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The Dog Park Will Not Harm You [OOC]


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Well, these are very much not woods. And yet, they are. The bushes are more wild than the groomed things Riley expects from Earth-Prime, but they're stacked in clear formations with clean breaks, very much unlike any wood he's ever seen. Some of the bushes have thorns and berries. As for the ground itself, it looks like it's seen a lot of foot traffic. Some of the surviving footprints have that semi-hard imprint at the ball of the foot that would imply running, and quite fast. 

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Can the dogs track? They can!


They have Tracking (Olfactory) and Survival +10; without current pressure or combat, I'll just have them take 10.


Two of them aid the third - a check of 20 on the aids means a +3 each to the leader (assuming the GM rules they can apply that bonus!), for a max check of 26 for the lead dog making the actual Survival tracking check. They intend to find the freshest scent for the hunted, and try to follow that.


Grim pulls out two more dogs (which brings him up to his max of 5), largely for personal and group protection. 

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Okay! My keyboard is kerfracked (to the point my question marks come out as É), so I`m going to do a proper IC post at home; for now, though.


Crow will deploy a Smoke Bomb (Obscure 2 (visual, 10' radius; Feats: Independent) [4EP]) into the middle of the dogs, and promptly vanish up into the tree boughs - with intent to force the dogs to scatter or get caught by surprise by our attacks.


Dance, puppets, dance!

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