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Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away?

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6:50 pm February 25th, 2017
Earth-Prime Freedom City 


The arrival of an extra dimensional entity to earth prime was strange enough. Oh sure it happened, but it was rare for it to happen the way it had. An entire pirate ship sailing out of a shadow as the sun dropped below the horizon? It was odd to say the least. 


The black streak that had left the ship faster than most people could track? Concerning. 


The black streak raced through Freedom. Reports over the next few minutes began to come in. Crimes being stopped by a black specter of death. A bone hook hand and a terrible voice. A long black coat and a skull for his mask with the left eye blacked out. A speedster that bullets passed straight through as it stopped crimes in the slums of the city.


"Have ye seen someone like me, ye scurvy dogs?" Most crooks survived the encounters. Killers and the like? Many were left maimed at the least by slashes from the hook. 


All the while the sun sun began to set on this new ship in foreign waters. 

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"My head!" complained Flintlock clutching her head. "That's it! No more Rum! Lock it up and pretend to throw away the key, and don't tell me where that key is unless I ask for it!" she told Handsome Jack, the ugly ships mate of the Black Flag. 


"Aye aye" he grumbled. He was half dead serious. in that he was dead, but not serious. 


When another pirate ship flew past to Freedom City everyone of the crew raised their undead eyebrows, as did their captain, a certain Captain Flintlock. 


"Well I haven't seen that for a while" she proclaimed. "Did the rest of you see it too?"


Grumbles and mutterings of the Skeleton Crew indicated yes they had. And it it was a rather cool ship, they all thought. 


"Set sail to intercept!" commanded Captain Flintlock. "And let the storms be unleased!"


Silently, the Black Flag slipped through rolling waves and lashing rain, clouds forming above it and waters churning around it. Flintlock kept hand to the wheel, and pulled out her telescope to examine the...well...it was a pirate ship, it seemed. 


Its intentions were unclear, so she ordered Sweet Jennie to man the cannons of the Black Flag. "Yes Cap'n!" she said, her happiness at the thought of firing the great black iron guns a bit disconcerting. 


"Ahoy there!" shouted Flintlock as the Black Flag pulled up beside its quarry. 

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As the Black Flag pulled up to the ship Flintlock could see that the ship had the words "Brazos Del Mar" on the side of the ship in gold lettering.The ship's three masts were also peculliar in that they looked as though the trees were still alive, green leaves were above every sail. The crew, far more lively than that of the Black Flag, began to bring in the sails and bring up the flag, a kracken splitting a ship in two. The crew began to prepare for the storm that the Black Flag was bringing in as Flintlock saw a black streak depart the ship. She could hear the sound of cackling laughter as it went past. It went off across the water and into the city. 


"Ahoy thar" a voice shouted out as a green haired figure walked out onto the deck of the ship. the figure had a smooth face, and long sharp features. The ears were pointed and the green eyes brimmed with excitement. Even at this distance Flintlock could see that the man had a wooden arm, that seemed to move fairly naturally. A bright orange parrot perched on his shoulder as a  second figure joined him. This was a much more bookish man in a blue coat that looked far too clean to belong to a pirate worth his salt. The green haired druid shouted out and she saw the man beside him incanting. "Cap'n Flintlock! Ye have quite the reputation on me world. Ye've not been there since I been really sailin' but I heard o' ye. I be Cap'n Longwalker but me mates and enemies call me Druid." 


"Bawk!" The bird screamed "Cap'n Wood'in'hand more like!" The bird screeched eliciting a few chuckles from both crews. 


"In any case." The blue man said. "it would be most prudent for us to refrain from recruiting additional members for our expedition until Black Sunset returns."

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Hyperactive almost never got blindsided. The figure standing above him was this new speedster. The man had slammed him into a wall and knocked the wind from him. 


"Well Now matey, we finally be meetin'" the pirate said as he grabbed the skull mask and removed it. "Black Sunset." 


"Ah perfect." Hyperactive responded. This would do wonders for his rep. The face was scarred, and an eye was missing, but it was his face looking at him. "Hyperactive." 


"I be lookin' for ye since me mates and I arri'ed." The pirate said.


"How did you find me?" 


"Yer Alchemist squeals like a lily-livered pig. I need yer help, and yer Warriors are lazy lil' landlubbers." The pirate put his mask back on. "Me daughter's been taken."


