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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Beetle

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OOC for this thread.

Feel Free to work up whatever opening you want to/reasons for being at the Cultural Arts festival.

Note:  The AEGIS video footage is indeed tampered with.  SHADOW's attempting to make Blue Stinger look dangerous so that if gets captured they can kidnap him with ease.  Not that Seahawk or Blue Stinger are aware of the AEGIS footage, unless you wish to write them having their own copies of similar footage.  Which I'm game for.

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Yeah, Danny shouldn't have any footage, or anything in the way of evidence, for that matter, since his main objective at the time was escape. At this point, all he really has to go on is that there is an organization somewhere that wants to make cyborgs. 

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tagged, let me think of what I'll do with this and I'll edit that in here.

Okay, Seahawk would have nothing on this. Although I'm also trying to figure out how Seahawk would even be involved with this event at the University.

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Actually I got an idea... although it sounds publicity stunt more than a cultural thing, but I wager Archetech might be trying to get students at any of the colleges and universities in FC to get hired by Archetech.

Pretty much, Naomi skydives to the college. I just gotta know if they got a athletic field or not.

Just got my answer... back to the drawing board.

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Alright so the guy's large buddy rams into Blue Stinger.  And the Thief takes off.  It should be noted he's running at a pretty fast pace, slower than Naomi can fly by a longshot.  But fast enough to say keep up with cars.

Charging (-2 Def/+2 Atk) Attack (DC25) vs Blue Stinger: 1d20+8 23  Off Give me a TOU Save.

That was indeed the surprise round.  Take an HP as I didn't give you the chance to Notice the guy barreling into the scene.

And what follows a surprise round?  Initiative!

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Okay my actions.

Move action to fly to a safe changing spot (Namely a blue porta-potty positioned in a corner of the park no one is paying attention to) to quick change as, as the master of color commentary good ol' JR says... "Business is about to pick up."

Extra Effort Move Action pre-emptively paid for with a HP to fly back into the fight to...

Standard Action: SEAHAWK PAWWWWNCH the big guy. SEAHAWWWWK PAWWWNCH! (+10): 1d20+10 21

Using Move-By action to keep out of grasping range.


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                                                                       Round 2

Initiative                          Character                             HP                                              Damage Condition
29                                  Seahawk                                 1                                               Unharmed
22                                  Blue Stinger                            2                                               Unharmed
16                                  Scrawny Thief                       GM                                             Unharmed
04                                  Beefcake Thief                      GM   
                                          Bruised x1

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