that happen. 


Yet no fountain of arterial blood was loosed on the streets. No palid skin from blood loss. No tension pneumothorax causing a death rattle breathing. 


No! For the blade had struck precisely in her sternum, where in lay a titanium-steel chamber. 




"And they call me heartless" quipped Rev. With a little burst of jets from her feet, she flipped right over the golden man's head, spun around, her right palm outwards. A jet of blue-purple plasma cut through the air, straight at the man who had just tried to stab her!

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The first armored thug yelled in fear as Rev let out the blue-purple plasma, taking the hit straight in the face. If it hadn't been for his armor, he would be facing some rather serious burns. As it was, he was lucky to have some of the gold on the armor starting to crack away, while the force banged his head against the inside of the helmet once more.


"You brat! That's freaking dangerous!" His voice was a bit less slurred, his anger and fear giving him another shot of adrenaline. Of course, he didn't recognize the irony as he punched with his bladed fist at Rev once again, putting more force behind this blow. He was panicking, he had to take her out if he wanted to get out of there.


Meanwhile, the second armored would-be robber stared at Facsimile. You could almost hear the wheels turning inside his head. "Nah, my brother wouldn't do that. He'd... nah." Then he rushed off, using the same super speed at his brother to quickly try and catch up with him.

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Rev wasn't so lucky this time. The blade sliced into her rib cage, which was more bone than metal. Such was the patchwork nature of the mechaphage's work on her body. Under her skin, layers of titanium fibre and steel plate. 


But still, the blade was forceful enough to rend metal, and she felt herself buckle under the force. In her head, she heard the sound of splintered bone. She hoped it was just her imagination, but by golly - it hurt like an electric shock. 


She hoped it was her imagination. It probably wasn't. 


The force of the blow sent her spinning flying, and she landed unceremonially on her face. 


"That...all you got?" she said, finding it hard to get her lungs going. 

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"Ha! Serves ya right, ya freak!" the first thug was triumphant, his blow sending Rev flying. He was about to follow, before stopping and reaching for his head. "Ugh... I'm... I'm gonna let ya go. Run off, and leave me alone." He was starting to wobble a bit, but before he could actually leave, the other thug caught up with them, Facsimile hot in pursuit.


"Are ya bailing on me? Is that it? Think ya can just leave me alone with zippo-boy here?" He pauses, looking at Rev. "Oh, nice one! You took her out!" He pauses again, then knocks his brother upside the head. "Did ya at least get help or something?"


The first thug shakes his head. "Didn't get a chance, bro. Not feeling too good." 

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Facs was suprised to see rev lying face down on the road like that, it seemed these two were commited to their bad decision.


He landed with an unceremoniously loud clang of his metal body and whistled loudly to get their attention away from rev.


"Well you've graduated from goofs to dangerous criminals, so now the deals are off and the buttkickin' is on."


He extended his and and gestured flippantly at them "come on then, lets get you hog tied already."

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Rev wheezed. She felt something metal rattle in her lungs.


That doesn't sound good. But then, nobody really knew exactly what the Mechaphage did, or how it worked, or what her body was up to. Best not to think about it too long. 


She forced herself to stand up, even if she stood with her spine sagging. "Her Facs. This guy here bruised his knuckles pretty bad on my kidneys" she said, making a jape out of a crisis. She hadn't felt this banged up in...well, since she had ended up in intensive care after the crash. At least this time she was still conscious. And had her limbs. Well, most of them. She was sure her left arm would slither back once it had deposited the bank guard. 


"What do you guys think you are doing, anyway? robbing a bank in Freedom CIty?"

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"Speaking of which guys, looks like ya uber is here." He laughed as he pointed to the rapidly approaching platform up in the sky.


"No wonder you pay in gold bricks, bet that trolly beats the rush hour traffic hands down pat." His stance was loose and unguarded as he stood there but in truth he was coiled like a coifed snake, and as soon as a moment of vulnerability presented itself he struck!


A truely colossal and scorching flame from his head roared forth along the street, causing asphalt to bubble and air to shimmer as it raced into the bulky battle suits blindside.


"Though im afraid you're not going anywhere." He remarked, secretly wanting them to look at him mere moments before his attack landed.

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The first thug, the one that Facsimile had previously hurt, shakes his head. "Not the best plan, I know! But the boss wanted the gold!" His brother, having taken a few less hits smacks him upside the head. "Silence, brother! Don't give away the plans!" 


The moment Facsimile mentioned the trolley, both looked up. They obviously knew what he was talking about already. Not that either of them were prepared for his attack. The gold on the armor being all but scorched away, revealing more common alloys underneath, the thug simply slumped over, as small fires began to spread in the armor. "Are you crazy!?" the second one yelled, as he turned to his brother, quickly starting to try and put out the fires by patting them with his hands, his back turned to the heroes. The irony of calling them crazy for counter attacking were, of course, lost on him.

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"Violence is golden!" wheezed Rev, feeling her rib cage to check she wasn't going to breathe out a rib in an anatomical miracle. 


Despite her mumbling wit, she was still fighting for breath. 


Wearily, she held up the palm of her hand. These two dudes need to split up....she thought, groggily. That would slow them down....if nothing else, the two brothers seemed loyal to each other...


The jet propeller in the palm of her hand whirred and screamed with power, and with the flick of her wrist, the air in front of her screamed into a rushing vortex, sweeping up dust and debris into a mini-cyclone!

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