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Death Cab For Cutie

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May 18  

Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City

Early Evening


Huang stepped out of hte Cab with a hint of a cocky smile despite the wince at the late summer sun glinting off the towers of steel and glass all around them.  There were many benefits of living in a major metropolis not the least of which was not having a driver's license for date night was easily countered by the preponderance of cabs and the fact that in a place like freedom driving was more the exception than the rule if one aimed for downtown.  He certainly could have just cracked a portal through time and space to his destination of course.  Though he had been informed that such casual use of magic would lead directly to further sanctions on his mystic machinations from his hypocrite parents.  Besides his dad already thought his date was a bad influence.  Flashing blood magic portals on a downtown street probably wouldn't help that.


Turning to peek into the cab he reached out a hand, "And here we are."  he presented like the occupant might find the garish pyramid themed building anything but appropriative.  "I heard they do a mediterranean paleo-vegan chefs special."  he offered encouragingly.

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Set regarded the plaza wryly as he stepped out of the cab, tugging his dark red jacked into place over a black shirt and bowtie. "Mayhaps we need discuss your working definition of 'special', sweet," the godling drawled. While Set could be a touch sensitive over the iconography from the height of Heliopolian worship being misused he seemed to be taking the glass pyramid in conditionally good humour. With his brick red dreadlocks twisted up atop his head in a beehive style he cut a striking silhouette but compared to his habit of walking about town entirely shirtless the ensemble was keeping things notably low-key. "Tis where I originally descended to the mortal plane, you know." He took Huang's arm and allowed himself to be led away from the street.

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"Hey I'm sure they can whip up the classics, deconstructed hummus with a kale salad or something."  Huang suggested off hand and paid the fare before taking his date's arm and leading him into the building with a wide smile.  He looked up at the building and around the spacious atrium as they entered and raised a brow at the boy on his arm, "Really?"  he asked with feigned surprise, "must not have caused much stir."  he smirked with a light laugh as little the divine entity on his left did managed to escape media coverage in one place or another.


"Well I admit it could be considered contrived, " Huang admitted as they waited then boarded the elevator to the top floor restaurant, "But it is one of the best restaurants in the city."  he pointed out with a shrug, "Plus trying to find a place in this town without a kitschy or contrived theme is an exercise in futility."

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"Oh, you're doing jokes now, I see," Set scoffed as Huang feigned ignorance of the fairly newsworthy manner in which the godling had made his presence known in Freedom City, bumping his shoulder into the dhampir. He looked about with unconcealed interest as they walked through the first floor of the plaza and then through the glass elevator as they rose. He could have dined at the restaurant on his own any time since he'd arrived but it had always seemed a little on the nose, at least if he were showing up alone; formal dining was a hard sell with Skehmet. His followers expected snaps of the most up-and-coming hole-in-the-wall establishments and this was anything but.


As the setting for a date, however, it had some charm. "Generally speaking I appreciate the local commitment to pomp and theatre."

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With a small shrug Huang agreed, "Well I try to keep up."  he replied flashing a toothy grin.  He settled in for the ride to the top watching Set take in the surroundings more than the swanky environs themselves less from any jaded experience than from a certain fixation on the object of his interest.  As the elevator came to a stop Huang led the way to the Maitre'D, "I wouldn't knock it, not much room to throw stones."  the oft over the top magus admitted a small laugh curling the corners of his lips saved from a comically poor attempt to tip/bribe the maitre'd by the staid old mans ill timed question, "Ah young Sirs Welcome," he greeted, "Will your ladies be joining you at the bar or?"  he trailed off blanching slightly as he took in the dark look Huang shot him at the suggestion, "Ah right this way sirs."  he instructed in clipped tones leading them to a window seat Huangs clumsy tip would certainly not have earned them.  "Your server will be with you directly."  the older man added before hustling away before he further embarrassed himself.


Huang offered the better seat to Set and sat after the other boy with a forced exhale, "Sorry I'd expect better." he hissed quietly trying to let the mild affront go lest it further drag down the evening.

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"Making you either an incurable optimist or else tis quite encouraging for the future a decade or so hence," Set drawled as he took a seat. The godling appreciated how Huang's temper freed him up to save his indignation for more serious matters. He never asked about the timeline in which Huang had grown up; there were few things a god of chaos reviled more than predestination.


The expansive view garnered a hum of approval. "One can certainly understand the popularity." Set produced his phone from his jacket pocket and took a quick shot of the cityscape sprawling out before them but it spoke to his appreciation of present company that the device was tucked back away without immediately selecting a filter and uploading the photo. It could wait until he had time to properly consider the appropriate hashtags.

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A faint smile crossed Huangs features at the suggestion his moral indignation was rooted in his home timeline, "Well perhaps I ought have said you deserve better to be more accurate."  he admitted and quickly looked out the window in a perhaps vain attempt to maintain an cool and aloof facade in the face of the in hindsight cheesy complement.  He quickly murmured agreement with the godlings commentary on the view, "Yes supposed to be among the best in the city, possibly the best if one doesn't spend their time on rooftops in the general case." the young Dhampir acknowledged with a small smile revealing just a glimmer of the fangs that never quite retracted.


With the arrival of their server to take drink orders and announce the days specials they were rescued from Huangs stilted attempts at small talk for a moment at least.  Huang nodded for Set to order his drink first before ordering his own request for an Italian soda eschewing the alcoholic options as either a nod to his admittedly complex age or more likely his already strained judgment when it came to the handsome boy across the table from him.  "And we'll have the herb stuffed morels as an appetizer."  he added finally turning back to Set with a pleased smile as the waiter took his leave,

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"You've planned every detail, I see," Set observed with a fond curl of his lips. God of chaos or not he appreciated the effort Huang had obviously put into the date and really it was far more satisfying to be an agent of the unexpected with someone else playing the straight man. Metaphorically, in this case. "The venue, the courses. How did you envision the evening going, I wonder?" As he spoke the godling's foot had crossed the distance between them under the table and was slowly dragging its way over the dhampir's ankle and shin, pulling the hem of Huang's pant leg along with it.

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Flashing just a hint of fang as he smiled in reply Huang shook his head slightly, "A wise man knows to take plans only so far when a creature of such spontaneity is involved."  he acknowledged breath hitching slightly at the touch to his ankle.  "But I did want to ensure we got off to the right foot."  he grinned at his own turn of phrase.  "But I envisioned my efforts would not go unrewarded."  he agreed with a small laugh as he pressed his calf into Sets questing foot.  "But I must say I like where this is go-"  he was cut off as the appetizer and drinks arrived.  


After assuring the perhaps overly attentive waiter everything was quite in order but they would take another moment to decide on entrees he looked back to Set, "So where were we?"

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