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Bad Beat (OOC)


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So he can pretty much find the Bad Beat easy enough, It isn't concealed. With that Streetwise roll, he can confirm what Fat Joe said: Its full of musicians and crooks and the police don't really touch it (at least, in any obvious way). 


CUrrent Events wont give much. The Bad Beat is out of the news. Vanity barely made the local press although you can find a short orbitury in a rag of choice. Feel free to narrate that (it is short though) and add in any details you think might be cool or resonate for John. The salient point is that she was a Jazz Singer, self taught, considered good, unmarried, no kids. 

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15 will unfortunately just miss. Post that IC!


In repsonse, the Burner will back off ten feet, and, well, burn...


Its an area attack (using the standard Flamethrower attack thing). 


Reflex DC 16 Save. If you make it, a Toughness 18 Save, if you dont make it a Toughness 21 Save. 



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Round 2


John Smith - Unharmed - 2 HP

The Burner - Unharmed 


The Blazing room is now officially a very hot environment which is unlikely to be a major problem. However, it will soon escalate into suffocation problems (smoke) as well as eventually, just damage from being in it. Also, smoke heat and sound are enough to make the main stage and whole of the Bad Beat aware of the problem imminently. 

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I'm going to attempt a disarm, because this flame thrower is way too dangerous and John needs to at least get rid of it. I'm not sure how this works, but I know it's an attack roll and John rolls +2 for Improved disarm, so;


18 a good start? Ignore that the link says 20, I added the Improved Disarm bonus wrong

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Ok so the Burner will activate rage and smash your face in. Or at least, try. Smashes JS: 1d20+6 9




Round 3


John Smith - Unharmed - 2 HP

The Burner - Unharmed, Rage activated (1 Rnd)


You shall start of facing the spectre of a Suffocation 0 attack (Fort DC 10 Save) from the smoke. 




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With the flamethrower out of the situation, John's going to bolt out to the club and try to get people to safety. He's prepared to go full Kool-Aid man if he has to and just blast through any doors that might be in his way. So if I need to roll any strength checks or attack rolls, let me know.


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Ok feel to kick down the door in one kick. You have some rusted fire escape stairs to climb up, carrying two gents under each arm. Feel free to narrate something about that like putting your fut through a hole, or the stairway creaking / collapsing, but John is strong enough to basically leap up out to street level accompanied by a theatrical bloom of smoke if you so wish!

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I guess you are holding your breath as per rules, but a Fort save might be needed (DC 15) if doing any lifting or the like. 


You may wish to rolll Medicine DC 10 to see the status of those crushed underfoot (not a precise diagnosis, but a triage). 

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