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And All the Devils Here [OOC]

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Judex, Dr. Thorne, the Tattered Man, and Nightingale all receive word through the pipeline about a very disturbed guest at a shelter, and the disturbances he's been sending up around him. 

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Judex: On a 30, you believe you may have seen this symbol before - in that blasphemous text/possible hoax, the Ars Goetia. You didn't read much of it, but you think - or, more likely, the shard of Uriel thinks - that it may be the sigil of Sabnock, a demon said to craft tower and cities, arm and armor soldiers, and inflict blights upon enemy armies.


Tattered Man: There are scuff marks under the bed... but they're not recent. If the sigil was painted across this floor, it was done without moving any of the furniture. 

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Medicine: It appears that he's still showing residual signs of malnutrition, but may be recovering.


Arcane Lore: There's nothing clearly arcane about the man. No witch's mark, no fingers that bend backwards, none of that. There is the faint smell of brimstone, but that's to be expected. You do find something at the nape of his neck, however - a series of arcane glyphs, much like the ones in the circle. You can't directly translate them, but you're familiar enough from the books to know they're not letters. 

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