Hyperactive nodded soberly and the speedster nodded. The two of them ran out of the city and out onto the water and onto the three masted ship lying in the harbor. 


The two two appeared on the deck of the Brazos Del Mar. Pírate Druid and well "pirate" Mystery Master. There was also another pirate ship with a woman and what looked like a literal skeleton crew. 

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Vladmir had found himself presented with a buisness class ticket from emerald cities airport to freedom cities airport and told that if he was to really prove himself as a hero he would have to cut his teeth in the mecca of capes, freedom city and so he had for the last few days been operating out of a comfortable but far from extravagent hotel room foiling a few low profile but high visability crimes as he had been reccomended to stick to, at least untill he came more fully into his abilities, after all it wouldn't help anyoine if he was, valiently as it may be, swatted aside by someone he wasn't truely a match for or far worse, lost control of his abilities under stress and escalated a disaster.


He'd been enjoying his morning coffee and a chat with a very attractive barrister when he'd felt the pitter patter of feet moving at impossible speeds through the fringes of his awareness of such things, cutting his convosation ever so slightly shorter than it would have otherwise been and finishing his coffee he wasted not a moment more, heading out of the building and into the nearest telephone box to get changed into the suit his brother had no doubt strained his good name to secure him.


He'd heard the news reports of course, about a new black streak of a speedometer running through  the city and maiming people as he passed, all of them criminals to be sure, but such violence was intolerable under the vigilante laws as he understood them and they needed to be stopped before things escalated into full on lynchings.


emerging into the streets in full costume after a few minuits of fumbling with the hardend plates he emerged and hopping on his Motorcycle sped towards the coast, the place where his quarry had first appeared from. he'd come up with some way to fight them when he got to that point.

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The storm at this point was beginning to pick up as Vladmir arrived at the docks. Two pirate ships were at what appeared to be a stand off. Neither was moored too far from shore, and he definitely could make out the new black speedster. What was perhaps more concerning was the entire crew of people. That and someone else in what 




The Druid meanwhile, poured out two glasses of rum. A crew mate had brought a bottle up and a table had been produced from elsewhere on the ship. The spell caster in blue, who had been amplifying his Cap'n's voice looked miserable as the storm began to pick up. Druid though, looked like he was enjoying the rain. 


"I be told ye enjoy a good hearty drink Cap'n Flintlock. I know it makes negotiatin' a bit smoother." The Druid said and took a large swig. "We be needin' help and there be booty involved." 


"Cap'n? Ye be seein' that there on the docks?" Black Sunset said pointing at Vladmir with his hook. 

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"Ye heard true enough, Sir" replied Captain Flintlock, gleefully imbuing the Rum. "Makes for sounder sleep, and the day more jolly" she explained, gleefully imbuing some more. No doubt, in a moment, she would have more. 


"I find that if I drink Rum in sufficient quantities, Sir, it procures all the effects of being drunk"


And so it was, she drunk some more. 


Just one drink

Maybe more

Three I'm under the table

Four I'm under the host


She sang in her head. It was potent and tasty Rum, for sure. 


"So, my friend. Quite the arm you have there. If I hadn't have seen it with my own eyes, I wooden have believed it! Harharhar!" she laughed, slapping her thigh. She noticed, on reflection, that she was indeed showing all the signs of being drunk. It was, she supposed, an effect of drinking Rum. 


Being drunk also kept away the madness. The horrible visions....


"What business does the Brazos del Mar have in these shores?" she inquired, blearily. 



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"Are ye familiar with the Ku'Mana Cap'n?" The Druid asked, refilling her glass. Hyperactive took a deep breath. When Flintlock appeared unmoved by the name, Druid continued. "Three thousand years Clan Ku'Mana been warring gainst the gods o' ol' Hawai'i. Via proxy course, me matey Black Sunset," He pointed at the speedster who bowed slightly. "be an Akala, the gods use 'em to fight the Ku'manas. Mighty nice to have 'round. Geneerally keep 'em gods from smitin' too hard. Well there be a nasty Ku'Mana called Red Sunrise, and he snatched me Mate Sunset's daughter."


"Our aim is quite simple. We have traversed the celestial sea to this location in order to obtain additional assistance in our expedition to recover Sunset's daughter." The man in blue said with a sigh. He gave Flintlock a pleading look to see if she could get the storm to stop. 


