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Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

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Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)c70ac880eebba693df64e4e915acb1c1.thumb.jpg.b86fe9b1e79d51e6373cfa62f63da83f.jpg
Unspent Power Points: 0.
Trade-Offs:  -2 Attack / +2 Damage +2 Defence / -2 Toughness

In Brief: An young dimensional refugee who received an unwanted gift from the depths of the Terminus' darkness.

Catchphrase: "Be afraid of the dark that shines light on your sins, evildoer!!"


Alternate Identity: Eliseo "Eli" Milioni (Secret)
Birthplace: Earth 5443's Turin, Italy.

Residence: Claremont Academy Campus.
Base of Operations: "La Base": his small room in Claremont Dormitories.
Occupation: Student at Claremont.
Affiliations: Next Gen.
Family: Maria Grazia Milioni, his lost older sister.


Age: 17 (01/08/2000)
Apparent Age: 17.
Gender:  Male.
Ethnicity: Caucasian, of Italian descent.
Height: 191cm.
Weight: 78kg.
Eyes: Black.
Hair: Black.

Eliseo would be a normal teen (if a bit tall) but the "accident" which made him into what he his now had noticeable, eerie effects on his appearance and, much more disturbingly, on his psyche (but let's leave that for another section of this document). After becoming infused with the dark, entropic energies of the Terminus, Eli's body grew thinner and taller, almost as if stretched by the forces now contained within it, all of his hair turned jet black, and his eyes turned slightly larger and as black and deep as the Abyss. His skin, locked perpetually into an almost ceramic white complexion, completes the picture of a lanky, long limbed boy whose appearance whispers "odd" in every person's mind, and yet seems capable of an odd charm which puts him above many other people when it comes to being liked by his peers and others alike, is it the "allure of the Abyss?" As for clothing, accessories and hairstyle, he likes to keep things minimalistic, dressing all in black with small white accessories most of the time. He keeps his hair long, barely touching his shoulders, and has a predilection for turtlenecks, velvet and silk shirts, and most of all, shiny black shoes.
He doesn't really have a costume, using his powers to cover up the details of his figure and clothing and thus appearing as a living silhouette that seems almost a hole cut out from the fabric of space, showing a place where all light goes to die and adding to his sleek, phantomlike image.


Eliseo was born in a parallel very similar to Earth-Prime, with the glaring absence of most forms of superheroes and meta human activity. While the supernatural and the occult existed, they were not nearly near the realm of public knowledge, and orchestrated their manipulative schemes behind closed doors and curtains. Eliseo's father, Marco, was a small time engineer in Turin, with the small quirk of being obsessed by the occult matters of the world. This obsessive focus of his came to burrow into his brain and the lives of him and his children when Eliseo was only eight, his mother being apparently "murdered by a foul creature". Eli and Grazia, his two years older sister, reacted very differently from each other to this sudden shift in their otherwise tranquil lives: while little Eli was shunned by his father and thus despised him in return during the following years, Grazia grew ever closer to their father's hunt for the supernatural, helping him and encouraging his obsessive behevior as a way to scrounge up some sort of attention and affection from an otherwise elusive and self-centered man.
Living with a distant father and sister, while not easy, wasn't really that traumatic on Eli, who grew to be a naturally self-reliant young boy, accepting friendships as few and far between occurrences in his otherwise lonesome life and, while the rest of his close family was busy searching for evidence of the unknown, the boy was looking at the sky and dreaming of flying, like almost all the children his age. Fancies that would soon come to be a reality for the people of his Earth, when a research team, secretly lead by the occult conspiracies his dad and sister were frantically searching for, discovered a "safe and reliable way to exchange information and goods with other universes".  In reality though, this was a ploy by a nameless alliance of supernatural and secretive organizations to bring the incredible to the forefront of the world... and then dominate it openly. As people started travelling between other worlds, the economy flourished thanks to the influx of cheap goods and new scientific breakthroughs and, by the time Eliseo turned fourteen, his world seemed to turn into a Utopia. His father though, was weary of "the Plan", as he called it and, being right for once, this would lead his family to ruin.
One year later, Eli and his family would be shunned as criminals and terrorists by the government due to their father trying to bomb a interdimensional portal station.
To escape persecution, his sister, with instructions from his father, actually managed to activate a jury rigged device that could allow them to "jump" once in a random alternate dimension. This would have been a horrible decision and a very likely death sentence for the both of them, but his fanatical sister was too sure of their father's work to doubt the prospect... she regretted it when they found themselves trapped on a Terminus scout vessel.
Fortunately for them though, the vessel was headed for Earth-Prime's Freedom City, during the '93 invasion attempted by Omega's forces. The unmanned ship was among the first to be spotted and shot down, right above Lonely Point. As the teens fell to what looked like it was going to be their demise, the interdimensional drive of the ship malfunctioned and exploded, sending the ship scuttling... somewhere in time and space. Eliseo doesn't remember much from the time he spent on the ruined ship, since he was seemingly put by Grazia in the only working stasis chamber in the vessel while he was unconscious, slowing down his metabolism.
The ship crashed twenty four years later, exactly where it was supposed to during the invasion, and attracted the attention of the city's heroes, being a Terminus ship.
Eli was the only person on board, his sister nowhere to be seen and, what was more, the failing dimensional drive and stasis chamber, along with the properties of the dimension where he was jaunted, all contributed to him actually developing powers as a conduit of the Terminus dreaded entropic energies.
Soon after his discovery, Eli was confirmed as a dimensional refugee and sent to Claremont to study and learn to control his (mistrusted) powers.
He adopted the codename Erebo, from the Greek god personifying the Abyss, and started fighting and striving to find meaning in this new world.


