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Help A Brother Out AKA, I Needs Moar Threads

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There’s been a few threads like this already, so I felt a little inspired. I’m not the talkative or excessively wordy type, so I’ll just get down to busy. I could use a few good men. Or women. I have three PCs in need of assistance with keeping their thread count up. Let’s talk about them a bit, shall we?


Terrifica. Early 20s. Supergenius. Does gadgets. Does kung fu. Nerd. Jerk with a heart of the shiniest gold. Has control issues. So much. Obsessed with solving every mystery she comes across. Heart of gold is for the smart/those who use forethought, and the jerk is for those don’t have either of those things. Which is so many. So many. Can show up virtually anywhere in Freedom (or anywhere else on Earth, really) on the trail of a mystery.


Samaritan. Teenager. Claremont student. Spiderman, except less funny and human powers instead of spider ones. Generally good natured, but has a savage temper. Miiiight have PTSD. Haven’t fully decided. Good kid, though. Also, very much a teenage boy, no matter how he pretends otherwise. More than a little overconfident. Psychotically protective of his little sister and girlfriend. Has the worst luck when it comes to NOT finding trouble.


Queenie. Late 20s. World class chef with a power ring. Lawful good to a fault. Looking for a Superman style hero? Look no further. Hardcore food lover. Drinks too, soft or otherwise. Her identity is based entirely around saving people and feeding something wonderful to the hungry. She’s practically a saint…except for that whole “I don’t care if I die saving someone” thing, the “I don’t need friends” thing, and the “Keep your gratitude to yourself, please” thing. So…yeah… She can be found at her restaurant, the Southern Queen, or patrolling the skies of Freedom like so many others.


I try to keep the PCs in my threads limited to 3 (including mine), but more isn’t off the table. If you’re interested in a thread, well…post away. We can discuss ideas. Work something out, maybe. Yeah.

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Since the Haunted House thread, I've wanted to see Grim and Terrifica in a thread together; they're both sneaky and have strong opinions on heroics, and I think the dynamic would be fun.

Casey and Vonnie seem to pair up well, and have a bit of chemistry,  which is fun because Vonnie already had a girlfriend (who I think she doesn't know about, btw!). I would enjoy seeing them work more together. 

I'll be honest, I haven't gotten a strong read on Queenie yet; she and Grim have been in two threads together,  though in the first they never actually met before it seemingly petered out (Boom), and the second featured a pretty large group and they didn't interact too much (MoM). Also Grim can't eat any of her delicious food! 

On the other hand, Casey loooooves to eat, so maybe we should start thinking more along those lines? Does the Southern Queen offer a Sunday brunch?

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Along those lines, there are a couple of Casey's classmates that tend to eat as much as she does.  If you wanted to get more people involved in that thread, we could get it to a total of three or four easily enough.

Or not, if you want it just one-on-one!  Just figured I'd put the option out there. :)

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I find that I tend to be available for threads as I have one character and a fair amount of time to check the site and write.  So Hestina/Vicki would be more than open to meet/adventure with Samaritan.

Suggestions would be:
(1) Social Meetings on Claremont, could be some kind of event for the end of the year?
(2) Training time with some kind of Movement class?  Vertical Movement Study?  Or just combat training.
(3) A street level robbery or minor criminal element that they combine to defeat.  Perhaps a tie into the organization that's after him?

Just some thoughts as I would be more than happy to enter a thread with you.

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First a social thread, then when that runs it's course the super villains I've prepared can do their thing. Queenie, Miracle Girl, Hestina, and Cerulean.


Heri? I'm down for that Grim/Terrifica thread whenever. And the rest of you lookie-loos. C'mon in and post your ideas. Don't be shy now, as Queenie might say.




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