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16th April 2016

Freedom City


The Bum Note Jazz Club. 


The Bum Note Jazz club was cheap and smoky. The wood was stained from booze, cigars, and stains of a less clear, and probably unsavoury nature. But wood it had, and charm too. And slow, drunken, low Jazz, full of brass and thick bass strings, peppered with snappy off beat snares and smooth strange time signatures. 


Horny Dick was smoking and tapping his hand to the peculiar and slick Jazz trio on stage. Horny Dick had been a top trumpet player and dirty rotten scoundrel back in the 70s. 


Today, Horny Dick had a busted lip, a Jazz Club that usually broke even, and was a dirty rotten scoundrel. 


The Bum Note played on. It had a few criminals. A few politicians. There was probably even a few people who were not both. 


And today, it had a dark haired lady in a red cut off top that was far too small, and red flared trousers that were far too flared, and red platforms that were just about right. Her smoking eyes swam from right to left, and left to right. 


For today, two superheroes would enter the Bum Note. 

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E-mails. At one time Torpedo Lass found them highly clever and useful, until a recent spate of spam on her heroic guise's e-mail. At first she thought there was a glitch in security, which she expected as these egg-heads who set up her e-mail were over her head like she was on the bottom of the marianas trench in terms of things like firewalls and what-not. She did try a little to seperate her life as Freedom City's Seaworthy Sentinel and the life of Mary Masters, VA Veteran's Outreach caseworker.


But it seemed today someone was in deep. Cryptic e-mails leading here... the Bum Note. Frequent enough for her to consider it a distress signal. And it wasn't a sailor's place to just leave someone behind. A place Torpedo Lass as Mary Masters had frequented as they still played familiar tunes from the early 1940s from time to time. That and the more later Jazz tunes were quite impressive to her ears. It was a sliver of her past still important to her... so, putting on her suit, vest, goggles, and grabbing her favorite peacoat she headed off, but when she arrived she saw the custodian of the establishment's lips look like a inflated life raft and some woman transplanted from the 1970s hanging about.

Flares... She hated those as part of her uniform... in the 40s or the early 00s.


Torpedo Lass walked up to the bar, her goggles up, as she takes a stool. She lifts a hand to the bartender. "Something smooth, I got a patrol later." She said. "What happened to Jack? He looks like someone took the stompers to him."


Mary still used talk more fitting of the 1940s from time to time. Her term "Stompers" referring to shoes. "He'd better get some ice on there."


No matter who Horny Jack was in the past... she didn't like seeing someone hurt. Even if he deserved it possibly. She knew to keep careful around him. It was the e-mails that were disturbing her calm... but she figured she could get some answers here. She took her peacoat off, revealing her unique costume as she sets it at her feet. She wasn't too worried, all her personal effects were in the pockets on her red vest.

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Bonfire was incredibly active on social media, posting crime fighting reports, selfies, and Q&As fairly often. Fanmail was pretty common too, and the occasional anonymous tip was something he’d gotten used to nowadays. Nine out of ten turned out to be nothing, but the chance was always there, so checking them out was always necessary. But, on this lovely Saturday, the tip had not come from anonymous fanmail. Instead, on Friday, he had gotten a call from his friend Bonnie. She had quite a few connections, and occasionally sent some more suspicious sounding things on to Bonfire. Apparently she had gotten an anonymous message, to meet somebody in a small bar. A jazz club even. Right up Bonfire’s alley!


Well, he was always up to investigating whatever Bonnie sent him, most of it turned out to lead to bigger things. And considering it was a Jazz Club? He was actually fairly excited for what could possibly come from this. Maybe it’d be dangerous, but hey, he’d atleast have a good reason to spend money and go to a Jazz Club.


And then it started raining. Well great. It wasn’t terrible, but it certainly worsened Bonfire’s mood a bit. Also meant he had to take the bus again. Public Transport, truly a method fit of a hero like him. And so, he left his apartment bringing along his messenger bag, he might need it for this job. It was a Saturday, so going out and not getting home until late wasn’t really suspicious. And off he was, to wait for the bus he had just missed by a few seconds. Well great.