"Aye we be aimin' to send his ship and most his crew to Davy Jone's Locker, and send him back to that blasted death god Milu." Druid said and Black Sunset nodded gravely. "Course after we got the girl and keelhauled Red Sunrise, ye can have whatever booty he be cartin'." 

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"So that's why you went looking for our Warriors." Hyperactive said. "We've banished Aokuewa to the underworld twice on this world." He added. Black Sunset was right, these guys looked a lot tougher than they did on this world. Except for this world's Mystery Master, who seemed to be just as bookish, though that was fine for a wizard. "Does he have a crew and ship like y'all do?"


"He has a fleet." Mystery Master answered, he looked annoyed with the rain and growing storm. "A veritable flotilla manned by Night Marchers bound to his service. The problem is not the fleet, or Aokuewa, it is the combination of the two."


He had a daughter on this world. The thought had been bouncing around his head for a while now. He wondered what she was like. He had no idea how old she was on this world. Who was her mother? It was pretty amazing that these pirates would go to such lengths to save her. There was something admirable too about this version of the Warriors. They had each other's backs. His doppelganger had been willing to cross the multiverse to save his daughter, and the rest of the crew had come with. Hyperactive wished his Warriors would do the same. Maybe they would, he just had never been in a position to need that.

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Treasure is it? And Rum too! Sounds too good to miss!


"Ahh  well, consider Captain Flintlock and the Black Flag at yer service" she said, spitting on her hand and offering it up for a handshake. 


"'Tis a noble enough cause. Aye, I did me fair share of thieving in times gone. A rapscallion and a rogue. But kidnappin was always a bit too close too Slavery for my liking. Can't be deprivin' a man, or a woman, of his liberty. Never did sit right with me, even back in days when it seemed right to most" she explained. 


"And o' course if there is Rum and Gold to be had, I hardly need persuadin' me crew. They are loyal enough, 'tis true, but a bit of the old 'incentivisin' never did any harm. Lifts the spirits, so to speak"


"Anyways, how do we catch this vexatin' spirit of yours? Sounds a slippery devil, like an eel!"

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With a flash of movement the speedster on the deck of the ship disappeared from Vladmir's view. Then reappeared a few feet from his face. 


"Ahoy matey, can I be helpin' ye or do ye be wishin' to keep spyin'?" The speedster asked as the other person, who seemed to be from this world appeared in a blur beside him. 


"You look like you're good in a fight." The young man said before extending a hand. "Hyperactive, the Waco Streak. We can use all the help we can get."

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Tekton felt his muscles tense in panic and worse still his forearms begining to buzz like sawblades with instinctive fear from the sudden appearance of the speedster, though he hadn't been spying so much as parking his bike (suprisingly difficult in a docking area.) and pondering how he might yet cross the water to reach the boat when the stranger appeared from nowhere.


taking a deep breath he calmed himself down and reasserted control of his powers."You should not sneak up on people my friend...it is not an easy thing to know, how someone will react." he found himself second guessing what he had heard from the media, this man didn't seem to be unreasonable or violent...further investigation would be needed.


"that depends my friend...what exactly do you have in mind?"

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"Well, we were looking to get people who can help my friend get his daughter back." Hyperactive said letting his arm fall. "Look, I heard what he did on the news, I assume he's going to stay in his own world once all this is over."


"Aye matey I not be wishin' to stay any longer than I be havin' to." Black Sunset added. "This world be too soft for me likin'. Me place is on me Earth with me Privateers. So what say you laddie? Best way to see me gone is to help me and me mates."




Druid returned the shake before having a map laid out on the table. Seas that Cap'n Flintlock had seen before were spread out as she and the Cap'n worked on a third bottle of rum. Or it was Rum until the man in blue had made it not rum. It tasted like rum, it buzzed like rum, but Flintlock could taste the hint of magic. That, and she wasn't getting drunker, not to say that she was sober enough to follow the plan when the man in blue tried to explain.


"We be followin' the carnage, Sunrise always be leavin' a vast bloody swath of it behind. The Privateers with me Brazos Del Mar be fightin' off the whole of the enemy fleet. Ye and the Speedster be fightin' Ku'mana by taking him from behind." The druid said before taking a drink and cursing at his "Mystery Master" for messing with the Rum. The bird had clearly thought the last part of the plan was hilarious and proceed to skawk in glee at his master's turn of phrase. 

