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Sanguine (PL10) - Moira Morley

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Player Name: Moira Morley

Character Name: Sanguine


Power Level: 10 (150/154PP)

Tradeoffs: -0 attack, +0 effect; -0 defense, +0 toughness

Unspent Power Points: 4


In Brief: A bloodbender trying to make sense of her unheroic powers in a heroic light.

Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey

Base of Operations: None

Catchphrase: "It's what's on the inside that counts."


Alternate Identity: Maria Sangre (birth name), Bloody Mary (nick name)

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York City, New York

Occupation: College Student

Affiliations: Freedom City University

Family: Sarah Sangre (mother, 36), Tyrese Sangre (father, 40), Martin Sangre (brother, 20), Martha Sangre (sister, 20)


Age: 18 (born 14 March, 1999)

Apparent Age: late teens

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140 pounds

Eyes: red sclera, black pupils

Hair: black


Maria is somewhat of an hourglass, but with slightly wider hips. Her body is firm and put together nicely, not a single ounce of wasted space. Her hair is smooth and long enough to reach her mid-back, she mostly wears it down, but can tie it up into a large, braided bun. Her skin is a darker brown. She was born with her eye color. Her top canine teeth are short sharp fangs.


She has three tattoos. Between her shoulder blades are three Chinese words, top to bottom, 'Red', 'Life', 'Serpent'. On her left shoulder is a snake coiled around a sun, trying to swallow it. On her right wrist is a sleeping snake wrapped around it. She always wears knee-length or ankle-length skirts that always flow. Her tops are either sleeveless, button-up vests or sleeveless sports tanktops. Shoes are a pair of white trainers.


Her costume is a full body suit that covers everything but her neck and head, and a domino mask. The suit is made of morphic molecules, and feels slightly ridged to the touch. It's dark red with thin black lines that look like snake scales.


Power Descriptions

She was born with her powers, making her a mutant. Though she didn't get any of the Hemokinesis or Levitation until her junior or senior year of high school. As mentioned, she was born with her eye color.


Hemokinesis is noticeable as she and the effected are surrounded by a damp, dark red corona.


Levitation is a weak form of telekinesis that she can only affect herself with... for now.


Fangs are subtle because they fit in her mouth.


Blood Awareness causes her eyes to glow, though it's a purely mental sense and doesn't need to see to use it.


Her Mutated Blood is not visible, but she cannot donate and does not have a matching type to any.



Maria's parents are second and third generation Puerto Rican immigrants. They met as children and grew up together, eventually having their first children and getting married afterwards. Her older brother and sister are identical, and (to Maria's belief) some what psychic of each other. Being the youngest, her sister and brother believed she was coddled too much. Maria didn't disdain the love of her parents, but she did test their boundaries. She was a smart kid who got away with more than she'd admit. None-the-less, her smarts got her into good places, like advanced classes.


Puberty was kind to her, the cute little kid turned into a beautiful woman. During that time she tested her boundaries again, and she found out she was pretty much savvy in the ways of giving direction. She was happy about that. She saw herself a leader, a guide. Late in her senior year of high school is when she started developing her powers. It was almost an accident. She though she was losing a tooth at first but when she saw the fangs it was less scary and more intriguing. She joked around school that she was some kind of vampire. only to find out that there was more than just fangs. She could sense blood and when she sensed it, could do things to it! From then on she kept on pushing the boundaries of her powers, seeing what she could do. She even ordered a morphic molecule costume. She was going to be a hero post high school.


Then the free ride to Freedom City University came. She had her suspicions, but the scholarship was just for good grade. She could have went anywhere, but Freedom City had superheroes. The more she could interact with the big guys. the better. So she accepted.


Personality and Motivation

Maria is 'dominant'. She leads, balking at the idea of following. Not that she's mean or rude about it, she just knows her place is the front. Though if she has to defer to someone, she'll take notes meticulously, trying to see what it would take to be in that position. Like any leader, she is a problem solver. She'll listen and try to find solutions. Maria is also studious, and a researcher. Even in quiet times she likes to challenge her mind. If there ever is quiet time. Maria is a mover and shaker. The only time she seems to be still is when she's asleep.


Maria seeks two things right now. One the destigmatization of her powers. People see the whole blood part of her powers and think very lowly of them! She's not a bad person and wants to show that. The other goal is to balance being a hero and continuing her education. She has a degree to earn and people to protect, of which she's giving up on neither.



Disability: Her blood thickens without power use. She takes blood thinners or uses her powers, depending on the situation.

Disability: She needs contacts or glasses to see far away.

Identity: She does not keep this secret.

Prejudice: Being a hemokinetic gets you looks in the hero community when you work your powers. People think she's either a villain or is at least an 'Iron Age' hero when they see it!

Reputation: Blood powers? Fangs? People think she's a vampire!

Reputation: Her headstrong leader attitude does not endear her to some.

Responsibility: She is attending Freedom City University on a scholarship. She's also pledging a sorority at FCU.


