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Claremont Academy

January 3, 2017

Noon, EST

Sunny, 45 degrees...


An Orange colored tent was up with snow embankements around it, forming a snow-fort around the international orange bubble supported by pressurized ribs in a hexagonal pattern. But this was an experiment. A project that Claremont's resident Senior super-genius was doing. She was testing how this portable habitat could work out for terrestrial research efforts in the Antarctic. She had considered installing floats on the bottom for Arctic Ocean research, but she wanted to start off with baby steps. Although with the way the snow outside was melting from the recent snowstorm... it might be a considered an option.


She did consider that the market for deployable consumer-grade tents with enough creature comforts to make even the most urban outdoors enthusiast happy could be an untapped market in general. A couple panels were peeled back revealing clear plastic membrane windows, as well as generous solar panel blankets anchored into the snow drifts facing south in the open field, the winter sun of the day filtering through clouds being kicked up by a near-miss of a Nor'easter heading for the Grand Banks.


Sakurako was inside, sipping on a hot cocoa, looking up some information online with her laptop, otherwise spartan arrangements were set up inside: a collapsible table, a pink inflatable chair that she was sitting on, an inflatable couch, and what looked like an electric stove. She would have been proud of installing a portable restroom, but that would create a logistical nightmare for the school. So she's had to resign herself to the fact she'd have to return to civilization periodically to take care of herself. The tent itself was providing heat, and even had a shower stall, using heated melt-water as a water supply, something Sakurako enjoyed shoveling to try to get her willowy frame stronger. She'd have to be once AEGIS calls her in to start the real training soon...


That was beside the point, a new Hero she ran into, a gentleman by the name of Hammer wanted some help, some advice in terms of securing his identity and place online. And she was happy to help. She looked at her smart phone for the time. "Well, this isn't a formal business meeting, so being late is expected... particularly if he's beaten up some bad guys or is doing a rescue or something. The greater good comes first."


She looked over to the airlock-like doorway, awaiting a ring of the doorbell attached outside. "Added a few upgrades from the simpler model at the storm party a couple weeks ago... Now the cold air'll stay where it belongs... outside." She said, activating some firewalls with the type of encryption that would make the NSA Jealous... and paranoid.

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Kwame looked down at the map on his phone once again as he tried to get his bearings.  It was Kwame's first time to the campus and he was unsure of where to go once he got there.  the trip to the campus had taken more time than he would have liked.    Now where am I supposed to go?  She said to get to Claremont Academy and look for the orange structure.  Hmm, could it be that tent?


Kwame moved over to the large tent and took a moment to study it's construction.  The color was obviously to help it stand out in the snow.  The embankments were probably placed to keep the structure from being blown away from strong winds.  He wondered how the embankment would be placed though.  Does this thing have snowblower or something?  If not, building those embankments is going to take a very long time. Ah, here's a doorbell.


Kwame moved forward and pushed the small bell, waiting for someone to answer.

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The first door unseals. Directions were on the inside on how to seal it back up when stepping in. "Just walk in, close that flap up like the directions, then I'll let you in. Keeps the warm air in, and the cold air out." She says through a speaker. "The seal is magnetic, it turns off when I opened it, once you step inside and set up the fastener on the top of the door the rest is done magnetically."


Sakurako stands up, walking over to the inner door, looking through a clear plastic window as Hammer walked in, ducking slightly, hooking up the fastener as Sakurako directed, and just as Sakurako said the door closed up nice and tight. She then opened her door. "Welcome to my little science project, Hammer."


She smiled, wearing what looked like a comfortable sweater and pajama pants. "I've been doing my extension courses through telecommuting while I test the function of this portable habitat." She said, and once Hammer stepped through closing the door up with a zipper behind him.


She sits at her seat. "Sit down on the couch... take a load off."


Hammer notices the cocoa machine prepping another mug next to the couch, miniature marshmallows were sitting next to the little machine. "Feel free to grab some hot cocoa while we're here. This isn't an expedition, so creature comforts are in play. I'm just checking the output of that solar panel outside."

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Kwame nodded his understanding as he enter the complex.  He was amazed how seamlessly it all worked.  When she offered a seat on the couch, he took it.  He placed his bag on the floor at his feet before reaching over to take a cup of hot cocoa.  He added four miniature marshmallows to the hot brew.  


"Please, call me Kwame.  I'm still not that comfortable using Hammer outside of the ring."  He looked around the room, amazed at how warm the area was.  "This is some place you've got here.  It still amazes me that you're able to come up with all of these ideas and designs."


Kwame took a sip of the hot cocoa and smiled.  "This is pretty good, even better than what my Grandma used to make.  Have you ever considered selling it?  I'm sure you could make a decent amount of money from it. Of course," he said as he looked around once more, "I'm sure you don't need the extra cash.  From what you said the other day, I guess you're pretty wealthy."

