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Found 7 results

  1. Danish Super Humans The number of known Danish super humans are low, even given the country's size. The small size has led to a a relatively close knit community, but with little in the way of way of the traditions of the North American super humanity. While the country has produced relatively few super villains, the Danish super heroes are still kept busy, dealing with attacks from foreign super villains that try to stake their claim in Denmark or threats from their country's mythology. History Denmark's heroic history stretches into the past, to the time of the vikings and beyond. Before the time of the Pact, the Aesir would walk their lands, or stride across their sky. Magic ran its course, creating heroes and monsters both, with Elves, Trolls, Giants and more living through the lands. Their tales would be told by the skjalds, but most were lost as Christianity took hold. Of particular note of this era was Holger Danske, also known as Ogier the Dane. A powerful warrior, a hero once in the service of Charlemagne, he would eventually retire to the catacombs of Castle Kronborg, where he turned to stone. Time and time again, when Denmark has been in need, Holger Danske has returned to fight for his country. In the 19th century, the author as H. C. Andersen discovered the power of the fairy tale. He created manuscripts that held the power of his stories. He intended to use the stories to create heroes and wonders, but when he saw the horror of a man using the power of the Snow Queen to freeze Øresund, he decideed it would be better to hide the books and the power they contained. While some were hidden in Denmark, where they would be used by future champions, H. C. Andersen travelled across the world, scattering his works across the globe. Prior to 1940, Denmark had few super humans, but still more than this day. All that changed when Nazi Germany invaded Denmark in 1940. Though the country's super human defenders fought valiantly, they, along with their country, were defeated by the superior Nazi Übersoldaten within hours, and the country capitulated. The known Danish super humans subsequently surrendered to the occupying force to prevent them from bombing Copenhagen. The few remaining Danish super humans went into hiding, fighting secretly against the Nazi occupiers as part of the Danish resistance groups. Holger Danske would return to fight the Nazi occupation time and again during the war. Most, if not all, of the Danish super humans were killed during the occupation. In the years since, leading up to the modern era, few super humans revealed themselves. More often than not, they would be villains, but often than not, it would be handled by local authorities, or with the aid of UNISON. It was not the year 2000 that super humans began to appear in earnest in Denmark, though still in far lower numbers than other Western nations, beginning with the debut of the Little Mermaid on Christmas Eve the same year. Following the heroine's appearance, both heroes and villains would begin to to appear in the country. Notably, Denmark saw a greater appearance of mythological beings than many other creatures, with beings such as giants and trolls making their presence known once again. With the number of Danish heroes still low, their efforts stretched thin across the country, the Danish government decided to charge Anders Lund, the country's leading genetist to focus his research on what he has dubbed the "super-gene", to create their own super heroes. While so far, Lund has been succesful, several nefarious organizations, including S.H.A.D.O.W., has taken an interest in the research. Denmark is under attack by opportunistic foreign super villains, an ever rising number of mythological beings making their presence known, shadowy organizations having designs on the country's fledgling experiments to create super humans and is relatively close to Talos' Rurland. With all the perils that seem to plague Denmark, is it any wonder that Holger Danske's throne at Castle Kronborg now stands empty? Notable Persons and Organizations Beowulf: A mythological Danish hero, who fought and killed the Grendel, the Grendel's Mother and more at some point between the 8th and 11th century. Danish Dynamite: A well meaning, but ultimately ineffective Danish hero, active since 2013. The former soccer player uses his heightened agiliy and strength to fight primarily smaller scale crime, having had little success against super human enemies. Elverkongen: The Elf King. The king of the mythological and fairy tale Elves that live just beyond the sight of the world of man. From his throne he reigns supreme, sending Elf Maidens out to steal whatever catches his fancy. A powerful player in the world of myths, he follows a strict code of honor. Last reported active in December 2018, where the New Orleans native hero Lament saved a group of children from his grasp. Grendel & Grendel's Mother: The enemies of Beowulf, a powerful giant humanoid monster and his mother. Despite their defeats and supposed deaths at the hands of