Personality & Motivation:
Originally a lively and energetic boy, thanks to the lack of care from his family, Eli has grown into a self-reliant and lonesome teenager, who doesn't actively look for company or friendship, but doesn't really reject it outright either. This part of him has dug deeper in his heart when he changed physically and mentally due to the Terminus' energies flowing into and through him, making it difficult for him to develop emotional bonds with other people, especially "normal" ones. He still holds his sister dear, much more than he ever did his father, considered she saved his life, probably in spite of her own, after years of neglect and coldness. He is calm, patient and collected, even though he couldn't be considered "cool" due to his eerie, aloof attitude, he can be surprisingly proactive when it comes to a set goal.
Eli is also a very protective person with his few close relationships, holding them very dear to his heart and hoping o build a lasting life in this new environment where he has been thrust.
The boy hopes of being accepted and to prove worthy of his saved life, building upon it with the utmost motivation and drive, even though he might not be able to show it completely or easily to others.
Simply put, he wants to make a name, a life and a home for himself, a whole new life... a fresh start.


Powers & Tactics:

Generally, Erebo uses his darkness to conceal his features and approaches fights with criminals and other threats carefully, preferring to impair them from a distance using his Embrace and Breath effects and using the fact that he is immune to them to sneak around the battlefield, hitting where it hurts (after draining the physical toughness out of his enemies with his deadly Caress). If he wants to be extra careful, he will maneuver at range using his Wings and Gateways to position himself and start raining pain on his enemies in the form of shadow javelins (obviously thrown with the help of enhanced strength).


Power Descriptions:

Eli's power comes from him becoming a conduit to the dark, abyssal energies of the farthest reaches of the Terminus, the place where all light goes to die, thus all of his shadows do not appear normal at all, but rather swallow up all light that touches them, appearing mlre like holes cut out from the very fabric of the world and into the Void between dimensions.

When using his Embrace, a rather big space is covered by a veritable dome of impenetrable darkness, and all caught within (except Erebo himself) find themselves unable to see, hear and smell with most of their senses.

Usually, the inside of the domenis also struck by freezing gales that hinder those within, again letting Erebo act unaffected, and leving them vulnerable to surprise attacks using his dark Caress, a shadowy, tendril like arm that drains the toughness and physical resilience of anyone (and anything) that it touches, making hitting and breaking them with enhanced strength easy.

Finally, with some effort, Erebo can use his solid shadows to create simple objects which, as a general rule, can only be moved by him and his powers.

