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Incursion: Merciless [OOC]


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Rock explains that he's a freelancer by trade, usually hiring out as private security or other jobs that require muscle, but that in this case he and his friends have volunteered to help fight the Communion any way they can. Well. Volunteered for money, anyway. He's wondering if Chlo'zel is there all by herself or if she's part of a crew or unit.

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Like Chlo'zel Rock had hoped to hear the leadership's decision regarding a plan as soon as possible and if chafing under the continued delays. He also has some choice thoughts regarding the place of politicians in wartime but admits that his frustration with the entire situation and the stress of uncertainty is probably colouring his usually quite moderate philosophies. He further wonders if she's familiar with the Zultasian card game Froon Herder and suggests playing a few hands. (Froon Herder is generally considered a children's game, closer to Go Fish than Poker but Rock seems genuinely interested in playing rather than making a joke at her youthful appearance.)

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Move Action: Run over to Star-Khan and Paradigm.
Standard Action: Unarmed Attack vs Star-Khan: 1d20+5 7
Oof! Little early to be burning an HP, but better take advantage of Star-Khan being without his Dodge bonus while he's grappling Paradigm.
Hero Point: Unarmed Attack vs Star-Khan, HP reroll: 1d20+5 13 That ends up being a 23
Improved Grab: Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+26 35
Toughness Save vs DC 30: 1d20+18 21
Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+32 48
That's a bruise and a daze for Star-Khan, and though he avoids being grappled by Rock in return he can't take the free action to maintain his grapple on Paradigm, either.
27 - Star-Khan - Bruised x1, Dazed
21 - Paradigm - Bruised x1, 3HP
12 - Rock - Uninjured, 1HP
> 10 - Galvanic - Uninjured, 3HP

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Free Action: Turn main array to Electric Strike and Reaction Aura. Turn Dynamic Array to Flight 1, Super-Strength 8. Turn on Impervious Force Field.


Standard Action: CHAAAAAARGE! While All-out Attacking for 5 and Power Attacking for 3 with her Electric Strike. That's +9 to hit, -7 defence, and a DC33 attack. Power kiiick: 1d20+9 15 Nooope.

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Everybody take an HP, Star-Khan is going to clear that Daze.
Standard Action: Cosmic Energy Blast vs Glavanic: 1d20+13 19
This is a 'disintegrate' effect, so a DC 27 Fortitude Save vs Drain Toughness followed by a DC 32 Toughness Save.
Move Action: Demoralize Rock: 1d20+23 36
Sense Motive vs DC 36: 1d20+10 14
27 - Star-Khan - Bruised x1
> 21 - Paradigm - Bruised x1, 4HP
12 - Rock - Uninjured, Demoralized, 2HP
10 - Galvanic - Uninjured, -7 Defense, 4HP, Pending Saves

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