And not too long later, a man entered the Bum Note. He probably wouldn’t have drawn too much attention, if it wasn’t for the fact his head wasn’t there. It had effortlessly combined with the smoke in the room, making Bonfire’s usual “costume” look a bit silly. He wore a plain black raincoat, and some rather eccentric cyan pants.


Immediately, Cass was greeted with the smell of smoke. He’d not been too big a fan of it before, but ever since Bonfire, he’d grown to enjoy it. Still didn’t beat the smell of burning pinecones, but it wasn't all that bad. He hadn’t gotten any information beyond “Walk inside”, so after taking a quick look around the club, he moved up to order a drink, while enjoying the sight and sound of the musicians on stage. Certainly his looks would attract whatever was waiting for him here. 


“Hey. I’ll take the most flammable, not too expensive drink you have in stock.”




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Torpedo Lass looked over the newcomer. He was completely, and totally headless.


Something told her on visual he might be part of things. "Hey, you've been gettin' bothered lately by some extremely chirpy person or you the one sending out the smoke signals? Umm... not literally... no disrespect, bub." She said with a blushing smile. With how she looked she might get carded. She was healthy looking for a woman in her mid-twenties... although if you added the years she's missed she should be in her 80s!


She leaned on the bar. "Torpedo Lass. Just a seaworthy sort lookin' about figurin' out something odd. You?"

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The bartender had an eyepatch and not a hair on his head. He was dark of skin and dark of mood. Gold teeth glinted in the dark when he grinned, which seemed to be a grin of mirth and malice at the same time. 


The bartender was called gripper. He seemed to grip the bottles too tightly. One could imagine he was thinking of a neck when he did so. He probably gripped necks too tightly as well. Or, depending on your perspective, he gripped them tightly enough. 


"Satan's Wind, coming up, Ginger boy" he replied to Bonfire, tossing him a mad concoction of ghastly flavours that somehow induced a masochistic pleasure on the tongue. And might possibly set your tongue alight. It was red and purple, and had a blue flame on top. 


The Red Lady gave smoky eyes at the pair, slinking a pose that was serpentine and seductive, a moment in the air of engimatic looks....

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As Bonfire approached the Bar, he quickly spotted Torpedo Lass, also not quite fitting in. She also didn’t try to hide the fact she was a super. That certainly made things easier. Bonfire took a closer look at her costume, and when she started talking began listening. He thanked the barkeep, and started drinking, just tipping the glass at where his head would be. Nice and warm, this was exactly what he needed on a day like this.


“Well, I was told to go here, so I guess we’re involved in the same thing, whatever it may be.”


He sat down next to the fellow super, and introduced himself. Well, she certainly had a different power-set from how she described herself.  The band was right in between songs, so talking was a lot easier than it would be in just a few seconds.


“Name’s Bonfire. Freedom’s HOTTEST newcomer, If my opinion on it counts. I’m not sure why I’m here yet, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? Pleased to make your acquaintance. Now, I guess we wait for something to happen, probably sooner rather than later.”


He managed to catch the lady looking at them, and turned back to Lass.


“Well, there you go, I think she’s involved with it too. Or maybe she’s just curious what two people with fancy outfits are doing in a place like this. I’d bet money on the former, but I gotta watch my expenses. So do we approach her or wait for her to do it?”


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They did not need wait, for the Woman walked towards them, hips swaying, platforms sliding, and eyes locked. 


"Hello handsome" she purred at Bonfire, without obviously purring. "You look hot" she said, winking without batting an eye. 


She put a hand on the hit, and the other hand swiped a whiskey from the bar, placed a moment before by Gripper. It was cool and coordinated. 


Keeping her eyes inclined on Bonfire, she spoke to Torpedo Lass. "Thanks for coming dear. You look swell" she added. 


"My name is Svetlana" she said. Her English was impeccable, her accent firm but without location. She could well have been Russian. A Russian with perfect English. 


"The less you know about me, the better" she explained. "But you should know that I know lots of things. Not everything, but lots of things. That's my job. Finding out things that people don't want found out. And sometimes, what I find out is dangerous" she said, making dangerous sound exciting if not downright sexy. 