Beowulf and others, they have reappeared several times throughout history, most recently being involved in Lament's conflict with Elverkongen in December 2018. H. C. Andersen: 1805-1875. Danish author, known primarily for his fairy tales. He created a number of books, sources of power based on his fairy tales, that he has hidden around the world, with a few located in Denmark. These true editions now empower a number of Danish and international heroes and villains. Holger Danske: Also known as Ogier the Dane. Holger, son of King Gudfred, served as one of the Twelve Knights to the French King Charlemagne, wielding the sword Curtana. He led the French to victory against the Saracen, where he defeated the giant Brehus in single combat. As a wandering knight, he travelled across Europe before he returned to Denmark. At Castle Kronborg, he sat on his throne, where his body would turn to stone, appearing as if he was a statue that bore the inscription: "When Denmark is in peril, then Holger Danske will awaken". Throughout history, Holger has risen from his slumber when he was needed, only to return to his throne once his work was complete. He was last confirmed active during World War Two, aiding the Danish resistance groups against the Nazi occupation, before returning to the throne. Now, as Denmark is besieged by enemies from without and within, is it any wonder that Holger's throne stands empty once more? Jens Vejmand: The protector the free town of Christiania, keeping it safe from outside interference. Vague and mysterious, he has acted as a guru and leader of the free town since he first appeared in 2008. His powers are as mysterious as his identity and origin, he has so far demonstrated levitation, force blasts of unknown energy, the ability to instill illusionary images, sounds, scents and feelings. He will often travel across Denmark, always walking by the road, appearing at his destination far faster than he should be able to. Jormungandr: The Midgard Serpent. The God Killer. From before the Pact was sealed, it encircled the world. Its reach is far, in the minds and hearts of men. It seeks only Ragnarok. King Crab: A rogue Atlantean pirate with gargantuan mechanized crab armor. Since at least 2015, King Crab that has started attacking Danish transport ships and harbors, among other maritime targets in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. He seems to have a particular fixation on the Little Mermaid II, often comparing her to her mentor. Little Mermaid I: Formerly Denmark's premiere super hero, active from Christmas Eve 2000 until Christmas Eve 2017, where she was succeeded by Little Mermaid II. She could breathe under water and manipulate water, sing siren songs and, upon entering water, she would grow a mermaid's tail, allowing her to swim at incredible speeds. She was a known as a kind and loving heroine. Little Mermaid II: The successor of Little Mermaid I, she tries her hardest to live up to her predecessors legacy. Possessing the same powers, she seems to be physically stronger than the first Little Mermaid, but still has a lot to learn. Active since Christmas Eve 2017, she patrols the Danish seas and coasts. A beloved heroine. Lund Biovidenskab (Lund Life Sciences): Denmark's premiere genetic research division, funded and rund by Anders Lund, one of the most advanced biological laboratory facilities in Europe. Focusing on studying the genetic make up of super humans, the scientists and researchers of the group race against time to create Denmark's first artificially created super humans in an attempt to stave off the super human threats to the country. While so far unsuccesful, the group is making progress, and to most, it is only a matter of time before they succeed. Several shadowy organizations have shown interest Lund Biovidenskab, including S.H.A.D.O.W. and Labyrinth. Metalhead: A super villain, active since June 2009, where his powers first manifested during his attendance as the yearly Roskilde music festival. His entire body appears to be composed of an unknown metal alloys, including softer areas, such as eyeballs, eardrums, tongue and more. He is able to absorb machinery and weapons into his body through touch, becoming stronger and able to accomplish new feats in the process. After causing trouble in Denmark for years and being defeated by the Little Mermaid I and the Snow Queen in several incidents, he left Denmark for greener pastures in 2015, after being defeated in his first encounter with Jens Vejmand. He has since worked as a villain for hire across the globe. Snow Queen: Denmark's most powerful hero, the Snow Queen is able to create ice and cold, manipulate temperatures and freeze the hearts of men. A police officer, Julie Mikkelsen gained the powers of the Snow Queen after finding one of H. C. Andersen's true fairy tales. She is at the moment Denmark's only super hero without a secret identity, still working as a police officer, enjoying all the resources and fame that comes with her job and powers. A Danish celebrity, she travels across the country to aid where she is needed. Active since the January 2010.