His shadows can also be used a gateway between two obscured points or mundane shadows, like some sort of portal, while enhancing his mobility with, black, stringy wings that allows some rather fast flight.



Vulnerable to light: Eli's nature as a confuit of interdimensional darkness make him vulneble to intense light based attacks and effects.


Odd and Eerie are my second names: Eli's physical and psychological profiles are skewed due to his interaction with the Terminus, leaving him unable to properly express his feelings through simple unconscious everyday gestures and making him appear almost doll like in behavior and appearance.


Child of the Terminus: Eli's visceral and metaphysical link to the Terminus his a secret left for his closest of friends, since the history of Freedom make it a very touchy subject and could at best lead peple to mistrust him, and at worst...


Away from home: Eli's home dimension does not want him back, and he wouldn't know how to find it if it did, anyways. He is not familiar with the concept and culture of real superheroes and villains, and the impact that they had on Earth-Prime in the last century, so he might seem like a fish out of water to his peers.

Abilities: 4 + 8 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 20PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 16+ 12 = 28PP
Initiative: +4
Attack: +8 Melee, +8 Ranged, +8 Base.

Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +10/+24
Knockback: -7

Saving Throws: 3 + 6 + 5= 14PP
Toughness: +8 (+2 Con, +6 Protection)
Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3)
Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6)
Will: +5 (+0 Wis, +5)

Skills: 48R = 12PP 

Acrobatics 8 (+12)*

Bluff 8 (+10)*

Investigate 5 (+5)
Diplomacy 4 (+6)
Gather Information 8 (+10)*
Language 3 (Italian [Native], Latin, Ancient Greek, English)
Search 4 (+4)
Sense Motive 8 (+8)*

*=skill mastery

Feats: 9PP

  • Assessment
  • Dodge Focus 6
  • Thrown Mastery 
  • Skill Mastery

Powers: 51 + 11 + 7 + 1= 70PP


Darkness Control Array 22.5 (45PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 6) [51PP] (darkness, dimensional, shadow, terminus).

  • Base Power  Obscure 10 (Erebus' Embrace; Total Visual, Auditory and Olfactory concealment; Feature: Erebo is immune to the effect; Feat: Reversible; Extras: Independent) [42/46] (sensory deprivation)
  • Alt. Power Environmental Control 10 (Erebus' Breath; Intense Cold + Hinder Movement [Half Speed]; Feature: Erebo is immune to the effect; Feats: Reversible; Extras:Independent, Selective Attack) [42/46] (gusts of cold wind)
  • Alt. Power Create Object 10 (Erebus' Arsenal; Feats: Affects Insubstantial [Full Toughness], Progression 2 [25 Feet*Rank], Selective; Extras: Duration, Movable) [45/46]
  • Alt Power Teleport 10 (Erebus' Gateway; Feats: Progression [Portals are 10ft wide]; Extras: Portal) [41/46]  
  • Alt. Power Drain 10 (Erebus' Caress; [Toughness]; Feats: Incurable, Slow Fade 2 [1 point per 5 minutes], Reversible; Extras: Affects Objects) [23/40]
  • Alt. Power  Enhanced Strength 21 +  Super Strength 4 (Dark Might; [Tot. Str. 35 (+12) / Super Strength 55 (Heavy Load: 24 Tons)]; Drawbacks: Obvious [whole body cloaked in inky, smoky shadows]) [28/40]
  • Alt. Power Damage 10 (Shadow Javelins; Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Mighty 2; Extras: Ranged, Penetrating, Contagious) [43/45]

Protection 6 (Shadow Cowl; Extras: Impervious [All 6 Ranks]; Drawbacks: Noticeable [whole body cloaked in inky, smoky shadows] [11PP]

Flight 4 (Dark Wings; Drawbacks: Power Loss [Unable to flap wings]) [7PP]
Feature 1 (Can make his whole figure, or parts of it, appear as black "holes in space" silhouettes, which always stand out in an odd way, even in natural darkness)

Drawbacks: (-3)
Vulnerability (Light; Common [-2]; Moderate [-1]) [-3]

DC Block

ATTACK                                       RANGE                                           SAVE DC                                                   EFFECT
Unarmed                                      Touch                                             20*/27 Toughness                                 Damage
Shadow Javelins                        Ranged                                           27 Toughness (Penetrating)                Damage

Thrown Objects                          Thrown                                           18*/25 Toughness                                 Damage
Erebus' Caress                            Touch                                             25 Fortitude                                             Drain [Toughness]

Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (12) + Feats (9) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (-3) = 150/150 Power Points

Edited by Fox
Grapple notation update / thread tags update.
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I love it - and I love all the attention you've devoted towards researching the setting. This is a character I want to thread with. 


