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  1. When Ghost had made his exclamation, Gabriel paused and lowered his mug. Slowly, he turned and looked at Fleur, and for several long seconds, just blinked. Then he turned back to his coffee mug and slugged half of it back in a few moments. A napkin was the only thing that saved his costume from errant drops. Rather than trying to fully process that bit of news, he focused on Patriot's presentation. "So you are, in essence, the 'ambassador' for the United States Government for the purposes of metahuman and otherwise 'super-level' activity. Well, we'll have to talk about it on our side to be sure but I'd imagine we could set up an office for you here, even if you don't use it frequently. It would only make sense." He took a much calmer sip of his coffee. "I do have a couple of questions. First, what do you see your purpose here being? You just gave us what your official orders and job description are, but I'd like to know how you think you should be working with us. Second, should we be anticipating an expansion of the Patriot legacy program? Or are they electing to have just you act in that capacity for the time being?"
  2. Alek instinctively reached into his coat, but his hand stopped halfway there with a slight grin and a shrug. Ashely knew the signs of "reaching for a scrambler" very well. When he spoke his voice was a half-octave lower; it was Alek's most "natural" voice, somewhere between the open, airy one he used with board meetings and general public schmoozing, and the deep growl of the Raven. "Yes. Still putting my finger on it. But he feels way too...partisan." He frowned at that phrasing. "Not sure if that's the best word? But it's not just that he's too rigid or too military. Get the sense he has agendas and ideas, and specifically doesn't like the politics of the new admin. Genuinely thought Cahill was at least better than that for something like this." His gaze sharpened a bit as he looked Ashley in the eye. "Do you think he'd be likely to try and take action against the lawful government for being 'too liberal'? Almost getting vibes like that."
  3. "You get used to them. Was a big nest, but they were mostly just a bunch of screechers." He smirked as he took another sip of coffee. "Didn't help them much." He seemed to not notice Fleur's healing touch; likely a combination of his exhaustion combined with the armor and coat his outfit consisted of. He blinked at the box of donuts and gave a tired smile. "Lord and the Saints bless you, Fleur. Thought I was going to have to gnaw one of my arms off." He grabbed a couple of larger donuts, before nabbing a thick paper plate from a stack in the table center. He took a large bite from one, and then frowned thoughtfully while looking nowhere in particular. 'I feel like I'm missing something. Hm. Probably not important.' He finished chewing the bite, dabbed his mouth with a napkin, and offered the Patriot a smile. "Thank you for meeting with us, ma'am. I know we all stay busy, so we appreciate your time just as much as I wager you appreciate ours. I'd like to think we've done pretty well getting along with the US Government thus far, but it never hurts to ensure we're keeping that working relationship healthy."
  4. Gabriel walked into the room, carefully holding a rather large mug of coffee. He paused behind one of the empty chairs, and looked at the room and its current occupants. "Well this should be interesting." With that pithy observation, he set the cup on the table before gently lowering himself into the seat. He sighed as he reached down and took up the cup again, taking a large sip. "Sorry. Was up late dealing with a nest of demons."
  5. I like this plan and I'm happy to be a part of it. Feel free to do the describing of Micah falling to keep the IC rolling.
  6. Hm. I guess there's still half of an armada left. I just only have the 1 HP, and I was trying to remember if it's "cheaper" to just get KO'ed and then "recover" than to reroll and just *hope* you make it high enough you're not still disabled. I'll do the reroll tonight.
  7. The other Raven, the "true" Raven, went extremely still when Sable Raven gave his name, and his origin. Whoever this was, they seemed to have more bodily control than even Duncan possessed at his best. When he moved, it was rapid and smooth, as befit a predator of the night. Which both of them were. This world's Raven stopped less than three feet away from Duncan. Only then did the glowing lenses over his eyes retract, showing intense grey eyes. They searched Duncan's face, weighed and measured him. Finally, the Raven spoke. "Much younger. Not a plot by anyone besides Dr. Sin, they don't know the connection. Alternate universe? Suit doesn't fit timeline." His words were choppy, as if each sentence was ended with the slice of a sword. His hands flexed several times, creaking his kevlar-composite gauntlets. "You haven't killed, but you've come close. You're using our name, my name. You need to control yourself. And...how? What happened, that drove you here?" Something in the Raven's voice suggested he had suspicions of the answer, especially as for a split-second, his gaze flicked to the Doomforge. But it was clear he wanted the words to come from Sable Raven.
  8. Alek assessed the situation in moments. Then, he made a decision. He turned to one of the women in the room who'd kept her composure best, and pointed at her. "You. Call 911. Tell them what's happened. Stay on the line with them, tell them you're doing so so that they can tell you when officers are at the door to this room. Do not unbar the door until they tell you officers are here to assist. Not even for my voice. It's going to be okay. I'm going to one of the security rooms to try and call 911 that way as well. Everyone sit tight." Before anyone could protest, Alek was out the door and in the hallway. The lights were mostly on out here, but the gunmen were distracted. He had a few moments. Time enough for this task, at least. He glanced at his phone again, to ensure there were no active cameras in the hall, before moving away and down to a storeroom. The back wall seemed solid, until he tapped random spots in a precise order with particular force. Then, the wall split, revealed as a doorway. He quickly stepped inside and closed the doors behind him. Inside, it was a short passageway to a narrow elevator, practically caked in dust. The drop down took seconds, and was not a much larger room. But the vacuum-sealed "delivery tube", which they'd confirmed functioned before they came today, held a capsule with his suit in it. Less than a minute later, a door somewhere else opened, and the Raven stalked the steadily-darkening halls of the office building.
