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Southern Queen
North End, Freedom City, NewJersey
Saturday, May 16th, 2015
12:22 PM

Princess Thaelia was glad to be done with her week long excursion to the Pine Barrens.  She had no qualms with nature.  And even less qualms about spending a week with her schoolmates.  But, there was something to be said about the surface world's restaurants that was missed.  Which was how Thaelia found herself in the Southern Queen.

Students had mentioned it here and there before.  But, Thaelia had never attended the establishment prior to the trip.  Dressed in green armored toga style dress the Atlantean was a hard sight to miss.  Especially when she swung the door open with way too much force.  Though not enough force to rip the door right off.

"The Daughter of the Seas accepts your gauntlet."  Thaelia was referring to an ad in the paper that referenced a gut busting challenge a customer had an alloted amount of time to eat a giant sized meal that could feed a family of five.  If complete the food would be free and the winner's picture would be added to a wall.  If incomplete, then the loser had plenty of leftovers to take home.  This was not an establishment that believed in wasting food after all.

The challenge was a temporary promotion fro the day seeking to drum up business.  And judging by the Atlantean's reaction, drum up business it did.

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It wasn’t like business was exactly…slow. This was the Southern Queen. Home of Maybelle McQueen, one of the best-no, Maybelle corrected herself. The best chef in the city. But…maybe Chris had a point. There was nothing wrong with a little spectacle to bring in new customers. Then maybe we could expand the dining room a little or maybe add a little more room to the kitchen. We’ve got the land room. Maybelle was ensconced in meal prep. Meatless Surprise Pork Roast. Potatoes, mashed, wrapped in bacon, and baked. Lovely honey sauce painted on the bacon when it was half cooked. Well…normally, anyway. This customer had, of all things, a honey allergy. And was a vegetarian to boot. Challenge accepted. She grinned fiercely.


And then the Daughter of the Seas burst into the Southern Queen in her characteristically blunt fashion. Maybelle winced. Even if you didn’t take the door of the hinges, that loud of a bang signified damage to something. Well, this is ready for the oven anyway. Do believe I just provided meat flavor without meat. Or tofu, for that matter. She slid the dish into one of the Queen’s ovens and strode out to the dining room. Donna, one of the waitresses, had found a free table for Glamazon, who looked just like her pictures on the internet. A word from Donna and Maybelle knew what was going on. “You know how this works, right? You order five full meals. That’s appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Each. Drinks are free for challengers. No child’s portions. If you can eat all that by yourself, which is over six pounds of food, it’s free. If you can’t, you pay and have to take home whatever’s left over. I won’t tolerate waste in my restaurant.”

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"I have but one query to ask.  What are the options thrust upon me for desert?  Sweets are simply not to my enjoyment.  Know that the Daughter of the Seas does not back away from a challenge.  If sweets are what is required of me to accomplish this labour.  Then a sweet it is."  Glamazon had no qualms about the possibility of taking food home.  Though her dorm room didn't have a fridge she had a small cooler which thus far only served the purpose of storing water for her to nurse small wounds with water.  So actually keeping food would be a first..

Of course that was only a consideration for if she actually failed to meet her own expectations and finishing the meal.  A possibility the Atlantean dare not think of.  Her lifestyle even with an enhanced near human physiology, was very physically demanding.  And as such her body was often taxed and needing to refuel a voracious appetite.  It just stood to reason something that the eating was simply playing to her strengths.

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Maybelle grinned deviously. “Tut-tut, your ignorance of fine cuisine is showing. Not everything labeled dessert is sweet. Some of it is minty, or creamy, or sour. There’s even kinds of cheese meant for dessert. ” Her knowledge of food verged on the encyclopedic, and as any proper foodie knew, dessert didn’t just come in the forms of ice cream and assorted baked goods . “And don’t just assume we just serve traditional sugary sweet desserts, either. Sweet’s a broad category, sunshine. Or are you opposed to even fruit and yogurt parfaits?”

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"I quite enjoy fruits."  Thaelia replied with renewed enthusiasm.  She could stand the taste of an apple.  But, not say the taste of vanilla cream pie.  And even then she preferred her fruit to have a more subdued flavor.  Grapefruit for example.  But, Maybelle had indeed called her number when identifying Thaelia's ignorance on the subject matter.

"Ooh and cheeses.  There are desert cheeses you say?"  The news of her food options were a fascinating discovery.  Another day on the surface, another discovery.  Atlantis didn't even have cheeses.  Much less, it as a desert option.  Not that many chefs were looking to experiment with Atlantean cuisine.  Aside from the guy in Quebec who attempted to age his cheese by sinking it underwater. 

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“Oh yes, sunshine.” Maybelle’s grin continued unabated. What followed was nothing short of a five minute lecture on the true nature of dessert. And it was only five minutes because a man with floppy brown hair and black framed glasses tapped her on the shoulder and whispered into her ear. She cut herself off with a start. “Whoops, I’m doing it again. Anyway, that’s the basics. Good enough for a laywoman, I guess. Got kitchen stuff to attend to. David here can take your order in the mean time, or-“ She said, as David started to protest, “he can find Rose so she can do her job for once. It’s like that girl’s in another reality whenever work needs doing.” With that, Maybelle strolled off into the kitchen. Soon, the sound of her voice could be heard mixed in with the usual low level noises from back there.

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Thaelia tried to follow the cheese conversation for as long as she could.  But, it was five minutes that could have been spent eating cheese.  So she may have slipped into mental lapses imagining food choices than being education.  The teen's focus returning upon being given instructions as to how to proceed in getting her meal.

Thaelia eagerly awaited for either David or Rose to come round the table.  She wasn't particular about the server.  As long as at the end of her wait there would be a meal.  "Now, what are your seafood options?"  She had to make up six pounds of food, might as well make it comfort food while she was at it.  

With a menu in hand the Atlantean princess began thumbing through the options.

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