"And sometimes the dangerous things I find out are verrry dangerous" she said, rolling her "r"s on her red lips. "And when that happens, I need people who breathe danger..." she said, looking at them both. 

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Torpedo Lass smirked. "Swell huh? Seesh and I haven't even inflated the Mae West..." she said in a joking tone, patting the vest. "...so you were the one sendin' distress signals?" She said leaning on the bar.


"So... what's the skinny? How dangerous, hmm? Rough seas dangerous? Trapped in a cargo hold of a sinkin' ship dangerous? Or we talkin' Davey Jones' Locker dangerous? First two ain't no thing for me, and the last? Not really thought of headin' to valhalla anytime soon but... can't be wearin' a cape around here without invitin' the Valkyries. And my tar flap's just a economical cape I wager." She said, straightening the sailor collar of her outfit.


"So Danger? Yeah, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't up for it. Sort of comes with the job description, aye?"


Mary hated using the rougher accent. But it helped separate Mary from Torpedo Lass.

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Sveta licked her whiskey past her lips and into her mouth. She gently tipped the glass and tapped it without spilling a drop. 


"There is a very dangerous man, on a very dangerous island. A Duke, no less. Or at least, he used to be one. He has his own private island and has made every effort that nobody lands on that island. So far, so eccentric genius. But that's the problem, he is a genius, and an expert on biotechnology. And his island is full of laboratories. And his laboratories are full of very suspect things"


She took a small datastick out of her tight red pocket on her tight red flares. "Here, lists of deliveries, purchases, mercantile shipping, and even some chartered helicopter deliveries. I don't know if you no much about cytotoxic metagenics, or the Darwin-X virus, but I can tell you this guy does, and I can tell you I don't like this guy" she said, her velvet tones determined. 



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Mary quirked an eyebrow, looking over to Bonfire. She whistled. "Yea... Davey Jones' Locker dangerous."


She looked back at red. "I wager the shipments are rather regular. Mad Scientists tend to try to keep punctual expecting things to be where they're supposed to be. Trust me, World War II was full of 'em. Just hearin' about messin' with genetics is remindin' me of all the Axis experiments on various pacific islands."


"I wager if you knew who you were askin' for you got some look at my history. I'm... not a fan of flyin' but if we can manage to slip in with one of those overseas shipments we might be solid. Does that stick include who handles security on the ships?" She queried and then turning to Bonfire. "Can you fake a head long enough to hold a disguise?"


"I got a crazy idea. And only I gotta get wet. Might need to get a look at that stick first. If ya know how to look up stuff on it. Me and modern technology... aren't on speakin' terms yet."

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Well, this certainly had turned out to hit the jackpot already. A super-genius with a private island! Now this was something heroic! Hopefully his readers wouldn’t accuse him of making it all up, it’d be quite different from the usual “Hey, I stopped a robbery today” stories usually filling the hot-head’s blog. First an anonymous message, leading him to a bar, leading him to talk to some lady that knows more than you’d think, leading him to some island? Great story right there! Well, it was on an island, hopefully a big one. The safest place for Bonfire to be was always on land, far removed from the shore, it meant less water everywhere.


He decided to let the super next to him do the talking, she probably had more experience with these things. And considering she brought up WWII, that most likely was correct. An immortal? Somebody who just has really good physique? Maybe he’d ask about it later. She mentioned getting in, and Bonfire responded, his head now starting to take a bit of form, with smoke piling up where it should be.


“Well, as long as they don’t do IR checks getting in should be easy enough. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to get in and out of places. Not my speciality, but I sure know how to do it.”


He drank some more, before turning back to the two women. He could probably have been just as flirtatious as the lady in red, but this wasn’t really the time. Besides, there was something about her that suggested that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea, Bonfire figured.


“And if they do have IR …. Things are going to be a bit more difficult. I assume the info about that kinda stuff’s on there too? Anything not on it that we should still be aware of?”


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Sveta put down her drink. Maybe she didin't like getting too drunk. Maybe it had served its purpose. 


A deep bass solo started from the stage. It was cool. 


