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Vanguard (Taskforce UK)


Current Members:


Ms. Britannia (formerly Young Britannia)


Foreshadow II



Team History:


In the late twentieth century, the Ministry of Powers oversaw the formation of the United Kingdom's major superteam, Taskforce UK, which was known to the public as The Vanguard.  Formed slowly between the years of 1970 and 1980, it consisted of several "Powers" from the United Kingdom. 


During its existence, the team consisted of four primary members:


Champion: A paragon hero who was the "face" of the team, making most of the public speeches and otherwise dealing with the media. 


Headcase:  The "brains" of the team, an individual with a frail body, but possessing superhuman intellect and psychic powers.  Worked closely with the Ministry of Powers and was integral to its "Powers Project," in particular the Psi Initiative.


Lucy Diamond:  The "wild card" of the team, a woman with a un-aging appearance who was able to transform her body into a glass like structure that appeared to be cut diamond, gaining increased strength and resilience.


Y Dderwen:  A squat immortal man with remarkable strength and agility and control over nature.


As the new millennium began, the team’s activities began to lessen, as members started focusing on their own interests.  Then, in the Summer of 2013, all four members of the team disappeared completely and their headquarters, The Haven, was sealed, locking out the Ministry of Powers from accessing it.


The New Team:


The Ministry of Powers could not take the disappearance of four high profile heroes lightly and began considering options for assembling a new team to investigate what had happened to the original members.  Ministry agents approached Dawn ("Dee") Farrington [Synapse], the daughter of the influential Lord Farrington and the most successful subject of Headcase's Psi Initiative.  Although reluctant to have any involvement with the Ministry, Synapse agreed to join the team on the condition she would be given access to Headcase's notes on the Psi Initiative so that she might find something to help her twin sister Susan, who had become mentally unstable as a result of going through the process as well.


Meanwhile, Young Britannia's parents contacted her about the disappearance of Lucy Diamond, a family friend, and she approached the Ministry of Powers about the situation and was also offered a place on the new team. 


While both Synapse and Young Britannia were at the ministry’s London headquarters, American scientist and superheroine, Dr. Jasmine Benoit, [Catalyst] was visiting one of her former professors, a Professor Thomas Blackpool, who worked for the Ministry of Powers.  A former ministry scientist, James Duke attempted to kidnap Blackpool, but was stopped by Catalyst.  Catalyst joined Young Britannia and Synapse in investigating what had happened to the original team and whether the attack on Professor Blackwell was connected. 


The three went to recruit a recently active costumed vigilante that had begun prowling the streets of London, the Osprey (Alden Richards).  Unbeknownst to them, Osprey possessed abilities that originated from the Osprey Formula, one of the initiatives within the Powers Project and overseen by Professor Blackpool.


Ultimately the group learned that Headcase had been secretly manipulating events, trying to control the other members of the team and exert his influence over other parts of the government.  Champion had sealed off the Haven in response and then disappeared.  Lucy Diamond meanwhile had completely lost touch with reality and had gone in to seclusion, watched by Y Dderwen, who had decided to retreat from the modern world.


Osprey was killed fighting the Tylluan, a monstrous creature that had been one of the early Osprey Formula test subjects.  Catalyst meanwhile returned to the United States.



Beating Crime Soundly

Hospital Visit

Searching for Vanguard

Vanguard: the Osprey Formula

Vanguard: Diamond Life


New Members and the Incursion:


Vanguard soon added two new members: Foreshadow II and Ulysses.  Synapse encountered Ulysses while on an official mission for the Ministry, the two being transport to Earth Victoriana.  Upon their return, Ulysses was offered a place on Vanguard.  Shortly after that, Synapse encountered Foreshadow II while they both had been attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi and uncovered a plot involving Russian athletes using enhancement drugs based on the old Soviet Darwin X program.  The two began working together to try to track down more information on the Darwin X program and Doctor Zero, and Foreshadow also joined the team.


Not long after, Communion forces attacked Earth.  The Vanguard were summoned to defend UNISON headquarters in Geneva along with several other heroes.  Their mission was to defend the UNIStorm, UNISON's heavy space fighters, until the fighters could be fully prepped and launched as part of a counter attack.  With the assistance of a group of supervillains, the heroes managed to hold off the Communion and the UNIStorm was able to launch and take part in Earth’s counterattack against the Communion forces.


As short while later, Vanguard was asked by UNISON to help track down four superagents that had gone rouge a few years earlier.  This took the team to Dubai, where, with the assistance of Amir al-Misri (the superhero Asad), they were caught in the middle of a conflict between the rogue superagents and superpowered mercenaries from the Arsenal.



Earth Victoriana: On Track

Winter Wonderland

Egyptian Escapade

Incursion: Spirt of the Blitz

Trade Show


More Changes:


Ulysses soon chose to leave the team and he was eventually replaced by Dreadnaught.

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