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Basketball, Pickup Game

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In Dagger's civilian identity, Jason supports sports leagues. This could be for charity or could be a random street game. It would be for some social interaction among PCs.  Four people, including myself, at most for some 2-on-2. Jason does not have speed or flight, so he'd be stomped if anyone used it. Not saying you can't but it'd be an unfair advantage!


Also, he's rich enough to travel, so this could happen anywhere. Most of the action happens in Freedom, but Emerald or Bedlam could have it too.

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So, we have

Mannequin, brain in an eight foot tall suit

Miracle Girl, school age strong flight

Pacer, school age speedy

Stalwart, school age strong

Feeding Frenzy, school age shark guy


With all the school age, I guess Jason could be donate to Claremont Academy. I really don't know how he could compete?

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