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Gangbusters! (OOC)


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Okay, in the interest of keeping us moving, I will get us started now.  When Gamer gets me an initiative, he can either fall into his place in this round, or arrive at the start of next round. 

Round One
25 Bonfire (unharmed, 1 HP)
22 Eternal Dragon (unharmed, 1 HP)
21 Ice Thug (unharmed)
14 Fire Thug (unharmed)
10 Lightning Thug (unharmed)


So Bonfire is up olopi!

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So, free action to get the force-field up, a move to get into a good position, and then an Areablast 8. It's shapeable, focus is on the Ice-controller, if there's enough reach the lightning one, if there's still enough the fire one, and all excess area after that straight into the sky (gotta make it look spectacular!).

So that's a DC 18 Reflex for everyone caught in the area!

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Right now they are all clumped together, so easy to catch them all in the area attack. 

Okay, rolling in the order of Ice/Fire/Lighting, they all miss their Reflex saves with: 10, 16 and 6. 

For toughness saves they get: 11, 27 and 20, so Fire made his and Lighting just got a bruise.  I am going to reroll Ice's badly botched save (HP for Bonfire) and he gets a 15, which because the dice roll was a 7 is increased to 17, so he got a 25, so makes his save.

Elemental Dragon is up GO!

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Okay, the Ice Thug will attack Bonfire, hitting with a 22. So DC 27 toughness save for Bonfire (due to your vulnerability!)

The Fire Thug will shoot at the police car he hit before, causing the cops to fall back more. 

Then the Lighting Thug will attack Eternal, hitting with a 20, so he needs to make a DC 23 toughness save as well.

I am going to give Gamer a bit more time (till noon West Coast time tomorrow) to check in before I start the next round.  Go ahead and post your toughness saves while we wait.

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Okay, so as a standart action that'd be a Distract(Feat) using my bluff against the Ice wielder:

1d20+19 = 23 He resists with bluff, sense motive or will, and if he fails is dazed.


As a move action it's a Feint against the Lightning wielder, taking the -5 to do it as a move:

1d20+14 = 31

If the feint suceeds I'll use Set-Up to transfer the surprise attack to eternal dragon (yes, he has a code of honor, I am aware)



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ED's code of honor only applies to hitting enemies from behind so he's allowed to take advantage of this situation. ED's gonna move in on the three guys and use the True Dragon Claw on the Lightning grunt. This is going to be a -2 Power Attack as well.


First the roll: 1d20+8-2=8


And that is a DC 29 Attack.

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Okay, the Ice thug is dazed and cannot attack.

The fire thug will shoot at Bonfire, missing with a 9. 

The lightning thug will attack Eternal Dragon, missing with a 13. 

Okay Cape, make an initiative roll for Dr. Warp to see where he fits into the initiative order for the next round!

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