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Freedom City Upgrade and PP Awards


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The end of the month is upon us, and the PP counters are getting warmed up. :) We will hopefully be sending out the PP PMs Saturday afternoon.

Also, there is a necessary (and lengthy) upgrade that needs to be made to our board software and customizations. I have done most of the back-end work and testing already, but it may take up to an hour to migrate the changes from our test site to this one. So . . . the site will be down for about an hour Saturday morning (5/3). I hope to have everything up and running normally by 9:00AM (EST, GMT-5).

Thanks for another great month!

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Oh noes the site's going down! *Chaos in the streets* ;) Eager to see what changes get made o.O

None that you'll notice, actually . . . unless you can see PHP5 compliance modifications with your naked eye. :)

*watches as the "global vars" get up and leave the room*

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It is my pleasure. :D I really do enjoy it.

The PP awards are going out right now, but since I have to be out most of the evening, it is likely that I won't get to every character until tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience.

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