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Designing the perfect Dimensional Defender Ship

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For those that haven't been watching, I've begun setting up the groundwork for a trans-dimensional hero group (you can follow it here). Basically, the groups will have a ship, Seeker of Perpetual Harmony, that will travel between parallels stopping other from disrupting the multiverse.


The ship comes in three parts the ship itself (for which I use the shorthand Seeker), the ships AI (Harmony) and a gyroid Navimatrix (SOPHie) that liaises between the ship and crew. Appart from that I'm pretty open to what the team needs and how the ship will be fitted out.


Obviously, that means we need "official" members of the team to pitch in EP to actually build this stuff so I'm after people who want to be part of this ad hoc team. Whilst anyone can go on transdimensional adventures with this little groups (who really need a funky team name), I'm going to include at least one "official" member.

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you want a stealth mode or a chameleon circuit maybe so you can work subtly.


Though i suppose that depends on if you have a prime directive deal going on or not and if so how much of one.


weapons are not as important if this is supposed to be essentially a patrol car but it might be fun to have that option.

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