  2. GM Egyptian Airspace, 30 minutes from Cairo Friday, April 18, 2019 (1:20 PM local time) A Danger International private jet soared above the light cloud cover over northern Egypt as it entered its final approach toward Cairo. The sleek aircraft began a gradual descent as it continued on its flight path, transporting a rather unusual group of passengers to the ancient city. It had been several months since a group of Thule Society sorcerers accompanied by several enhanced SHADOW clones had attempted to steal an ancient Egyptian artifact during the opening of an exhibit at the Hunter Museum of Natural History. What the Thule Society had not accounted for was the presence of three Claremont students who had been able to halt the theft. But as the remaining Thule sorcerer had escaped, he had made a cryptic remark about artifact, suggesting that there it possessed some secret the teens were unaware of. Two of the teens, Veronica Danger and Elizabeth Grey, had been able to confirm that the artifact (the burial mask of the Pharaoh Sanakht) resonated with magic and that it was some sort of key. But despite their best efforts to research what that might mean, they still did not know exactly what it was a key to. So over the last few months Danger International, with some assistance from the Dakanan Royal family, had made arrangements with the Egyptian authorities to allow for an investigation of Sanakht's pyramid at the Saqqara necropolis. Permission had not been obtained until after the start of the new year, meaning Veronica, Elizabeth and Kam Kingdom had to wait until Claremont’s Spring Break to take the trip to Egypt. The interior of the jet was rather luxurious, with each of the teens having a large leather seat with plenty of room around them. The seats rotated so they could turn to face the middle and each other to more easily converse about the expedition they had set out on, or could turn out towards a small table next to each of seat (with connections for laptops and cellphones).
  3. Hunter Museum of Natural History North End, Freedom City, New Jersey Thursday, October 18, 2018; 7:25 PM The Hunter Museum of Natural History had recently achieved something of a major coup among American antiquities museums, managing to obtain a showing of an impressive collection of Egyptian artifacts only unearthed a few years earlier on loan from the Cairo Museum. The Hunter Museum was aided in this endeavor in no small part by its connections with Danger International, which had been one of the main organizations funding the dig. In fact, members of the Danger family had been instrumental in planning the location of the dig and had been present for the major discovery. As such, the museum had worked with Danger International to have Veronica Danger speak at the opening event for the exhibition to discuss her and her parents’ work. Two of Veronica's fellow Claremonters, Elizabeth Grey and Kam Kingdom, had expressed some interest in the exhibit when they had heard her discussing it with Janus over lunch a week ago. So Veronica had made sure Prudence arranged tickets to the opening night event for the two. Now the two teenagers were seated in the crowd of well-dressed men and women that were gathered for the presentation that was the start of the opening night of the exhibit. Seats had been arranged in one of the larger rooms off the main lobby, a small podium set up toward one end of the room where the chairs were facing, and a large projection screen having been set up to one side of the podium. The room was filled with the sounds of various conversations as those gathered awaited the start of the opening presentation.
  4. Tuesday, November 28th , 2017 Blackstone Federal Penitentiary Cell Block B, Cell 254 4:26 AM Live in Blackstone wasn’t all bad. Sure, there was little freedom and everywhere you went, somebody was likely watching you. Nobody really liked each other, and everything was scheduled down to a point. But at the very least sleeping tight wasn’t an issue. Getting woken up in the middle of the night was incredibly rare, the prison tried to avoid it whenever possible due to some bad experiences. So when suddenly, somebody knocked at Prisoner SH-202, better known as Synth, ‘s cell, it was enough to get her attention, even at this point of the night. What came after did even more for that. The clicking of the lock, indicating the door had been unlocked, and the whisper, easily audible with Synth’s ears. It was in Swedish. [“Come with us.”]
