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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

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So we are on!


Unsuprisingly, Jason Stack gets somewhat surprised by the explosion of tentacles (and spores and green fluid). Feel free to narrate liquid getting in your eyes, suit, whatever (As gloopy as you like). More concerningly, however, it is a Nauseate 5 Area Affect which means a DC 15 Reflex Save (at a -5 penalty due to the small room and surpise, as I mean), then, a DC 15 Fort Save vs Nauseate (or DC 12 if you make the Reflex Save). 


Of course, any further green explosions, you wont be caught out!


Then its initiative time, although it is rather academic as I am giving the green fungus an initiative of zero! (its slow, but it has many many tentacles!)


A difficult situation here, as you also have a fitting civvie, Mis Marigold who is the root cause (pardon the pun) of the tentacles, so I am awarding both heroes an HP for that problem. 


Ulysses - 2 HP

Jason S - 2 HP

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Ok so we will have one round with just JS and the fungus, I presume Ulysses spends that round bursting in dramatically and heroically!


That said, could do with an init roll for Ulysses. 


CAel, JS is up! Also, the fungus is just a minion (although a relatively powerful minion). 

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Thats a cool grapple roll, but technically you need a "to hit" roll first. Although taking 10 would hit! (Just to note worthwhile posting you are taking 10 or making the to hit roll)


So touching the tentacles is a bad idea, but not too bad - it leaves welts and is poisonous: Effectively a Drain 2 (CON) aura with the poison extra. So a relatively straight forward Fort 12 Save (although it mught still leave itchy marks on your palms)


The fungus is pretty strong, STR 26, but only a melee attack bonus of +2. Elongation 2 adds a +2 bonus (10' long tendrils!) Whilst it could use all its tendrils to fight off, its stoooopid. Which means its grapple bonus is but +12: Grapple vs JS: 1d20+12 20 enough to immobilise it (flat footed, cant move), but not quite pinned and helpless. Must have missed a few tendrils!


For its move, it will mindlessly whip some more tendrils at you: Tendrils vs JS: 1d20+2 22 oh dear! some awful luck, a critical!


That means another Drain 2 CON effect from the aura (DC 12 Fort as above). More seriously, its a critical strike, which means a DC 28 Toughness save. 

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Yikes, horrible poison tentacles. Jason may never set foot in Lantern Hill again. I knew I was forgetting something on the grapple, next time I'll just use Improved Grab and get My twofur.


Fort Save DC 12 for grabbing tentacles: 1d20+14 15 - Well that's no good at all! I lose 2 points of Con and +1 worth of bonus.

Fort Save DC 12 for being hit in the face by tentacles: 1d20+13 29 - Well at least it didn't happen twice.

Ow, ow, ow, Toughness DC 28: 1d20+13 16 - Well that hurts a lot. Let's reroll that with a hero point.

Toughness DC 28 Hero Point Reroll: 1d20+13 19 - Now if I have the rule correct, I add 10 here giving me 29 and thus I pass, thank goodness. if not at least I fail by less.

Just a minion indeed! Can you make sure I have all that correct before I give this thing another chance to clobber me?

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I think that is an automatic save (in M&M) so lets swing with that. You have the reroll correct, which means no damage at all!


Round 2:

10 - Ulysses - Unharmed - 2 HP
5 - JS - Unharmed - 1 HP
0 - Fungus - Unharmed
Ulysses is up!
No environmental factors. Ms Marigold is having a tonic clonic seizure (INT DC 10 or Medicine DC 10 roll to recognise this). Of course her other problems like having fungus tendrils sprouting from her may be more serious...
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Ok a DC of 29 it cannot possibly make, so post away whatever "Knockout" you want (such as tearing the tendrils off her body, or just knocking out the woman). However, you do also get the "benefit" of the poison, a DC 12 Save, which you will almost certainly make, but still!


Roll that fort save and post away. 

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