"Good thinking" she acknowledged. "A shipment is happening this morning. Early morning, by the way. At 0500 hours a small cargo vessel, the Bond 7, is setting off. I have everything on that data stick, including its location. Born Island."


"I would like to get on that ship. Take a look at it. And hitch a ride" she explained. "But I can't spit fire, and I I'm not a human submarine" she explained. 


"As far as I know they don't have IR on the ship. Maybe on the dock, but I can deal with that easily enough" she commented, confidently. 


"Keep the stick. Its yours" she said, pushing the drive into Bonfires hands. Her hard red fingernails lingered and scraped his hands just for a second. 


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Ah well, actually, a bit of flirting wouldn’t hurt, right? Maybe he’d get shot down, either his advances or his actual body. The second wasn’t something Bonfire was looking forward to. But hey, trusting people was a good idea, so why not? What could possibly go wrong? Stay cautious and this would all play out fine no matter what.


So the Capnokinetic (apparently that was the word describing his powerset) turned his smoky head towards Svetlana, examining her closely, not that anybody would be able to tell considering there were no eyes attached to Cass’s head, or even a  proper head attached to his body. He put the stick he was offered into his bag without breaking eye-contact, before switching to a more flirtatious tone and talking some more.


“Okay then, in a few hours at the harbor. Anything else we can do for you? And how about a way to contact you?”






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Sveta was had a soft face that was hard to read. Or maybe a hard face that was soft to read. That was kind of the problem. 


"Darling, you can call me any time" she said enigmatically. 


She placed two dimes on the bar, and slid them, to the slide of a doublebass string, towards Bonfire and Torpedo Lass. 


"Ultrashort Radio communicators. Only about a hundred feet or so, but good enough for show business" she explained. "Just squeeze to activate. Ill be listening in. Freedom City Docks, 4am this morning"


She glanced at he watch. It was already nearing 23:00. 


Best get your beauty sleep and a strong alarm. Or just some strong coffee. Or something else to stimulate you" she winked, before swishing and swaying out of the club...

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Good enough. He didn’t really know more than before, but also not less. At this point it was probably a good idea to get power-napping. Then again, a bit of gasoline mixed with coffee was also an option. There’d be no sleep for this man after that. Also, 4 AM. No buses. Rain. This was quite the predicament. Patrolling in rain wasn’t fun, so Bonfire would have to kill time otherwise. Well, he had his laptop on him, and he was in a nice, relaxed bar. Finding out just about anything about everybody related in this, at least those he knew the names of, would be easy enough. A few hours in here, a coffee à la Bonfire, and he’d be ready to go, prepared to fight crime! Maybe he’d even get lucky and the rain would stop by the time he had to go.


Well, unless his partner in crimefighting had plans that he could help with. Plans which, almost guaranteed, would require going outside. Eeeeh, maybe not. Well, always worth a shot to ask. So, taking more of the great, almost burning drink he had bought, he turned over to Torpedo Lass.


“Well, we’ve got 5 hours. Any plans you need help with? Preferably ones which do not require me to stand in the rain that is. Otherwise I'll make myself cosy in here and do some reasearch.”


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"We need a map of the place." Torpedo Lass said.


"Pretty much here is what I'm thinkin'." She said, starting to whisper as close as she can get. "It's simple. You get on that boat as some shmuck lookin' to get a job on the boat for a while to see the world. Cargo ships are always lookin' for warm bodies to fill out the crew. While ya do that I'll be followin' along in the baffles of the ship underwater like a happy dolphin, keepin' up with the thing and stayin' out of sonar detection. Once we get were we're goin', I'll get myself scarce on the island, preferably in a forest or jungle or whatever is there. We can meet up somewhere and start our infiltration."


"While I don't like gettin' seperated, I stick out." She said, pointing to the phosphorescent glow of her eyes and her dark purple hair. "Iff'n there's trouble, I can get to the deck in a moment's notice, but at that point, Lucky Strike... our cover's blown. If that happens our priority is to cut communications, take over the ship as fast as possible, and ensure that everyone sticks to SOP."


