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Atom Academy
Housed in Atomic Tower, the Atom Academy is the Atom Family's attempt to expand! Super science! Exploration! Family! Join the Atom Academy, and journey into mystery!


Location and Appearance
The Atomc Academy is housed on the top 5 floors of Atomic Tower in Midtown Freedom City, formerly known as the Goodman Building. With the opening of the Atom Academy, the Atom Family has expanded the building, adding 5 extra floors on top of the Nucleus, the former top 5 floors of the building.


From the outside, the building appears much like any other skyscraper in Midtown Freedom City, aside from the massive atom symbol of three interlinked rings on the Southern side of the top five floors. The three rings are blue, yellow and red respectively.


Inside, the building appears larger than on the outside. You will always be able to find another room, and the laws of physics seem to be a plaything. A hangar of Atom Family vehicles are available, as are highly advanced technology to aid the research and exploration of the academy's members.



The Atom Academy is the legacy and expansion of the Atom Family: The next generation of science heroes and explorers of the strange and unexplained! Any heroes interested in learning scientific fields, journeying into mystery or just fighting mad scientists across the known and unknown omniverse!

The Academy is attended by a host of heroes, geniuses and others, who want to make the world a better place, one discovery at a time.


The Atom Family

  • ALEX: The Artificial Life-form EXperiment still keeps the Nucleus, and, by extension, the brand new Atom Academy, in the best of shape.
  • Chase Atom: Chase Atom have taken little interest in Atom Academy beyond agreeing to its creation, but will still visit from time to time.
  • Cosmo the Moon Monkey: Cosmo seems to appear at Atom Academy whenever something goes wrong.
  • Dr. Atom: While Dr. Atom remains dead, a computer program of his personality and memories haunts the halls of Atomic Tower, keeping the tower running.
  • Maximus Atom: Next to Tesla, Maximus is the member of the Atom Family most likely to be seen at the Academy at any given point. 
  • Tesla Atom: Tesla Atom is the headmistress of Atom Academy, having designed the Academy and being responsible for recruiting many of its members.
  • Victoria Atom: Victoria spends little time in the scientific environment at the Academy, but is always willing to tag along for the next adventure.

Academy members

  • Bee: Melissa Bowles joins the Atom Academy in pursuit of her doctorate in chemistry.
  • Rocket: The nephew of Johnny Rocket II has joined Atom Academy to learn about his own super speed and earn a degree in quantum physics.



  • Late 2019: Tesla Atom proposes her idea for the Atom Academy to the rest of the Atom Family.
  • Mid 2020: Expansion and rebranding of the Goodman Building begins.
  • Late 2020: The now rebranded Atomic Tower stands ready, with the new top 5 floors dedicated to the Atom Academy.
  • February 2020: The Atom Academy opens its doors.

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