  5. Synth Power Level: 11/15 (250/250) [251] Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +1 attack/-1 DC; +1 defense/-1 toughness In Brief: Socialist Synthetic Organism. Alternate Identity: Winter Snow Birthplace: Northern Scandinavia Residence: Freedom City, Downtown (Run down flat) Base of Operations: Freedom City Occupation: Refuse Collector Affiliations: Freedom City Refuse and Sewer services Family: None Description: As Synth (As Winter Snow) Age: 7 (18/8/2010) Apparent Age:25 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’9” Weight: 70Kgs Eyes: Blue (Green) Hair: Chestnut (Jet Black) Synth can take on the appearance of any human. As such Synth has no gender, but “her” main secret ID (Winter Snow) is female, so “she” tends to use this pronoun. In natural state, Synth is a pale white, hairless human with no apparent gender. The skin is slightly translucent, and her appearance as a whole is pretty unnerving to look at. Whilst asleep, she reverts to this default form. When Synth activates “hypertrophied” muscles, Synth looks visibly (and extraordinarily) more muscular. Winter Snow, her main Secret ID is a tall woman with rather messy choppy hair. She is beautiful in a sense, but scruffy with drab, cheap clothes. As a “superhero” (and there is time to change), she wears a dark all in one spandex number. She changes her appearance slightly, her eyes becoming blue, her hair and skin lighter. History: Synth was created in a top secret laboratory in northern Sweden, led by Dr Ingvar Nyberg. Unknown to the team of scientists, the facility and research was funded by SHADOW to investigate creating the perfect “Aryan”. The team had access to Utopian (particularly, Superior) DNA. Synth grew up quickly, maturing in a year with full cognitive faculties and superhuman physical abilities. With such success, SHADOW moved in to reap its reward. Dr Nyberg managed to smuggle Synth out. The research team are gone, presumed (?) dead. With no identity, Synth moved to America. After some adventures as a superhero, Synth went into temporary retirement as part of self-discovery. She has worked a number of menial jobs, and had a number of identities. She settled down as part of the refuge collection service of the city. She would have been happy enough doing this, until she found on of her work friends murdered in a dumpster. Anger aside, she felt she could no longer just live the simple life…she had a duty to clean up the city, in more ways than one… Possessed of superhuman senses and spending days rummaging around the rubbish of the rich, famous, criminal, and ordinary citizen alike, Synth often comes across some interesting stuff… Personality & Motivation: Synth is reflective, wise, and even introspective. She leans heavily to liberal socialist politics, finding much to admire in democracy and little to admire in capitalism. That said, she is not a political person but finds her expresses her beliefs in day to day empathy. As synth also carries the imprinted memories of several scientists (and their brain patterns), she can also get a little odd, or unpredictable, if those personalities reassert themselves. That said, those brain patterns are generally of (relatively) benign and sensible scientists, and the imprinted memories usually have a rather vague quality rather than full blown personalities (unless…) Powers & Tactics: Synth has the ability to change her body to any humanoid. The change takes several seconds of concentration and is also painful depending on how extreme and speedy the change is. For this reason Synth will usually (time permitting) change slowly. As an artificial organism, Synth has several superhuman traits. Synth has superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed. Synth’s senses are extremely acute. Synth does not age and is immune to poison and disease. Synth can control her own biological functions voluntarily (such as heart rate or various hormones like adrenaline) and is able to change muscle function; normally (as it is most comfortable), Synth’s muscles are extremely efficient, able to function with minimal metabolic demands. Alternatively, they can hypertrophy and gain additional power, or become loose and elastic, meaning Synth has remarkable contortionist abilities. Synth’s cells can “infect” others, causing them to break out in contagious boils or blotches, a tactic used against biological targets. Synth’s cells can also regenerate, and can cannibalize others flesh. Due to imprinted memories, Synth is an expert in many biological / psychological fields. Synth has no formal martial art training and will always prefer non-violent or non-lethal conflict resolution. In a fight, Synth will use a combination of strength, speed, and advanced knowledge of pressure points / anatomy to subdue rather than “skill” in combat. Complications: Inhuman: Regular medicine, unless done by biogenetic experts, will be