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I haven't seen a thread like this yet, so I wanted to start one right quick before work (apologies if someone has done this already and I just didn't spot it!).  I'm looking to buy more Freedom City supplements so I can better understand the overall setting; it's kind of hard to be a Guide otherwise.  However, given the long history of this site and all the changes that've been made to the underlying canon, I think it'd be useful to get input from older members of the community on which books are useful and which have been largely ignored.  Maybe this could turn into a slim starting guide for new players too, in terms of some of the bigger changes that these forums have made to the setting. 


What I have so far:


2nd Edition Core Rules, obviously; this one's pretty essential.

Freedom City, which again, anyone playing here should really pick up.

Ultimate Power, which is about crunch instead of fluff, unless I've missed some hidden details tucked away somewhere.

Beginner's Guide, mostly crunch but with some useful stuff for Claremont characters, although I think everything in here is also depicted elsewhere.

Hero High, a fantastic supplement for teen heroes, particularly Claremont PCs.

Book of Magic, which does for arcane-types what Hero High does for teens.

Agents of Freedom, excellent for AEGIS characters.  There is also a lot of information on UNISON (looking at you, Edge, and...sadly no one else.  :(), SHADOW (for villains), and STAR Squad (for nobody, far as I can tell). 

And finally, Bedlam City and Straight Out of Bedlam, both of which I mostly like, especially joined with all the work Kaige has done.  There's just a whole lot of stuff to remember here, and I haven't jumped in yet.  Maybe someday.


What else can people recommend?  I will, of course, be buying my PDFs from Green Ronin!

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I recommend all the x Age books (Golden, Silver, Bronze/Iron).


Third Edition wise you don't need anything.  But, I do recommend the Atlas and the Space Book.  Especially the space book.  Emerald City is nice to have, and is a generally pretty book, but isn't necessary to the site's version especially as we'll be making sure whatever player's need to know setting wise gets Guidebook'd there.  None of those three are in line with the site's canon but they have plenty of things that can be cribbed or used as inspiration.


My favorite supplement is the one most people already own (including yourself), Freedom City of course!  Past that it would be villain books like 3e's Threat Reports or 2e's Freedom's  Most Wanted.  As not only do they come with fleshed out villains (who outside of the 2e one's aren't canon so you're free to change their backstory as you desire) but they come with potential plot hooks too!  I have spent a crazy amount on Villain PDF's including nonGreen Ronin stuff.  Heck including nonM&M but still superhero stuff.  And sure, more often then not I just create a villain for a thread, it's nice to have the option to change up an idea that was already created for you. 


Also, I moved this thread to Off Panel.

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