Torpedo Lass' tone starts to change more military and focused. Disciplined. "If you can, get some clothes that can make you look like someone operating out of the boondocks. Peacoat, basic shirt and jeans, well loved sneakers or a good pair of steel-toes. You might wanna go steel-toes to protect the toes. And whatever you do, try to blend in, and pay attention to what everyone does. Best way to learn on deck."


"Also if your not a good swimmer take note of where the safety equipment is. If you have to jump overboard find a life vest or life ring anyways as I'm going to be dragging you rather fast and I can't just drown ya. Even if you can you jumping overboard with a mae west on will be my signal to get us outta dodge. Jump off the starboard side. Pretty much if ya face the front of the ship, starboard's to your right."


"I can brush ya up on any nautical things like how to see if a ship's heading your way or it's outbound."


Mary knew her stuff... she deserved to be in that superheroic sailor suit of her's. "Outfit's not for show... Former navy here, after all. And former WAVE to boot. Accidental time traveler. Go fig." She said with a smile and a shrug. "Still got all my kit from the time too. Doesn't even look old. Great for costume parties."

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The capnokinetic spent the next hour enjoying himself and having some fun, without getting dragged into anything that would take too much time. Then, he retired to a more quiet table in the back, still with some view at the band. And so, the Bonfire Investigation Machine had been started! It was time to find out every last thing about every last thing involved in this.


 First things first, the person he’d be working with. A quick call later, and he had a file on Torpedo Lass in his inbox, nicely organized. Navy soldier, time traveller. Going through all the available info was fairly interesting, as usual with heroes. Her powerset definitely was more suited to this than his. She’d be interesting enough to work with.


And then, everything related to the case. He ordered some more drinks to make it through the night, and then began scouring various forums. Always the quickest way to learn about less public information when in a hurry.  … 30 HOURS. The carribean. Now this wasn’t mentioned before. This certainly made the journey there more difficult. Staying awake for another 30 hours was rather difficult, even if pumped up on coffee and gasoline. Well, hopefully Svetlana had a plan.  There were some things Cass had planned for, but not a quick stay abroad. A few messages later to make sure his apartment wouldn’t burn down or people would think he’s missing, and onwards he went.


Nothing noteworthy on the boat, seemed to be pretty standart fare. And wow. This Darwin X stuff was bad. Pretty much nothing, even when digging through some darker places on the net. Whatever this stuff was, somebody made sure nobody learned anything about it. Unfortunately, his connections, at least those that were still aware, didn’t know anything beyond “Hey, this is bad” either. Not good.


And then, sesame itself: the stick he’d been handed. Lots of data. This must’ve been how office workers felt. Data on people, data on tides, data on ships, data on the plantlife, some encrypted things. Now that was a trail to follow! Well, not he himself, but rather..


And so Bonfire quickly dialled up Jake, his go-to computer person. Hopefully he’d still be awake. It was Jake, so chances were high enough, but maybe a bit of sweet talking would be needed to have him take a look at this encryption. Well, he picked up his phone, so at least he was awake now.


“Hey Jake. It’s me. Long story short, I’ve got some encrypted files here. You up for taking a quick look at them? I don’t need them immediately, and I have no idea what could even be on there, but having a basic idea could help me in this thing I’m dealing with right now.”


“Yeah, I’m aware it’s super late, but maybe if I ask real nice? I can get you some stuff for it once I’m back from this job. “


“Cold War-Military grade? Well damn. Thanks for taking a look, if you dig up anything else send it over. I’ll speak to you once I’m done with this. Well, good night I guess.”


A few minutes of talking, and the search continued onwards. It was time to cross-reference all these things, figure out what sticks out, who is mentioned more often, and things like that. This wasn’t exactly going through the web to learn things, so it ended up taking a lot more time. By 3 AM Cass really only had learned one thing: He’d never be able to do office work if it was anything like this. He wrote out whatever names came up often, quickly investigating them, usually ending up with very little information and dead ends.

So many dead ends. This was surprisingly frustrating. So when the alarm he set went off and it was time to leave, he actually was glad he could do something else. Well, the rain hadn’t gotten worse at least. He couldn’t really fly there considering he was carrying around his bag, so a trip on foot it was! Now he just had to hope he wouldn’t get mugged on the way there. For the mugger’s sakes.