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"I end up burning about 80% of my allowance on charities, and 10% on resources for my projects. That puts the last 10% for taking care of my personal needs. I'm not "rich" just yet. Not getting the full benefit of my parent's trust fund and the cash from my patents till I hit 18. Which is in a few days."


She takes a sip from her cocoa. "Not that I'll have time to enjoy it."


"Once I graduate I got a lot on my plate."


She starts setting up her laptop. "But that's later, right now, there is the matter of your profile, yes? Any starting questions before we begin?"

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Kwame nodded his head.  "Okay.  I guess the first question I have is how do I keep fans aware of my activities, both heroic and UWL related all at once?  I would hate to have to make three or four posts to reach people.  I would like to update one area and then have that update everywhere else.  Oh, and is it possible to set that type of system up where I could automatically split the information?  Let's say, I only want to update the heroic side of things and not bother the wrestling side. Would I be able to do it that?"


Kwame rubbed his chin in thought for a moment before continuing.  "I guess, I'm also looking for a way to reach other heroes as well.  I'm new in town and would like to meet some of the heroes in town.  At least let them see me and know that I'm a hero as well, so that no one mistakes me for a big bad.  That would be pretty embarrassing! That actually happened once in my early career.  I was playing a villain in the ring but in real life, I was trying to help people.  It caused a lot of confusion."


He stops rambling and blinked.  "Oh, sorry about that.  I didn't mean to waste your time talking about unrelated items.  I think that's about it though.  Unless you can suggest any other things I should do."

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"Well doesn't the UWL have it's own social media team that can set up your wrestling related activity feed? We can gloss over your wrestling career info if so. I know for your heroic activities I recommended HeroHouse for getting in contact with the fans you'll invariably get, while TroubAlert can function as a means to hear what is going on, particularly any alerts."


She adjusted her sweater. "HeroHouse is a decent networking site compared to TroubAlert which is more a activity network. As I got a USNet account access is free, but if that's not your ISP or smartphone provider you'll have to pay a small fee every month. It's a reasonable cost. And once you're established you'll have access to the FCPD feed, so if there's any incidents you'll get notifications."


"I don't have that just yet... then again being a scientist I use a combination of HeroHouse to network with the hero community, and use other networks to speak with colleagues in the scientific community."


She crossed her legs, scrunched up in her chair. "Shouldn't be too difficult setting up your HH and TA accounts. And using the RSS feeds from them I came up with a assistant app that you can install on your phone to keep track of both. It's interface looks like Twitter, keeping your updates in one place so you don't have to log into multiple clients."


She taps the arm of her chair, drumming it lightly. "Thing is what will really start raising your "stock" in the hero community and in the local area is actually being a hero in the first place. Reputation brings Results... that's what my mentor who knew a few things about PR says ad-nauseum."


Sakurako did her best to try to deflect the attention that Claremont had a full training academy for future heroes under their very feet.

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Kwame listened to Sakurako very carefully.  He nodded his head as he took mental notes of the usage of both systems.  "Okay.  So, HeroHouse is used to keep in touch with fans, while TroubAlert is used to keep an eye on events that may need my involvement.  Got it.  I think the UWL does have a system in place.  I could of course use my old system for when I was a part of the PCW,  but I'll look into it."


Kwame sets his now empty cup down and clasped his hands before him.  "Since you brought it up, I did have a few other items I wanted to go over with you.  The first is fairly simple.  You mentioned it the other day about my costume.  I really don't have pockets so it's going to be a little difficult to keep a phone on me.  The other problem is I doubt any old phone case is going to be enough to protect my device if I'm in a fight.  The costume at least is made of some kind of special material to help it withstand to the rigors of fights between metahumans."  Kwame gestures to encompass the highly advance technology around them. "Where can a starting hero who isn't a genius, get their hands on some durable equipment?"


Kwame held up two fingers as he continued.  "The second point concerns the building of my reputation.  I've always thought it would be a good idea to get to know the people you may be working with.  I've got an idea on how to introduce myself to other heroes in the city but how do I learn about the possible threats that could be lurking about?  Is there some kind of database I can get access to that I could use to study up on?  I would hate to go out into the streets and try taking out someone I'm completely outclassed by.  I mean I could probably take Gargoyle but if Warp or Grimalkin were villains, I wouldn't stand a chance against them.  I like to know my opponents before I engage them and would hate to go out there clueless.  That's how people get hurt.  It's been that way in the ring and I suspect it's the same for the heroes."

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  • 1 month later...

After receiving the information from Sakurako on the best place to get equipment strong enough for heroes as well as a good database for learning about the various heroes and villains of Freedom City, Kwame stood up.  "Thanks for all your help today.  I hope I didn't take up too much of your time.  I'll be putting these new skills to use right away.  Once I have time, I'll look into the Super Museum and the Historical Museum.  It's been a while since I actually went to a museum, so it should be fun."


He held out his hand to the young hero.  "If you ever need some help, give me a call.  I hope to see you again soon."


With his goodbye given and armed with the information he was after, he turned and walked out of the tent.

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