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"Sounds like a sinister chap and that he is indeed after morgen, though wouldn't hurt to do a quick check up on her see if she's still in the ice before we run off after him, maybe split up and look for clues."  he offered,, fully aware that he was infact the least experienced immortal present having technically not lived beyond his own birth era yet and spending most of his displaced time sleeping his way back to it.


"Been a while since Y'd showed me the way but i think i still got it up here." tapping his thick fingers against his high forehead "quite a walk mind, though ill show you where i beat the snot outta that demon; don't suppose murk sent a spare helmet for me did he? the one i was using kinda...rusted away."


He rambled as he trudged along leading the way and doing his best to avoid damaging the wilderness that might have over taken the path he'd been lead on by Y'd, it was important to him after all. still getting used to his body after the long period of immobile inactivity proved a simple enough task, it seemed he didn't suffer from atrophy in the slightest, even over such an extreme length of time.

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'Twas not far to travel, even by foot, to the resting place of Morgen the burnt. An hour of walking through green pleasant feels. A few sheep looked up at the strange sight of the three heroes, but carried on chewing grass soon enough. 


The resting place of Morgen was still there, buried in the hill where, thousands of years ago, she had entombed herself. It was the scar that Dreadnough had closed, battling the remains of an icy age and an icy spirit. 


But now, that scar was opened, and she was gone. A faint chill still arose from the pit, which was a dozen feet deep, although it had been many many years since the last ice age, its faintest echo was still there. 


The moss moved beside it. 


And then, a four foot high man, all leaves and branches and moss and bark, was sitting by them. The camouflage had been perfect. 


"Oh, you woke up! Has been some time!" said Y Dderwen (for it was he). "And you have brought some friends, I see!"

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