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Isaac Campbell was born in Michigan, outside of Detroit, not long after the end of World War II. Even as a young man he was interested in adventure and exploration, in broadening his horizons and searching out excitement. After high school he enlisted in the US Navy and qualified as a combat pilot, flying F-4 Phantoms in the Vietnam War. After the US pulled out of Saigon, he found that the Cold War involved too much sitting and waiting for his taste; he volunteered to test experimental aircraft and found himself tapped to fly CIA and AEGIS operatives into and out of Soviet-influenced states in Indonesia and Africa. During this time he was also introduced to the second generation of the Danger family.

Isaac mustered out of the Navy in the late 80s and into a job at Danger International. He flew the majority of missions in Indochina and Polynesia, putting the Dangers and their allies anywhere they needed to go in the southern Pacific. Even he couldn't fly forever, though, and a stroke in his mid-50s left his hands too shaky to handle a control stick. He moved into semi-retirement, handling Danger International's missions on the Ring of Fire. These days he works out of DI's offices in Emerald City; the plaque on his door reads "Senior Chief of Field Consultation."


Though he pilots a desk these days, Isaac retains connections to AEGIS, the CIA, NATO, and many other alphabet soup organizations that don't admit to everything they do. He's a valuable source of information on different government organizations and can act as an introduction to the old boys club of covert operations. He can also be a colorful individual within Emerald City or Danger International.

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