ineffective on Synth, or possibly harmful. In addition, whilst Synth normally has immunity to poison and disease, certain engineered toxins and diseases will still affect her (or possibly she might be especially vulnerable to them). Ugly: Whilst Synth can normally choose attractive forms, the “natural” state is pretty hard on the eye (and sensitive to sunburn!). When she sleeps, for instance, she will revert to this state. Of course, this is not a complication unless actually being horribly ugly causes some additional problems over and above losing morphed status). Pain: Quickly changing appearance hurts Synth. Very slow changes (an hour) are barely noticeable. If done slowly (a few minutes) it is an unpalatable ache. A speedy transformation can be anything from a griping pain (if the changes are relatively minor) to a crippling agony (for major changes of size, build, or gender). This could leave Synth flat footed, stunned, or even unconscious, and at the very least are distracting. Reverting to "natural" state is, however, painless. Memories: Synth has the imprinted brain patterns of several top scientists which can bubble, distract or even change her personality, particularly if Synth is tired or drained. Whilst most of these brain patterns are benign, this is not automatically so. In addition, whilst Synth can normally access these “echoes” to gain expert knowledge of biological sciences, this might not always be the case. It is possible certain psychology experts or psionic / mental powers might take advantage of this part of her. Job Stinks: The job smells. If called away mid work, she will certainly have a detectible (and unpleasant) odour. Even out of hours and after a shower, sensitive noses (such as the scent supersense) may well pick up her day job. She would have to some time with industrial strength detergents to completely wipe the smell away. Aside from this making her recognisable, it may also make social interactions more difficult. In addition, refuse collection is not well paid; Winter snow is struggling financially (run down rented room, no car, etc). Abilities: 16 + 32 + 20 + 6 + 8 + 4 = 86 Strength: 26 (+8) [30 (+10) with Rage] Dexterity: 42 (+16) Constitution: 30 (+10) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 24 + 24 = 48 Initiative: +20 Attack: +12 Defense: +12, +6 Flat Footed Grapple: +28 (Additional +3 with Hypertrophied muscles) Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 Toughness: +10 (+10 Con) Fortitude: +14 (+10 Con, +4) [+16 with Rage] Reflex: +16 (+16 Dex) Will: +6 (+4 Wis, +2) [+8 with Rage] Skills: 100 Ranks = 25 PP Acrobatics 8 (+24) Bluff 4 (+6) Climb 4 (+6) Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+7) Diplomacy 4 (+6) Disguise 0 (+2) Skill Mastery [+20/+22 With Morph] Drive 4 (+20) Skill Mastery Escape Artist 0 (+16) Skill Mastery [With Hypermobile Muscles 16 (+32)] Intimidate 4 (+6) Knowledge (Behaviour Sciences) 8 (+11) [Enhanced: 16 (+19)] Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+11) [Enhanced: 16 (+19)] Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+7) Language 4 (English, French, German, Russian, Swedish) Medicine 8 (+12) Skill Mastery [Enhanced: 16 (+20)] Notice 12 (+16) Search 4 (+7) Sense Motive 8 (+12) Stealth 8 (+24) Swim 4 (+12) Feats: 17 PP Acrobatic Bluff Blind Fight Chokehold Defensive Attack Evasion 2 Grappling Finesse Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed Attack) Improved Initiative 1 Jack of All Trades Move By Action Skill Mastery (Disguise, Drive, Escape Artist, Medicine) Takedown Attack 1 Stunning Attack Ultimate Effort [Fort Saves] Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) As Enhanced Traits: Attractive 2 (Potentially) Endurance 5 (with hyper efficient muscles active) Rage 1 (10 Round Duration) Powers: 6 + 3 + 7 + 2 + 8 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 25 = 69 Enhanced Trait 6 (Knowledge [Behavioural Sciences] 8, Knowledge [life sciences] 8, Medicine 8) [6 PP] “Imprinted Biomedical Science Memories” Feature: Autonomic control (Feats: Rage, 10 rounds) [3 PP] “Synthetic organism” Immunity 7 (Aging, Cold, Critical Hits, Disease, Own infection power, Poison) “Synthetic Organism” [Biological] Leaping 2 (x5 distance, total: running 90’, standing 45’, high jump 22’) [2PP] “Synthetic organism” Morph 4 (Humans, +20 to disguise rolls, Extras: Duration [continuous], Feats: Attractive 2, Drawbacks: Full round to change [-3], Not clothes or inorganic material [-2], Power Loss: Sleep [-1]) [8 PP] “Synthetic organism” Muscle Array (5 PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2, Drawbacks: Move action to change array) [6 PP] BP: Enhanced Trait 5 (Endurance 5) [5/5 PP] “Hyperefficient muscles” AP: Super Strength 3 (+15 to Strength, Drawbacks: Noticeable) [5/5 PP] “Hypertrophied muscles” AP: Enhanced Trait 4 (Escape Artist +15) linked with Quickness 3 (Additional x10 for x50 total, Flaws: One task [Escape Artistry]) [5/5 PP] “Hyperflexible muscles” Quickness 2 (x5 Speed, Flaws: Physical actions only) [1 PP] “Synthetic Organism” Speed 2 (25 mph or 220’/rnd) [2 PP] “Synthetic organism” Super Senses 7 (Acute Olfactory, Analytical Tactile, Extended Hearing 1 [x10], Extended Olfactory 1 [x10], Extended Vision 1 [x10], Low Light Vision, Tracking [Olfactory]) [7 PP] “Synthetic organism” [Biological] Swimming 2 (5mph or 44’/rnd) [2 PP] “Synthetic organism” Synthetic Cell Array (21 PP Array, Feats: Alternative Power 4) [25 PP] [Biological / Cellular] BP: Nauseate 10 (Extras: Contagious, Feats: Reversible, Flaws: Requires Grapple) [21/21PP] “Infect” AP: Healing 10 (Extras: Total, Feats: Regrowth, Flaws: Tiring) [21/21] “Regenerate” AP: Strike 10 (Extras: Alt Save [Fort], Vampiric, Feats: Incurable, Flaws: Requires Grapple)[21/21PP] “Cannibalize” AP: Nullify 10 (All mutation powers, Extras: Alt Save [+0, Fort], Disease [+2], Feats: Reversible, Flaws: Range [Touch], Requires Grapple) [21/21 PP] “Genetic shutdown” AP: Nauseate 10 (Extras: Area [Cloud], Contagious, Feats: Reversible, Flaws: Action [Full], Tiring) [21/21 PP] “Shed infected skin spores” Drawbacks Vulnerability (Acid, uncommon, Minor, +1 DC) [-1 PP) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 23/25* Tough Damage (Staged) Infect Touch DC 25 Fort Nauseate Cannibalize Touch Dc 25 Fort Damage (Staged) *With Rage Active Totals: Abilities 86 + Skills 25 + Feats 17 + Powers 69 + Combat 48 + Saves 6 – Drawbacks 1 = 250/250PP
  6. Power Level: 10 (150/154PP) Trade-Offs: +2 Toughness / -2 Defense Unspent PP: 4 In-Brief: Experimental life form with the mind of a teenager Alternate Identities: Ralf Steiner Identity: Public Birthplace: Munich, Germany Occupation: Student Affiliations: None Family: Andrew Steiner (adopted father) Age: 2 (though mentally around 16) Gender: Male Ethnicity: ??? Height: 5' 8" Weight: 175 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black (usually) Description: In his raw, undisguised form, Ralf is a slender, vaguely humanoid blob with large, muscular looking limbs. He tends to look more than a little monstrous when not in disguise, sporting a large maw and large, glowing yellow eyes. His Claremont uniform typically consists of little more than a pair of baggy blue pants and a pair of black bracers that cover half of his forearms. Though he can look any way he pleases for the most part, he tends to walk around on the day to day looking like a teenager, based largely off of a picture of his creator when he was younger. In this particular form, he's a tall, somewhat gangly young man with black hair and green eyes. Power Descriptions: Ralf is a vaguely humanoid gelatinous blob, able to stretch his body and pass between a liquid-like and solid state almost at will. Because his entire body is a weapon, he uses it as such in often inventive ways, striking with mallet-sized fists (or actual mallets!) from a significant distance. History: Andrew Steiner was tasked by SHADOW to create a weapon: a life form that could cause untold destruction while being durable enough to withstand anything that any hero could throw at it. After years of development, he created an amorphous blob creature named RALF: Recombinant Artificial Life Form. It had everything that SHADOW asked it for--strength, durability, and the potential to cause significant destruction if mass produced. During the testing and experiments, however, Steiner noticed that his creation had odd quirks. While it didn't require sustenance in the traditional sense, it snatched a candy bar from an unwitting technician and immediately ate it. And it seemed to enjoy it. After six months, it began mimicking the speech of those around it. In time, it learned not only to speak, but to read and write as well. It started asking question, learning at a rapid rate with the curiosity and innocence typical of a child. Steiner realized what he had created, and that handing RALF over and turning him into a weapon would be a terrible mistake. This fact became all the more clear when RALF was put into combat testing and showed a clear reluctance to harm living targets, constantly questioning his handlers. Steiner fled to America, taking RALF with him. Giving him a name and instructing the still evolving life form to disguise himself in a form fitting his intellectual age, Steiner contacted Claremont Academy to put Ralf in their care before he disappeared. Personality & Motivations: Ralf is a playful individual, always quick with a joke or a witty retort. At a glance, he seems to take almost nothing seriously, and his general nature and energy border on the hyperactive. Still, he knows his situation and rails against the idea of someone else using him to harm others. His lessons in morality are, in his mind, a personal connection to the man who created him, and he'll do whatever he has to in order to honor it. Ralf is an