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Torpedo Lass decided to scope out the ship as zero hour approached. She had filled in Bonfire on everything she could gather looking over the ship. It was small, but would get the job done going from point A to B, but knowing it'd be a thirty hour trip would make things more... troublesome. She's done trips at top speed to the Carrib before, wasn't any water off her wetsuit, but at ship speeds? Obviously it wouldn't be too difficult as she'd be putting less effort into keeping up. Seeing that she ship's just a civilian boat allowed her a little lee-way in terms of how she could move. As long as no one saw her... seeing someone floating or swimming alongside the ship at a matching speed would be... costly.


Then again the ship she could just hold on to in a way where she could relax... She could make a handhold easy enough on the hull without breaking it.


A 30 hour cruise... she's done worse... in wartime.


She decides while there was time to head back to her place to grab a single-person life raft. She wagered at least she could use it if she had to tow Bonfire to safety. Something the size of a decent sized purse shouldn't cause too much issue with her swimming profile. She decided keeping her personal comlink at home would be a good trade. If this mad scientist was up on his stuff, he could track that. This fancy communicator might be up to the task. She hoped.

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Freedom City Docks


17th April


Early hours of the morning




At this time of night, there was a dark chill. The moon and stars were shut out by thick clouds, and the only light was of moody neon flowers. A slight wet filled the air, from spitting rain.


Freedom City Docks was not a violent place, bar a few drunks. Security was not, perhaps, as tight as it should be. A few mesh fences, a few cameras, a few patrols, a few padlocks.


Svetlana was dressed up for the insipid cool air, in a red fur coat. As she turned, Bonfire and Torpedo lass could see a gun on her hip, before the coat swished back into place.


“I drugged the watchman, picked the locks, and disabled the cameras” she said casually, twirling a set of lock picks.


“Might be a few patrol or two. I’m not sure. Something about the Bond 7 seems a little jittery. Might be the time of the night. Might be high value cargo. They are loading her up now. If we could get into a cargo crate, that might help. A little bribery might help even more…” she said, twirling an impressive roll of cash in her other hand.




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It was cold. Walking around this late at night wasn’t all that fun. Sure, warming himself wasn’t a problem, but more heat was better. So, Bonfire had arrived at the docks, surprisingly not getting mugged on the way. Red certainly was prepared. Good, at this point anything was a positive.


He moved towards the others, still wearing the same, illusionary clothes as back in the Club.

“Well, I could try and act like I want a job. But, considering it’s 4 AM, that’d come off as highly suspicious, I feel. I can try, it might work out in our favour, it might not. Would be up to the two of you to decide, I don’t want to make this more difficult for all of us.  I could also just turn myself more or less invisible and float onboard, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to keep that up for the entire trip. I’m tempted to say bribery might in fact be the best option, depending on how corrupt these people are. If it goes wrong, it’ll go properly wrong. Same for the cargo plan. I’m not opposed to either however. Speaking of which…”


His head, no longer absent but simply made of dense smoke, fixed on Svetlana. His body language did not say anything, standing there as relaxed as ever.


“It’s pretty easy to see how TL and I can stay hidden, but what about you? Any plans beyond bribery?”


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Svetlana looked momentarily irritated at the question. 


"Unfortunately, no" she conceded, hand on hip. "There lies the rub. I am good at finding things out. But I am not good at pretending to be a sailor. I had considered seducing the captain. I found out that I am the wrong gender for his tastes. And I may be good, handsome, but I'm not that good". 


"I may not be able to get on board, but I think it would be best if I did, no? I may not be much help in a fight, but I know about the island" she said, almost begging. 


"If you have any ideas, then please let me know. If you can get me in one of the crates, maybe? or into a hold? I can hold out for a day or two..." she said, determined and proud. 

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Torpedo Lass looked about. "I've done worse I suppose. We'll go with the crate plan then."


She could have spent the time resting before coming here... now they're gonna be cooped up in a crate for 30 hours... "Thing is how are we supposed to know when we're getting close to port so we can skedaddle and not get found in the port itself over there?"