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“Ooh, look!” A small masked (and very excited) girl in dark blue was within earshot, though a scant instant earlier the space she was occupying was empty. She was pointing out to sea. “A pirate ship. Two pirate ships!” She was silent for a moment. “What? Oh, I’m Pacer. The stiff about to fall from the sky is my brother Stalwart. We’re twins.” She said that last bit as if it explained…everything.


That was when the advertised costumed teen literally fell out of the sky, landing as if he was simply stepping off a curb. “Pacer, you left me again. We’ve talked about this. We’re supposed to work together.”


Pacer glanced at her brother and shrugged. “Whatever.” Back to the other two she looked, tapping her foot impatiently. “CanIgetontheshipnow? Imgettingonthepirateshipnow.” Just like that, Pacer wasn’t there anymore.


Stalwart sighed. “I’m sorry if she was rude. Pacer, may the Lord bless her always, isn’t a very patient or cautious girl.” He extended his hand genially. “I go by Stalwart. Is there some way we can help?” He had noticed that one of the two bore a remarkable resemblance to the new (and ruthless) speedster in town, even if his sister hadn’t slowed down enough to care. “Or, failing that, get you to stop injuring people so badly. Even if they have made poor choices, they don’t deserve such punishment.”




On the Brazos Del Mar, Pacer had appeared as if from nowhere. “Ohmygoditsrealthisissoawesome!” She sounded (and if one didn’t look too closely, looked) like she was a little kid. And a boy, at that. She darted this way and that, touching precisely all the things. Even Druid’s green hair and the talking bird. She wasn’t dodging anyone trying to stop her, exactly. More like she was very fast and totally unaware she might be annoying the heck out of people. Finally, she stood still in the middle of the main deck. “C’monc’monlet’sdopirateythings!” She blinked rapidly. “I mean, not like pillage and plunder, but like Cap’n Jack in the movies.” A quick glance around revealed several persons who were less than overjoyed that she was there. Pacer had the grace to blush, a little embarrassed. “Yo ho ho? I’m Pacer. Here to help?” Just…silence. “Bad guy doing a bad thing? Needs to be punched a lot?” More awkward silence. “Umm…he’s a little fast, wears a lot of black, likes to maim?” Nope, nothing. Not a darn word. “Aaaand you’re totally the minions. Way to go, Pacer. You did it again.”

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Aboard the Brazos Del Mar, every gun was leveled at the now still Pacer. The pirate in the blue coat had a hand raised aiming blue magic energy at her. 


"Ahoy Pacer, ye seem a wee bit... younger than last we met." Druid said slowly sipping rum. "Now I be facin' a mighty fine conundrum. Do I be killin' ye before ye go double crossin' me in the future? Or simply take yer service now as payment for what ye stole?" Druid pointed at the wooden arm. 




"Ye really are soft in this world. Where I be from none be battin' an eye at me behavior. Seemed the straight quickest way to gettin' me daughter back." Black Sunset sighed. "Ye best be hopin' the cap'n don' keelhaul yer sister fer what she did. But we can be gettin' both of ye on board the Brazos. That way ye can be gettin' me out of yer world."





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Flintlock put the rum down carefully and slowly lent back, putting pirate boots on the table casually. 


"Before we light the black powder, lets be sure we need to fire the cannons" she said, equally slowly. The small girl - well, nearly every woman was a girl to Annabelle Flint - had appeared like a bolt of lightning and was no doubt as fast as one too. She had seen a few quicklings in her time. This young girl, Pacer she said her name was?....


....Well, looked like she had an impetuous and impulsive nature. Nothing bad about that. Leastways, as long as it was aimed in the right direction. Best not give her a musket, anyhows. 


"Or at least, we be firing them in the right direction" she added. 


"I don't think this little pixie is much harm, not intentionally anyway" she winked at the young one. "And not to us. I wouldn't throw away the offer of help. Not lightly" she said to the Druid, wondering what exactly the story of that wooden arm was. 


"I, for one, would prefer to catch your villain without me havin' to call up some slimy horror from Leng with too many tentacles and too many eyes. And seems to me someone that fast is going to be helpful with any catching!"

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Tekton hardly had time to react before the pirate speedster grabbed him up, but not by hand. The speedster ran a few laps around him and formed a whirlwind. Tekton felt the ground vanish beneath him and found himself suddenly appearing in the fairly tense stand off on the Brazos Del Mar


"Aye Cap'n Flintlock, this be Pacer." Druid said before motioning with his wooden hand for his crew to put the guns down and away. "With three Swifts on this mission we be searchin' the seas in ha'dly any time. But I be havin' both me Mystics watchin' ye." He said at Pacer. 


