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"It's safe to assume that Zui will quickly know that we've arrived." she looked at the others before adding "And that would have happened however we had chosen to arrive." it hadn't been there best arrival, but it could have gone much, much worse.


"We really need to get the drop on him, if we even can that is, so we need all the help that we can. The guy always think ten step ahead so lets if we can go for an option that he couldn't imagine."


She had never met Dr Zui but had read everything she could over the years, one of the advantages of working for the Ministry was a very extensive library on such threats.

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"Zui, hmmm? I can see that's a problem. You know he signed the Codus, I presume?" murmured Sonny. He was anxious, but this was an interesting problem, and one that absorbed him. 


"Not that it protects him. I know Murk thinks most poorly of him. And I would imagine Zui is not fond of Murk. But the Codus is the Codus. No killing, no torment, no violence in the Club" he said, reiterating the three primary rules of the Codus that were second nature to him. 


"You have to understand this causes a particular problem in Hong Kong. If the Chinese authorities got hold of him, he would most likely be exoctured or tormented. No doubt why he signed the thing. The issue of how far we go to protect him is something of a grey area..."


He shook himself. 


"But I am not entirely sure Zui is in Hong Kong right now. One never knows exactly where he is. But on the other hand, if anything is being smuggled in or our of Hong Kong, I would bet that it is via the Docks. Zui has quite a stranglehold on the docks, and I know at least a couple of smugglers that work directly for him..."

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it was a complicated problem all in all but perhaps they were thinking about it in a way that made it complicated, he'd found that sometimes a problem needed to be turned over and rotated a little to find the simple answers it required.


"What about that green bug lookin guy that Y'ddren mentioned? Some kinda lieutenant who'd know whats going on but doesn't enjoy Zui's intelligence or the protection of being on the clubs ground." he'd seen some films about the triads and such, they were huge and whilst only the boss knew everything, everyone knew something "Maybe leaning on them we can piece something together?" he offered "though i imagine it won't be easy as such...it sounds like it'd be easier than trying to put the squeeze on Zui."

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Dimitri gave this some thought. Given the choice, he'd have preferred to turn Dr. Sin over to the Chinese government for an execution - preferably a slow one. But knowing Sin and knowing his reach, he knew that turning the man over would likely not result in anything as smooth as an execution - but more likely an attempt by the Chinese government to coopt his organization, with dire results. 


"Easiest task is to bring Zui to us," he suggested. "Strike at smuggling operation, or at insect fellow big man suggests." He made a little gesture Dreadnought's way. "Either someone talks, and we gain, or someone talks to boss, and we bring him in our direction. He will have to handle problem himself, bringing in outside consultants would only attract unseemly attention to his labors here. We are a trouble but the Chinese government gaining an in on his operations; that is death." 

Striking a match against his palm, Frost studied the flame and said, "I suggest we look on docks for insect fellow and bring him to heel." 

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"Green bug?"


Sonny's eyes lit up and a crooked smile hit his lips. 


"Yeah I heard of him. Zui's star alchemist. Dabbles in everything chemical from ancient sorcery to cutting edge carbon fibres. They call him the Sting. Ambitious fellow, from what I gather. He dances a thin line with Zui. Useful, but ambitious. I guess that's a complicated relationship. Zui likes his henchmen competent but not too competent, if you follow me..."


"But he is dangerous. And so are you, I guess..."


And thusly and hence and so it was...


That after some unpleasant trawling through Hong Kong Traffic, and now early evening, the truck pulled up outside the Docks. They never slept, but the activity was on the wane as the furious activity of the main day ebbed away. 


Sonny had been making phone calls and had identified the most likely ship - Pink Octopus, and the most likely warehouse 33, that Zui - or the Sting - or both, where operating from. There was no garuantee's in ths line of inquiry (despite Sonny's impressive skills in navigating through the gossip of Hong Kong), for Zui was notoriously cunning with webs of deception, and it seemed that the Sting was no fool either. 





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