  9. Raven went even more still than normal for several moments when the newcomer showed up. His breathing slowed, and he kept his body still in such a way that it ought not to twitch, but he should avoid the worst of the cramps later. That was a trick Ashley had taught him; Callie and Duncan seemed content to suffer until they could soak in a tub, but he preferred not feeling like a lump of frozen taffy at the end of the night. As he watched, the figure, who definitely reminded Alek of the Raven, seemed to focus their attention on the surrounding streets. The true Raven considered the situation for a few moments, then reached to his belt. He withdrew a pair of what seemed to be flat shoe soles, which were quickly added to his boots. The devices adhered and expanded a bit; after they were secure, his feet made virtually no sound even to his own ears. A similar set of devices went on his hands, reducing the sound as he gripped and climbed. Then he moved to the edge of the roof, spread his cape out, and pushed off into the air. Gliding itself was near-silent, especially in the noise of a city. And thanks to his foot soles and the palms of his gloves, he could cushion his landing with no real sound. He was a few yards behind the Edgy Raven (as Charlie had taken to calling him), and he began to draw nearer. Finally, when he was about ten feet away, he stopped and drew himself up, standing there with his cape cloaking his body, ready to fight if needed. He took a moment to calm his heart and center his mind before he spoke. "Who are you. And why do you think you can wear that cowl." The words were as much accusation as they were question.
  10. Raven would probably have leaned further into the 'bad cop' routine, but this girl seemed frightened. "You're scared of the Ushers. I understand that. But they are not all-powerful or unstoppable. We deal with 'weird' and 'scary' all the time. Let us worry about taking them on." He stood there, nearly as still as a statue, the only movement showing being his mouth and the fluttering of his cape in the slight breeze that was present.
  11. Raven III The Shadow of the Doomforge: 2 IC Posts We Ain't Going Down Like This: 2 IC Posts Posts to Judex. Thunderbird Return to Neverworld: Never/Forever: 2 IC Posts Guide Point to Thunderbird.
  12. Freedom City was a place overflowing with heroes. Indeed, the city had a comparative glut of shadowy, secretive heroes who worked in the night and the shadows. Having another one active was not, in and of itself, overly concerning. However, one who seemed to be operating only a couple of levels of lethality below the Silencer, and doing so wearing his own motif, was of distinct concern to the Raven. So that was how he found himself crouched on a rooftop, casting his gaze around the nearby streets, alleys, and rooftops. Whoever this was, they could move quickly, but didn't seem to have true super-speed, and didn't seem to favor flying over-much. He was concerned about this case. The sheer...brutality...on display meant that he'd made it clear to Charlie and Callie that they were not to come near the investigation unless he called them. Alek was normally more laid-back than a lot of hero mentors; his apprentices were well-motivated, and beyond a few half-joking "punishments", he didn't have to do anything remotely like discipline that often. Which meant they took him seriously when he said "no". So here he was. Alone, with no backup. It felt...probably more familiar than it ought to.
  13. Aleksander had mostly stayed an observer as the Vice-President and the Patriot-Elect seemed to rehash a half-dozen arguments. When there was a lull in them, and Revere mentioned being "ready for anything, he spoke up gently. "We can keep going over the options but we've got a couple of models that allow should do that. Definitely special-forces material, yeah?" When Ashley spoke the code, he didn't give a hint as to knowing something was going on. He instead gave the air of a man who was surprised and uncertain. "Really? I suppose it's as good of a time as any for a break. Hm, Mister Pratten, Miss Sen, let's go. Hopefully this will be quick. Agent Tran, please lead the way. I feel like I could get lost in this place!"
  14. Alek showed no sign of minding the grip or the handshake. It was perhaps for the best no on there was a telepath, though. 'Pathetic. You're the best they could find?' he thought deep inside his own mind. He was nothing but smiles on the outside, though. "It's always an honor to meet those who step up and serve our nation, whether it's as Vice-President, a member of the Secret Service, a military member, or anyone else who serves in any capacity." Alek gestured around the room as he spoke. He didn't glance at where Revere clapped him on the shoulder. However, he barely moved, something that (if she could speak into his ear) Ashley would have told him to avoid. Revere's strength should have made a man Alek's (apparent) size move a fair bit, but the disguised vigilante was feeling spiteful. Instead, he gave Revere a small smile that morphed into a contemplative expression. "Well, I suppose we're in a bit of a situation like that one old Tom Cruise movie, the sports one? Yes. 'Help me, help you.' That's where we're at today, Mister Revere." Without looking, Alek gestured toward Charlie to bring him the briefcase he'd been keeping a close hold on. "Thank you Mister Pratten. Now, while Summers Advanced Design has stepped back from any active research, development, or production of weapons systems, we do still produce defensive gear and various useful pieces of equipment. We're not quite as cutting-edge as Archetech, or frontier-forging as Hallomen Advanced Experts. But we do pride ourselves on offering technology that is both reliable and scalable to demand." He opened the briefcase his intern had brought and drew out a folder, clasping the case shut before handing Revere the documents. "Those are just some preliminary designs, based on some general ideas. What we need to know are a couple of broad ideas. Do you want to prioritize protection, durability, and survivability, along with volume of available gear? Or prioritize agility, speed, and ease of donning and use? We can balance these things, but we don't know the way you like to move like you do. As well, we were not given a clear picture of the intended sorts of missions you'd be undertaking. Search and rescue? Working within American borders to respond to meta-grade threats? Assisting our allies abroad? A bit of everything? That can also influence the optimal mixture of equipment." He glanced at the Vice-President, then back at Revere. "Don't concern yourself with cost, yet. There's just one of you. The scale of this won't make the numbers different enough to matter. What matters is what's going to work best for you."
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