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Hero seeking game

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JoT, I would be up for something that could have your character meet up with Velocity, which could be a bit of fun (seeing as they are both teenage girls :)). Not sure right now what that could be though. Will try to give it some thought (though I am kinda in the middle of finals right now).

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Grimalkin is also a teenaged girl and a fellow creature of the night; I was thinking of having the two of them meet up, which could possibly lead to your character being invited to Nightrival's team, though I guess that could develop from meeting velocity as well.

Waitaminute, three young women working for a mysterious older man? Do I smell "Nightrival's Angels" in our future?

"How'ya doin', Angels?"

(chorus) "Hi, Nightrival!"

:o ;)

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We also have to figure out where this is going to happen; normally, Grim hangs out in the Fens and Southside, but one of the reasons I gave her the messenger gig is that will broaden her horizons, so to speak, allowing her to be active in more parts of the city. North Freedom might be a stretch, but anywhere Downtown would be fair game.

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Kiera's relatively new in town so anywhere with shopping, clubs or monuments is fine.

I'm thinking in and around Liberty Park might be good, there or Parkside. As a not-so-diligent bike messenger, Grim will probably spend as much time in the park as human possible; lots of water fountains, plenty of benches and shade trees, and hot and cold running boys - also rollerblading and cycling boys, too! This is a great place to enjoy a long lunch or hang out with your fellow bikers after dropping off your last delivery.

If we do want to involve a new-escaped Dryad, the trees might call out to her as well (shrug).

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Hehe, I don't know, it sort of plays on some of the jokes here :)

I'll try to get a post up today or tomorrow, now that I am done with my second final and don't have one till Thrusday (though there is a lot to prepare for that one, as it is for my Bankruptcy class!)

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Well, I don't mind our system, (I got to schedule many of my finals, and purposly left myself four days to work on bankruptcy).

Anyway, sorry for the delay, trying to think how I want to bring in Megan, it might be a big post.

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