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An Easy Mark [OOC]


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Well, they are chasing you, so it is more just continue moving away from them and shooting behind you.

That easily hits, and gets +3 to the damage.  The fighter gets a 23 for its toughness save, which damages it, and is enough to cause the controls to seize, which at this altitude, sends it crashing into the forest below rather quickly.

Go ahead and post!

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One note Dark, to shoot more than one enemy with an autofire attack, you need to use a full round action (which means you could also not pilot/move the ship), so you just autofired on one. 

Okay, one of the enemy fighters goes down, but the others open fire: 14, 8 and 23, so that is two hits and a miss.

Two DC 25 toughness saves are needed for the Voidrunner.



Round TWO
17 Ruby Voxx
8 Enemy fighters.

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Nope, I will just pull GM story power now and say you hit the last fighter and cause it to crash as you weave down the canyon.  But...the damage you have already sustained is bad enough that you do not believe you will be able to clear the atmosphere without some repairs.

Go ahead and post IC (and HGM you can be putting out that fire in a post)

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So, just to make sure the information is out there (mentioned this to TA in chat tonight), the atmosphere on this planet is breathable (you all have already been out in it to capture the bounty in the holding cell).  The natives do have space flight capability, but not as advanced as the Lor, Grue, Khanate or other major spacefaring races.  The nearest major population center is probably a few hundred kilometers away.

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