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Emerald City Poll: SW vs. NW


Emerald City North or South?  

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  1. 1. Should it be

    • North, keep it simple
    • South, branch out some

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I think we've seen that superpowers are more concentrated the colder the climate is. Africa, central America? Barely any superheroes. Northern Europe? You get Vanguard and Fenris. America has its super-city north of the Mason-Dixon, and the greatest concentration of superheroes on the planet is New Freedom, in Antarctica. It's only logical that the city be in the Pacific Northwest.

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Very true. And also in Antarctica is Niflheim, stronghold of Overshadow, whose millions of clones are each potentially a superhuman as well. Not to mention the Ice People and the it's a black site super-prison get serious also on that continent.

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Seeing as this has been four days and the votes are unanimous, I will ask for the thread to be Archived later today.


So it is decided, this Emerald City will be in the same general area as in the book. As for geography, the only suitable place fitting its layout is the Columbia River delta in Oregon, which means the existing city of Astoria will be displaced by it.


The Atlas Mountains and Mt. Stanley are a little trickier, but Apparating some mountains into existence is easy enough, and not out of place that close to the Rockies.

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