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A Friendly Game [Open] (OOC)


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This is the ooc thread for the main thread.  Here, we'll have the rules of the football game.  The below are just my ideas.  If anyone has a better way to simulate a game of flag football, then by all means let us know.  I want to keep things as simple as possible, though.


For the most part, I figure we use attack rolls vs receiver's Defense for passes and tackle attempts.

We use acrobatics or defense as the DC to avoid tackles.


To catch a throw, characters use maybe melee attack rolls against DC 20 with a +/- 5 bonus based on the throw results. If the throw was +/-4 of the receiver's Defense, then the catch gets no adjustment.  If the throw roll was +5 or more over the receiver's Defense, then the catch gains a +5 bonus.  If the throw was off by 5 or more, then the catch attempt gets a -5 penalty.  Throws that fail by 10 or more are uncatchable.


Interceptions can occur if the character has any interrupt type abilities, i.e. interpose.  They can then make an opposed catch attempt with a reverse +/-5 bonus.  Winner catches the ball.


For example:

The QB throws to the receiver.  Rolls a total of 18 to hit the receiver's 14 Defense.

the receiver must then roll 1d20+0 vs DC 20 


The Qb rolls a total of 24 to hit the same receiver, then the receiver must roll 1d20+5 vs DC 20


The QB rolls a total of 7, then the receiver must roll 1d20-5 vs DC 20

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2 hours ago, Heritage said:

So for deflags would those count as Unarmed attacks and throws as Ranged attacks?


Loving this thread idea, by the way :D

Yes. The tackles would use unarmed attacks mostly.  If you have powers that could actually remove a flag without harming player or destroying the flag, those could work as well.  Throws would be ranged attacks. Usable powers apply here as well.

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