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Everything is Illegal Here!(OOC)


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So first round order is:


Emerald Spider: Unharmed, 1HP

Kittens Group 2(x8): Unharmed-GM

Kittens Group 1(x8): Unharmed-GM

Sha'ir the Spellsmith: Unharmed, 4HP


Salmon uses Knowledge(Streetwise) and Notice to try and track The Faster Pussycat as she races theough the streets. DC20 for the Knowledge and 10 for the Notice. Knowledge, 21, Notice, 20. What a way to get a natch score.


Anyway, Emerald Spider is up.

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That hits. DC22 Toughness: 14. One down. Next, 16, two down. Next, 10, three down. Next, 17, four down. Next, 14, five down. Next, 15, six down. Next, 11, seven down. Next, 15, eight down. 


Well that's group 2 down.


Group 1 takes action. Half fires on Spider, half on Sha'ir. Two hits on Spider. Two DC20 TOU saves. No hits on Sha'ir.


The Spellsmith's move. 


Meanwhile, having found where The Faster Pussycat is hiding, Salmon starts heading back. Fiating he is suddenly nailed by the spider mystic from earlier, who hits him with something that knocks him out and gives off the magical equivalent of a flare to Sha'ir's mage sight.

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Okay then!


Move Action: Move closer

Free Action: Configure Variable to add Area (Burst) onto the Damage effect, as many ranks as are necessary to hit all the kittens. (15 PP should be able to do that, right? Otherwise as many as possible)

Standard Action:

Damage 3 (Extras: Ranged, Autofire (10); Feats: Variable Descriptor 2, Accurate 1, Homing, Precise) [Applied to Damage Power] [22/26PP]

For a total of Damage 10, with the Area added from above, let's go with a Bludgeoning Descriptor in case that matters. Area set up in such a way it hits as many kittens as possible


Free Action: Extra Effort to Surge, pay the HP immediately

Standard Action:

 Teleport 7 (Extras: Accurate, Portal; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity; Progression 3 (Size); Flaws: Action (Standard to Open(-2))) [26/26PP]

One exit close to the Spider, the other in the sky above the magical flare that just went off.


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The Kittens can only make a DC25 Toughness save on a natural 20. So I'm ruling they fail that.


Assuming both go through they find Salmon unconscious and infected by the mystic's power. He's suffering from Exhaustion, Nauseated and Sickened.


Worryingly, there is no other sign of the mystic.

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Ruling nobody has the info needed to answer that very reasonable and pertinent question.


Initiative rolls for Emerald Spider and Salmon coming into the warehouse, as they are very opportunely interrupting Jade Spider in his murder attempt.

Jade Spider: 22

Salmon: 6

Faster Pussycat: Unconscious


Olopi, the warehouse is  200 square feet in a rectangle, surrounded at a distance of thirty feet by a three-sided chain-link fence topped with barbed wire that opens onto the Columbia and Red Rivers. There are entrances on all four sides.


Tiff, the ceiling of the warehouse is criss-crossed with a spiderweb of rusting beams, and the floor is covered in a slick uneven pool of ill-smelling water. In a relatively-dry corner is a pile of computer equipment, all of it turned on. The head-height windows are all boarded up, but the windows below the eaves are open to let in floods of pale sunlight.


Jade Spider is standing over Faster Pussycat in the middle of the floor, the supervillainess is unconscious.


Emerald Spider and Salmon get a surprise round. 

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That hits, and 16 means Jade Spider is Entangled, but not Bound. So -2 to checks and loss of Dodge Bonus until/unless they're freed.



Salmon Attacks: 24, hits. DC19 Toughness save: 5. Staggered and Dazed.


Surprise round over.


Emerald Spider: Unharmed, 2HP

Salmon: Unharmed, 2HP

Jade Spider: Staggered, Dazed-GM


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Joshua, Mary and Joseph.


Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima maxima culpa.


Salmon attacks, again! Power-Attacking +5 DMG -5 ATK, All-Out Attacking +5 ATK -5 DEF. which leaves him at +2 to Defence this round. Attack roll: 16, miss. Using a HP to reroll: 11, +10 from reroll makes it a 21, hits. DC27 Toughness save.


 Jade Spider's save: 4. Knocked out, combat over.


Emerald Spider gets a Hero Point for securing the safety of their enemy.


Olopi, please make a DC25 Notice check and a DC20 Will save. Also, just so you know, that barrier will come in handy in a moment, so don,t dispell it just yet.



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Somebody was trying to search Hakim's mind, but he caught on and mustered his mental defences in time. 


He catches sight of a red something vanishing into the sky in a corona of fire, tasting a jet of surprise and frustrated anger before the attempted link is severed. 

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Hm, as I never statted up the cage, would you be opposed to me saying it's continous, and then switch the VP to something that allows Hakim to give chase?

I'm thinking simple Flight, while I can think of a lot of cooler (and better) ways of giving chase, Hakim doesn't have the experience to think like that  :P

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