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Room of Danger (second edition) OOC


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And here we are. Not quite initiative time yet. As the recruitment thread mentioned, I'm playing fast and loose with plot type things. The building's on fire, you're on the second floor but unaware until you glance out a window of the room you're in, and there's some other folks in there somewhere. How'd you get here? Who knows? Well, I do, but that's for  wrapping up. The other person in the room is, well, the PC who isn't yours. If that's unclear. Involuntary training simulation, away...


Should probably hold onto these...


Burning Swordmaster


Archer Paragon

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Just to save time  here's my proposal for plastic mimicry, basically some of the more basic things that plastic man has been known to do that are unique to being plastic.



Insubstantial 1 (Malleable body) 5pp

Elongation 2( ("Long polymer Chains" 10ft reach 20ft range incr Extra: Action (free)) 4pp
Additional limbs 3 ("pseudopods"; 5 Limbs) 3pp

Snare 10 (""Plastic Wrap" Extra: engulf PF: Alternate Powers 2) 22pp

-AP: Damage 10 ("whipping up a storm") extra Autofire (+1 for every 2 attack roll exceeds defense up to +5)

-AP Damage 10 ("thrash" Area (shapable) 10 5x5ft cubes)

Protection 6 ("Tough Stuff") 6pp


Grapple: +14/16/21 (+4 str, +10 Attack bonus melee, +2 elongation +5 additional limbs,)

Summary of changes:

Toughness: +10
Snare Melee +10 DC20 reflex


Whipping up a storm Melee +10 DC25 tougness (+1 per 2 points defense is exceeded up to 5 max)
Thrash 10 5'x5' Cubes melee) +10 DC25 toughness.



this is just my initial offering, please feel free to lemme know what if anything needs changing.

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I don't see any problem with that, Ex, if that's what you want with it. For the record, I'm not enforcing any air quality issues due to smoke. You may take it as a further sign of "something's not quite right here" or not (IC-wise) at your leisure.


OBVIOUS EDIT: Do make a note of the change to your grapple bonus, Ex. Addtional Limbs adds 1 per rank in the power, as does Elongation

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Im gonna assume that the beam gives me sufficient strength to move it. but if you can tell me what it is ill happily write up a full allocation for it or if you'd rather keep going just assume i switch back to plastic as soon  as i've got the beam out and the guy clear.

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Three things i can think of doing now, 


Turn into oxygen and try to create a rich pocket to draw in the flashback.

Turn into Fire and try to absorb the flashback.

Stay in steel form and ready to counter it with shockwave clap.


I'm tempted to go with the latter at the moment, any strong feelings from you EP?

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Well, let's go down the list.


Fire literally consumes oxygen, so I imagine that would hurt. A lot.

Absorbing it isn't out of the question, but then the flashover would affect you as well.

Comic book physics says shockwave clap would work just fine. I dunno about regular physics.


I'm just surprised you haven't gone looking for water, or a fire extinguisher. I mean, it is an office building. There's stuff about. You have my permission to find something suitable for fire suppression mimicry...stuff. Yeah.

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Mostly i wanted to experiment with changing forms a lot so i don't slow down a game when im in motion so i've not been thinking "whats best." but rather "what is around and easily obtainable."


Ill go for water (presumably from a nearby cooler) as i already have a sample allocation for that i can quickly type up.


how does.



Insubstantial 1 ("Water") [5pp]

Immunity 5 ("Fireproof."; FIre Damage) [5pp]

Create object 10 ("Hydrokinetic Constructs" PF: Object size 2 (10x 25ft cubes, Alternate power 2)[24pp]

-AP: Blast 10( "impact bolts" PF: accurate 2 (+4)

-AP Nullify 10 ("Extinguish" Extra: Burst Area Flaw: Touch Range; PF: Increase Area 2 (50-250ft)

Protection 6 ("Surface Tension") [6pp]



Toughness: +10

Blast 10  +10 DC25 tougness save


Fire Nullify roll!

1d20+10 = 27

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