Some issues here and there, however, mostly mechanical. 


Continuous is not actually a Flaw on Enhanced STR, it's an Extra (Sustained is the default duration on Abilities). After all, he's not hurt by the ability to turn _off_ his Enhanced abilities whenever he wants. And Permanent costs as much as Sustained. If you want the easiest way to do it, I'd just put the Enhanced STR in as an AP in his Array, but that may not be what you want mechanically. 


What does the Power Loss drawback on the Flight mean? Is that the Gliding flaw, where you can't actually fly upwards? 







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I moved E.Strength to the array, removed the immovable flaw from the create object power, added a rank of affcte insubstantial to make it full toughness and used the PPs I saved to raise my fortitude ST by 2 and my will ST by 3.

The power loss on flight is from the fact that it's winged, and as such it can't be used in tight spaces, or when wings are grappled or otherwise unable to flap freely.


Also thanks for the compliments, it means a lot!

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Let me make a quick mechanical suggestion to you - 


Drop the Continuous extra on the Enhanced STR (it's not really worth spending PP on here) and pick up Super-Strength instead. You've got 40PP in there - with 16 PP in the Strength, you've got 24PP to play with. That could give you Super-Strength 5 (Effective STR 55, Heavy Load 24 tons). 


That'll also let you justify that high Grapple score, which doesn't seem to be paid for anywhere else. 


Once you get that done, I can give you Approval One!



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Mostly just math stuff, on my end.



My immediate concern is that this character is under-capped: they're listed as PL10, but putting their drain aside the best they can do offensively is PL9 (+8 attack, +10 unarmed damage on the Str setting, which should probably be noted on the Abilities/DC Block sections). With the Drain I'm willing to call it 'close enough', though.



As AA noted, the grapple's a little off - my tired brain gives it a +10/+23, depending on whether or not Erebo's using their Strength alt power. Do correct me if I missed a bonus somewhere, though.


With 6 Impervious Toughness and 2 non-Impervious Toughness, Erebo would have a -7 Knockback.



You're paying too much for the Create Object; with two extras that's 4pp/rank; 8*4= 32pp, plus 5 feats is 37pp, not 38. Fine for now, but worth updating on the sheet for when you make edits later.


Final Costs

You're over-paying; you have 19pp of saves and 9pp of feats, which leaves you at 149/150pp. You have one more point to spend anywhere you like!

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So to address your concerns: 

Damage wise you are forgetting that Erebo can use create object to make simple weapons like javelins (+4 Damage bonus with two ranks in Thown Mastery) and swords (19-20 crit range and +3 Damage bonus) that can be used with his enhanced strength since they do not require Create Object to maintain them, just to dismiss them.


The grapple / knockback stuff was off yeah, fix'd it.


I moved 5 points from saves to the array, upped the create object, obscure and environmental control to 10 and removed the medium flaw from teleport.


Spent the last PP in another thrown mastery rank, bringing it to two.

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Create Object does not allow you to create weapons that way, I'm afraid - it's explicitly for creating larger, more geometric creations. The only 'attacks' it offers you is creating an large object and then dropping it on people, or trying to create a cage around an enemy. If you want to create weaponry to attack with, you'll need to buy the appropriate Damage power(s).

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Short-changing yourself on max grapple a bit (STR +12, Attack +8, Super-Str +4 = +24). You're over-paying on the strength, slightly, too - 21pp for the Enhanced Strength, 7pp for the Super-Strength.


For fluff purposes, how do you see the Contagious on the Javelins working? How're they damaging people in contact with your target when the javelin hits?

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