"Mystics be watchin' ye!" Squeaked the parrot. "Mystics be watchin' ye!" 


"Cap'n this be the one who was lurkin' on the docks." Black Sunset said before proceeding to clean his hook casually. 


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"By the sunken cities! 'tis getting crowded in here! Let us hope we don't run out of drink!"


Or gold, come to that!


Flintlock looked at the new entrant with cocked eyebrow, keeping her boots on the table and tapping her chair. Now, truth was, she could whip away her spirit through the ether and over sea and land to see what was what. But then, why use sorcery when it appeared that quicklings had been breeding on the shores of Freedom City. 


Nay, best to not use Sorcery unless it was needed. Although with strange pirates and stranger seas ahead, it would no doubt be needed. 


"Well this young man looks more like a knight than a rapscallion" she commented, eyeing Tekton's rather splendid (to her eye) armour. 


"As long as he don't sink in that get up, I'd be looking to press gang him into service. The knights of Freedom City are usually up for a bit of smiting the unrighteous". 


Sometimes Knights did the smiting a little too hard and a little too indiscriminately she noted, recalling the Spaniards in South America. Still, 'twas the 21st Century and Freedom City was a lot less raucous and unsavoury than it was. Mores the pity!


She bounced to her feet and gave an extravagant and slightly drunk flourish that was half bow and half courtesy and all flair. 


"Captain Flintlock of the Black Flag, at your service!" she said to Pacer and Tekton. 

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Pacer was completely baffled, and looked it. “Why would I steal your arm? That’s just weird.” Yes, the fact that Green Hair had met her future self didn’t even register properly. “What would I even do with it? I have both of mine. I don’t need three, usually.” Without warning, she was on the ship’s bowsprit. “I just don’t get it. Unless you were being evil.” And then she was right by the ship’s wheel. “But even then…waaaaaaaait.” It finally hit her, and in less than an instant she was back in the middle of the main deck. “You met future me? Was I cool? Did I have a boyfriend? Oh no, do I turn into a limb thief? I don’t wanna be a limb thief!” She looked like she was about to cry, but instead had like, the brightest of ideas. “I know! I’ll just try really hard to remember you and then not steal your arm!” She flashed Green Hair a smile and a (relatively) big thumbs up. “Deal? Oh, and I’ll help with what’s wrong now for free.” A shrug completed her proposal. “Can’t promise I won’t backstab you until I know you’re not evil, though.”


Stalwart shook his head, bemused at his sudden relocation. “Just when I get used to one speedy person, another one shows me something new.” He didn’t know who he was talking to, so he spoke to the green haired guy. He seemed to be the Captain. “I know she can be a pain in the neck, but we’ve known each other all our lives. There’s no way she’d ever steal an arm or double cross someone who didn’t try first.” He paused for a second, considering. “Still, you’ve lost an arm. The least I can do is apologize. Pacer, you too.” His sister rolled her eyes at him. There was zero chance she was going to apologize for something she hadn’t done yet. He shot a glance at the black clad speedster. “In our world, mercy and compassion aren’t considered weaknesses. In fact, they’re signs of strength. It’s far easier to be cruel and vicious than it is to hold back. But enough about that. It looks like we have work to do.”

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"Well we should probably go keep my pirate doppelgänger from maiming someone." Hyperactive said as he used the same whirlwind trick to lift up Stalwart. In a blur of movement the two found themselves aboard the Brazos Del Mar.


"Well now we have a proper army! Ha Ku'Mana an' his fleet o' spooks don' know what's comin'!" Druid said and let out a booming laugh. "Yo ho ho! Alrighty then ye scurvy dogs, let's be gettin' these landlubbers to a fight! Bring her about! We be off to go sink the Red Sunrise!" The crew leapt to action as Druid called out to them. He held his hand up, a green glow filling his eyes, and part of the ship extended away towards The Black Flag, a bridge made of the ship itself. "If ye and yer mates would be so kind as to be followin' us Cap'n Flintlock we can be catchin' that flea bitin' dog Ku'Mana!" 

