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Adventures in SPAAACE


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As many know, when Guardians of the Galaxy came out we sought to develop more of the outer space setting for the site, launching a major, mostly space focused event and seeking to encourage space based characters.  While there have continued to be space based threads since, this part of the site has not been as big of a focus as it could have been. 

The Ref team and guides have recently identified parts of the setting that are in need of some additional support to help get going to a point that they can be more self-sustaining (such as the core Freedom City generally is), with Refs and guides volunteering to provide extra focus on specific areas. 

Gizmo and I are the Refs that have chosen Space as our focus, and are committing to running at least one thread per month set in Space.  Electra will be helping update Guidebook pages for relevant characters, places and events in Space, and to be another source of answers to any questions regarding details of the site’s Space setting (and particularly how it might differ from what is in the Green Ronin books). 

To that end, we are looking for interest from players for the following:


1)  “Guest Stars”: We will be providing opportunities for Earth-Based PCs to have adventures in space and meet some of the space-based PCs.  This is made easier thanks to the wormhole left at the edge of Earth’s solar system after the Incursion event.  If you have a character you’d like to see have an adventure in space or have ideas about that story, let us know here! 

Along these lines, we are currently planning on having PCs associated with the Freedom League rotating as representatives of the League and Earth on CoVic Station, the hub location for space adventures (and also near a wormhole connected to the one in Earth’s solar system).  If you’re a player with such a character and have any thoughts on that, feel free to pipe up!


2)  Space based characters:  Increased activity for space-based adventures means increased support for space-based characters!  If you’re considering making a space-based PC, here are some possible avenues to pursue: 

  • The Praetorians  The Praetorians are always looking for new - or “old” - members.  This is a good option for newer players in particular as being part of an existing team will make it easier to find threads to be involved with.    
  • The Praetorians have been one of my main projects in the last two years and are a combination of the Legion of Superheroes and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.  They are generally a more traditional superhero team, just set in space… and primarily filled with aliens as opposed to humans!


  • Star Knights:  After suffering heavy losses during the Incursion event, the Star Knights have been recruiting.  While there are already Star Knights assigned to Earth there are plenty of alien systems that could use an armored hero!  This is a good option for players who want a ready-made concept with strong ties to the setting.


  • The Voidrunners and the Eclipse crew  These two starship crews of roguish heroes are comparable to the Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars bounty hunters.  While they may not be looking for new members a run-in with either group would be a good way to introduce a new space-based PC.


  • Form a new team or crew:  Space is big!  There is a lot of room in space for new teams to be formed if a group of players making new space heroes wanted to create one of their own.  This could be a starship crew or a group of heroes from an interstellar culture like the Lor Republic, Khanate worlds or Grue individuality.


  • Independent Space hero:  Of course, not everyone needs to be part of a team!  This may be an especially good option for a more powerful, cosmic character in the vein of the Silver Surfer or Nova Prime.  One of our goals is to provide opportunities for that sort of higher PL play if there are players interested in it!


So, let us know what may be of interest and what questions you might have!

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