"We are intending to infiltrate not just get a free ride after all. And this is a small ship... and with the patrols more active than usual, I wouldn't be surprised if there will be inspections before the ship goes into port itself. A dinghy or a tugboat full of guys with rifles is pretty much what could be expected."


She let off a exacerbated feh. "It's what I'd do. So what sort of plan we got other than putting our eggs in one basket?"

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 “Well, depends on how closely they check the crates. Do they just take a quick glance? We’re fine. But, if they decide to check weight, heat signature or something else, we’re in a bad position. I can make sure they don’t see us, but not more. Thinking about it, me pretending to be a sailor might be the safest idea. If they decide to not take me, we won’t have lost anything and can try other plans, and if they do I’m safely on board for the journey. Maybe you should try bribery, Svetlana. If it works, good enough, if it doesn’t … how good are you at hiding? I might be able to help you hide well enough for you not to get spotted."


"Obviously, we could always just say no to getting there on boat, find something or somebody else to get us there, and do it that way. But, we might run into a few other problems if we do it like that. TL, if we had a raft or something, how quickly could we get there with you dragging us at a speed that’s still safe? We’d just have to be stealthy once we got there.”


Now this was going to get interesting. One minor mistake and chances were there’d be a firefight, on a boat, stuck in the open sea. And that would hardly turn out to be fun.




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"The raft I got is for one... you, Bonfire. And that was for an escape. Didn't know Red was comin' along."


Torpedo Lass started to massage her forehead. She thought there was a plan in place, but suddenly there wasn't any. Again. "Look, people. We don't got time flapping our gums here. Either we decide something now or we get there a different way, and this time with some idea as to how we're gonna get things together. Outside of outright piracy, which I won't do... it'd probably scuttle this whole affair, mind you... the only option we got is stowing away. So let's find a crate, and call it home. Or we find a plan B to get there."


Torpedo Lass' eyes narrowed at Red... just what was up... and she didn't even know anything that Bonfire looked into. She was starting to question everything. She looked back over to Bonfire. "Besides... if we can find a way to cut that ship off from communication if things turn south, we could take the ship over IF... and that is a big one... IF we are found out while we're underway. Thing is I'm not sure what we could do with the crew... a quiet deck might be quite suspicious when we pull into port. A better option would be to just steal a life raft under cover of dark the next night... it is a 30 hour trip after all and we can use the time to rest and plan for what we'll do on the island. I could probably then get us to the island in no time... well ahead of the boat."

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Bonfire moved his arm towards his head to think better. A few seconds later he turned the smoke into a little lightbulb, even if there was no light there.


“I think I have a plan. Well, two to three actually, to have some backup. Pretty simple ones too. TL, your job’s simple. Follow the boat, as you suggested. If anything goes wrong, it’ll probably be loud enough for you to hear it. I’m gonna see whether or not I can’t convince them of bringing me along as a sailor. I should be able to, and then it’s just doing some basic work. Hopefully easy enough. Now, if that doesn’t work I have another idea, but more on that later. Svetlana, you try bribing the captain, or somebody else on the ship, you’re more experienced with this kinda stuff probably. Now, if this doesn’t work, plans B1 and B2. We find a crate, for you, and if they don’t want me to board, for me too. Then, we get in there, and I’ll use my powers to make it so we’re not visible to the naked eye. Then we just hope they don’t check the crates’ weight. Alternatively, we could also both sneak in invisible and hide somewhere, life rafts probably. Might be a good idea, if they find us we can easily just lower the thing and escape. But, that only works if we can hide in those things.  Which one of those three would you prefer?”


He walked around for a bit, before stepping closer to the group again, and continuing, talking a bit slower and more quiet.


“Now, if things go south, we probably should try just escaping on a raft and going the opposite direction of the ship. They’ll probably assume we’re going back home, and if not, we just have to be more careful about getting to the island. Try hiding your powers as much as possible, they’ll be less scared then, hopefully. TL, you’d probably still have to drag or push the raft, considering they’d probably have something to fight us. Alternatively, we could obviously try fighting them immediately, but I feel like that could easily backfire. “


“That sound good enough? “


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