Abilities 6 + 2 + 6 + 10 + 4 + 6 = 34pp

Strength 16/35 (+3/+12)

Dexterity 12 (+1)

Constitution 16/30 (+3/+10)

Intelligence 20 (+5)

Wisdom 14 (+2)

Charisma 16 (+3)


Combat 8 + 10 = 18pp

Initiative +1

Attack +4

Grapple +7, +16 with Blood Strengthening

Defence +10 (+5 base, +5 dodge focus; +3 flat-footed)

Knockback -1, -5 with Mutated Blood, -10 with Blood Strengthening


Saving Throws 2 + 5 + 4 = 11pp

Toughness +3/+10 (3/10 con)

Fortitude +5/+12 (3/10 con, 2 save)

Reflex +6 (1 dex, 5 save)

Will +6 (2 wis, 4 save)


Skills 44 ranks = 11pp

Bluff 7 (+10)

Diplomacy 7 (+10)

Knowledge (behavioural sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (business) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 5 (+10)

Language 2 (Spanish [native], English [native]; Latin; note: raised in a two language household)

Notice 8 (+10)

Search 5 (+10)


Feats 12pp


Conspiracy Theorist

Dodge Focus 5

Eidetic Memory


Luck 2



Powers 15 + 3 + 2 + 35 + 9 = 64pp

all powers mutation in descriptor


Container 3 (Mutated Blood; 14+1=15PP Container) [15PP]

  • Enhanced Constitution 14
  • Immunity 1 (aging)


Damage 0 (Fangs; Power Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty, Subtle) [3PP]


Flight 2 (Levitation; Drawbacks: Low Ceiling 3 [5ft]; Power Feats: Subtle) [2PP]


Hemokinesis 15 (30PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power 5) [35PP]

  • Base EffectMind Control 10 (Body Control; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Conscious, Duration [Sustained]; Flaw: Distracting) {30/30}
  • Alternate EffectContainer 6 (Blood Strengthening; 1+19+10=30PP Container) {30/30}
    • Enhanced Feat 1 (Endurance)
    • Enhanced Strength 19
    • Impervious Toughness 10
  • Alternate EffectDamage 10 (Blood Tainting; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Distracting) {30/30}
  • Alternate EffectHealing 10 (Blood Sustenance; Extras: Restoration, Total; Flaws: Personal, Source [Blood]; Power Feats: Benefit [counts as a meal], Persistent, Regrowth) {23/30}
  • Alternate EffectMove Object 8 (Blood Throw; Extras: Damaging; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Precise) (27/30}
  • Alternate EffectNullify 10 (Blood Cure; all biological effects; Extras: Duration 2 [Sustained]; Flaws: Distracting, Range [Touch]; Power Feats: Selective) {20/30}


Super-Senses 8 (Blood Awareness [very common, mental; accurate, acute, radius, ranged], Danger Sense [Blood Awareness]) [9PP]


Drawbacks -0 = -0pp


DC Block

Unarmed                          Melee +4       DC 18 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning)

Unarmed, Blood Strengthening     Melee +4       DC 27 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning)

Fangs                            Melee +4       DC 18 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical, Piercing)

Fangs, Blood Strengthening       Melee +4       DC 27 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical, Piercing)

Blood Control                    Perception     DC 20 Fortitude              Controlled

Blood Cure                       Melee +4       Opposed Power Check          All Biological Effects Nullified

Blood Tainting                   Perception     DC 25 Fortitude (Staged)     Damage (Mutation)

Blood Throw                      Range +8       DC 23 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Mutation)


Totals: Abilities 34 + Combat 18 + Saving Throws 11 + Skills 12 + Feats 12 + Powers 63 = 150/154 Power Points

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It's to cure diseases and poisons, but it can be weaponized to take away physical powers.


Also the target has to have blood of some sort (not a flaw but something for hemokinesis to work). Also also, it's distracting, not something that would be wise to keep up for long in a fight.

Edited by Moira Morley
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You are adept at reading between the lines and making connections between two apparently unrelated facts. This is not so much intuition as the ability to process and compare information on the fly. If you roll a natural 20 on any Gather Information, Investigate, or Knowledge check, you gain an insight that appears unrelated to the subject at hand. You can then make a new check for any one of the skills mentioned without needing to have any tools or reference material readily available. The subject of the second roll doesn’t need to be related to the first one, so a hero could suddenly deduce the answer to a scientific problem that had been plaguing her for weeks after talking about the latest baseball game while searching local bars for information on weapon shipments. Each additional rank in this feat moves the die roll threshold that allows a second check by one, up to a natural roll of 16 to 20.

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Some complications are sort of uneven.
Her Obsession would really be a problem.

Also, the Responsibility involving school should be adjusted a bit, and axe the specific GPA.

Also may want to add she has issues with hemotoxin?


Might want to drop Immunity: Aging, given what her actual age.


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