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Green State Energy(OOC)


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@Avenger Assembled @Curious Key


Okay so a bit of a choice: ruling that both Warp and Citizen can detect the bomb. Citizen because he has more supervisions than God Himself and Warp because she can sense the forces of entropy, and the bomb happens to contain trace bits of Terminus(well, Steelgrave) tech. 


But if Citizen takes a moment to pinpoint the thing, that would take his attention off the passel of powered thugs just long enough for something to go wrong. If Warp homes in on it, her very presence frays the thing's wires and puts both her and everything else around in peril. Except for Citizen, he'd be fine.

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Hmmm, Warp already posed it as a choice to Citizen. This is his turf, he's the more established hero and he probably knows more about the situation. I'm gonna stand by my last post and say she'll let him make the call.


One thing that Sharl is likely to know, cause of his Well-Informed, is that Warp pretty much exploded once when her powers got out of control. That may inform his decision.

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