uncompromisingly honest person--perhaps a little too honest. In most matters, he doesn't really know how to pull his punches, either physically or emotionally, which can often lead to a little bit of awkwardness and unintended friction with other people. He knows he's not perfect, however, and that's just one of many things he needs to learn. Powers & Tactics: Ralf tends to use his superior physical strength and durability to his advantage, and is perfectly fine with wading into a fight, fists swinging. His ability to stretch his limbs only lends to his preference for slugging it out with an opponent, and his elusive nature is often used as a distraction to allow heavier hitters to take advantage of the situation. His unusual body structure allows him to use more than just his arms as weapon; able to bounce from place to place, climb and suspend himself from walls, and use his entire body to snare opponents, Ralf can be incredibly unpredictable, but the constant is always about his mobility. Complications: Enemy: SHADOW wants its biological weapon back. It Ain't Easy...: All of Ralf's humanoid forms have green eyes. Keep It Together: Ralf has a tough time maintaining a disguise in the presence of water. While he can at least keep his basic form intact, anything more doesn't hold up, even rain. Sweet Tooth: Ralph can eat just about anything. Though he has no appetite to speak of, he can't resist sugar. Trophy Hunter: Ralf often feels like everything he does needs commemorating, and often looks to collect souvenirs from encounters. Abilities: 0 + 8 + 24 + 2 + 0 + 4 = 38PP Strength: 10/30 (+10) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 34 (+12) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +8 (+10 melee) Grapple: +28 Defense: +8 (8, +0 Dodge Focus) / +4 flat-footed Knockback: -6 Saving Throws: 0 + 2 + 6 = 8 PP Toughness: +12 Fortitude: +12 (+12 Con, 0) Reflex: +6 (+4 Dex, 2) Will: +6 (+0 Wis, 6) Skills: 32R = 8PP Acrobatics 4 (+8) Bluff 10 (+12) Disguise 4 (+6) Escape Artist 0 (+9 Elongation) Intimidate 4 (+6) Language (Native: German; English) Notice 4 (+4) Perform (acting) 3 (+5) Stealth 2 (+6) Feats: 5PP Attack Focus (melee) 2 Distract (Bluff) Improved Grab Improved Grapple Powers: 6 + 6 + 5 + 23 + 7 + 6 + 6 = 59PP Elongation 5 (100 ft range, 50 ft increments, +5 Escape and Grapple) [5PP] AP: Leaping 5 (x50; 250/500/1000 high/standing/running jump) [1PP] Immunity 6 (Critical hits, disease, poison, suffocation) [6PP] Insubstantial 1 (fluid) [5PP] Morph 10 (Broad--any humanoid, +50 disguise) [23PP] AP: Bouncing 9 (PFs: Move-by Action, Ricochet) [1PP] AP: Enhanced Strength 20 [1PP] AP: Snare 10 (Flaw: Distracting, Ex: Engulf, Regenerating) [1PP] Regeneration 6 (Injured 6 [1/round]; PF: Regrowth) [7PP] Super Movement 3 (Slithering, Sure-Footed 1, Wall-Crawling) [6PP] Super Strength 3 (+15 STR, heavy load: 6.4 tons) [6PP] Drawbacks: -0PP Abilities (38) + Combat (34) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (8) + Feats (5) + Powers (59) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/154 Power Points DC Block Attack Range Save Effect ============================================================================ Unarmed Melee DC25 TOU [Staged] Damage [Physical] Snare Melee DC20 Reflex [Staged] Bound/Entangled
  7. December 1, 2015 Riverside 5:30 PM Gina Evans wasn't driving her car - she had Emerson for that. At least until Emerson gave her the warning beep that something was happening that required her attention. They'd been stopped for several minutes now in this small Riverside sidestreet, a shortcut Gina's mapping programs had uncovered months earlier when she'd begun her psychological visits to Dr. Franklin at Freedom Hall. Today's appointment had supposed to end with coming home to a pleasant dinner with Steve, but heavy traffic and now a police barricade had obstructed her travel plans. There were three other cars on the street with her, an SUV, a taxicab, and a luxury sportscar just ahead of her. She could see the man in the sportscar, wealthy from what she could see and the vehicle itself, cursing in frustration at the police cars in front of them. There were two police cars; each one blocking one lane of traffic, both with their lights flashing. The officers were engaged in setting up a barricade with traffic cones and road flares, occasionally stopping to converse with each other, but she couldn't make out what all the fuss was about. Behind them, their little mini-traffic jam was suddenly joined by a full-sized police SWAT transport truck! The truck, coming in so fast Gina could hear the squealing of its tires, made a neat pivot as it reached their alley, swinging like a door to block them in from the rear, too. SWAT officers poured out of the SWAT truck too, fully armed and in full body armor, and began the process of setting up another barricade behind them.
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