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"Aye Matey, it be a mighty fine show o' strength. I just be a bit rusty not killin'. To leave a man alive where we be from, well if he don' join ye he's likely not to stop 'till ye be in Davy Jone's Locker. If I can end a fight wi'out swingin' I be glad to leave a man alive." The speedster replied without even pausing with the hook. He did look at Pacer. "Ye got me swallowed whole by a wereshark. I'll take yer help wit' findin' me daughter fair an' honest recompense fer that, Aye?" 


"To be fair captain, those creatures were adept shape shifters." Mystery Master said before holding his hands up. The mist began to swirl around both ships as blue lightning began to arc about the ship. "We will be ready to sail home promptly Captain Druid." 

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"All aboard then!" cried Captain Flintlock, striding onto her ominous ship. It was, on the one hand, wood and iron. On the other hand, it was riddled with sorcery, able to traverse weird and terrible seas from beyond. 


And its crew were undead. 


"Handsome Jack! Up the sails, loosen the ropes, Gibber the ratchets!!"


"Aye Aye, Captain, whatev' that means!" smiled Handsome Jack. Even for a rotting zombie, he was particularly ugly. 


"Sweet Jennie! Polish the Cannons and make dry the powder!"


"They are always be polished. Shut you mouth-trap-holen!" yelled the foul tempered Jennie from below in a curt Swedish accent. 


To her new guests, Captain Flintlock gave a bow and wave of her hat. "Welcome aboard, quicklings and queerfolk of Freedom City! Consider the Black Flag your home!" she smiled, and with a brush of her hand across the wheel, calmed the dark storms around the Black Flag. 'Twas all very well and dramatic to have them, but she didn't want her guests heaving their guts overboard - or worse, on deck. 



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As the heroes left the ship the crew of the Brazos Del Mar brought her around hard Starboard and sailed into what was an unusually dark shadow. The Flag followed close behind as both ships found themselves in the sea between the worlds. The roiling sorcery and strange matter swirled around them for a few moments before both ships appeared in an empty stretch of ocean. Anyone familiar with the magics would realize that neither ship had moved, but the shores of any land were nowhere to be seen. 


Black Sunset appeared on the deck of the Black Flag holding three short tubes. He passed one to Hyperactive and with a sigh one to Pacer. 


"We be close to where last we be seein' Red Sunrise. It shouldn' be hard to find his carnage. He leaves a mark, a sun painted in the blood of the crew on the deck. We be findin' one we can be followin' that trail right to 'im and me daughter. If ye find a ship fire a flare and run back, that way we can be gettin' a headin' to follow." He turned to leave. "Aye an' if ye see ships wit' black flags, red suns, and skulls. That be him." Sunset said before racing ahead of the ship to start looking that way.

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"Jack, you have the wheel, you handsome devil!"


Handsome Jack gladly took the wheel of the Black Flag and kept her course true. The Skeleton Crew were an able enough lot, but Handsome Jack had, in life and now in death, been an expert seaman, well able to pilot the ship. 


"Red suns and skulls then. The ocean be vast, but if Sunrise is the name, I'm guessing due East. Leastways, it would be poetic!"


She hopped into a hammock and closed her eyes, going quite still. Her spirit left her body, and o'er the ocean flew, unseen and ethereal. Ah! Such bountiful freedom in this form, even if it was an insidiously maddening pressure from dimensions beyond. She could feel it in her heart. Best not to dwell to long in this state, before she was lost in Leng or other unknown realms. 


Her astral form flew beyond speed, across the glistening oceans, searching for the Red Sunrise...

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Cap'n Flintlock covered vast amounts of mostly empty ocean. She saw glistening cities of Atlantis far nearer and shallower than she was used to. She also passed by dozens of ships, though none seemed to fit the description of her quarry. The glance of ancient gods grew more intense, yet it also seemed some other spirit of the deep was being, helpful? It was interposing itself between some of the more malicious beings of Leng. One of those Hawaiian gods that the other Cap'n was talking about maybe. 


"I guess I'm going west then." Hyperactive shrugged before taking off onto the sea. He ran down the ship and raced out over the sea. He saw a few ships, but all of them manned. None of them looked to be ghost ships in either sense of the word. He searched a few thousand miles out to sea in the westward direction. He eventually turned and ran back to the Black Flag and vibrated his body to dry his now soggy uniform. He glanced at Tekton and Stalwart who he had just blasted with sea water. "Sorry about that. I didn't see anything. I can search further but I didn't want to get out past where the flares will work. 

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