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Death To All But Metal


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So to start off, Maelstrom and Triasoka can make reputation chart rolls for Wayward (if Rose can post em?)


I would imagine Knowledge [popular Culture]would be in order. And Gathr information if any particular titbit is wanted!


Amanda Adams is Waywards number 1 fan! I will leave it up to Rose to see if she remembers her at the front line of every concert! (She is also an optional complication for you, Rose). 


Please feel free to hook the reporters in however they wish. 


I may drop Pitch in as a cameo if the mood strikes me, simply because this is a Rock Concert and Pitch is a Rock Reporter (Magazine: Rock Report! if anyone wants to name drop). I'll see how that goes!

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Sure. What you find out is really up to Blue Rose (Who can post here), but I would say a DC 20 check is enough to get all the basics about Wayward. 


As this is more fluff related, feel free (y'all) to take narrative license based on what you think is reasonable and what your rolls are. 

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Ok, so its perform an plot time!


BR could you make a perform (stringed) roll for your guitar solo, taking 10 is fine if you wish!


However, can you guess what her microphone is? Can you? Can you?


That is right, it is the morphed Count Necromme!


So for plot purposes, when she reaches to touch it (and you may by luck sing a bit without touching it...if so, a Perform Singing roll). And, as discussed, when you do, it is an automatic fail will save, for a mind swap. At this point, you gain 2 HP (one for the misfortune to be a Necromme descendant, one for failing the save for PLOT purposes!)


Feel free to narrate the above, and at your liesurre, touch the microphone , hear a cackling laugh, and end up as the microphone!


As the microphone your senses (spooky magic) will still be active, as will your speech!

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Perform: Guitar- +3 Enhanced Charisma, +2 Marianne: 1d20+22 40

Holy crap.

So. Per the book, 30 is a masterful performance that leaves the audience awed. Which makes that... well... wow.

And, while she's rocking that guitar...

Perform: Dance- +3 Enhanced Charisma: 1d20+13 22

Also, not touching the microphone until the end of the song, but still continuing to sing as a microphone. At least while figuring out what the heck just happened. Turning into a microphone is not generally something one expects to do, and isn't really a logical conclusion any time soon. And, she's a professional. You react to surprise by continuing the show unperturbed, not stopping and babbling like a buffoon.

Perform: Song- +3 Enhanced Charisma: 1d20+13 30

Also, thoughts on what might have actually been in Amanda's folder!

It's been mentioned that it may include notes on her genealogy, meaning it includes her secret birth identity as Maggie from Yonkers. And possibly leading back to Necromme.

This sounds interesting, therefore I vote yes.

That said, if that is the case, I probably should have gotten a Notice roll in there somewhere, so I'm all for declaring that an auto-fail off of Sucker for a Pretty Face, since she was so much more interested in making a lovely young lady swoon. For another hero point. Even if you're against that extra HP, I still vote for Amanda being way more in the know than she should be.

And if she's into all this genealogy stuff because of Necromme? If she works for him, does research for him, and didn't know this was the plan she unwittingly played a part in? Well, that's interesting, too! (And possibly worth another HP for celebrity causing complications, as being such a high-profile target makes that kind of research natural and easier to trick her biggest fan into or out of. :P )

Oh, and the curtain's down at the moment, with Wayward in front. The first two pieces (the guitar solo and My First Angel) are just Wayward, no backup. After that, she's supposed to address the audience, then the curtain rises so that the supporting band members (a rotating ensemble) can join her in playing songs from her latest album. Which Necromme probably won't be kind enough to do on her behalf.

3 HP, or 4 if I get one for auto-missing the info Amanda has.

3/3 Luck.

Edited by Blue Rose
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Ok so the Crowd are getting very restless. Make an untrained Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences Roll) to estimate they are going to riot/storm the stage [DC 10]


(Which they will!)


Wayward / BR: As a microphone, she has all senses and can speak. Her psychic powers (at least, the non physical ones) are in full operation, and she can of course stunt off those (such as Boosting someone who touches her), as you see fit! :)

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Oh, hey, Luck does give an actual hero point instead of a separate reroll pool.

That makes 7 HP. 1 base, +3 luck, +1 being a descendant of Necromme, +1 autofail, +1 sucker.

Celebrity is very much a double edged sword. I have it as a benefit, and as several of my complications. But that's neither here nor there.

Gonna let someone else post before I have the microphone... unsuccessfully wobble in Necromme's general direction.

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Mostly for the lulz...

Intimidate: 1d20+7 21

A commanding voice has a power to impact, even if there's nothing there to really back it up. More importantly, an external howl of rage from a loud, firm, clear voice can carry a good distance, perhaps catching the attention of someone important. Perhaps someone with a giant glowing "P" over their head who has not yet dashed out of the room. Or audience members.

Mind Reading to try and tag along with her body through sensory link. DC15 Will to resist. Subtle effect.

Though, considering the odds of his Will save being low enough to even care about that, the roll is kind of moot. However, since psychic powers are powers of the mind, and the mind is equal parts the soul and the physical brain, and Necromme is now housed inside Wayward's brain, with its unprotected gaps in psychic protection, AND the fact that I don't need to use my Communication power to communicate, I would be entirely willing to spend a hero point to say, as a plot point, that in the moments where he's just assuming control over Wayward's body, his more experienced psychic powers and talents have not yet had the time to close up those holes in her defenses, and allow Wayward to slip her sensory link in behind the wall undetected, giving her an inside look to convey to anyone back near her microphone form.

Also, a thought going back to Amanda. It seems the sensible price for her part in all this was that Necromme promised him Wayward, in some capacity approximating some twisted variant on her dreams of romance with her.

Edited by Blue Rose
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Ok I am going to burn one of your HP to allow you for plot purposes to mind read the unaware Necromme and sensory link to him. Its a great idea, thanks. 


As for your intimidate, that will intimidate and shock the audience: 1d20+14=33 But not Necromme. 



Taking above posts into account...


Wayward - 6 HP!


Your idea on Amanda is very good...not what I had in mind (she might actually help!) but very good - would you like to run with that?

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Call yourselves reporters???


More seriously, you can certainly note that Wayward is "off". But you don't know she is under mental influence (although you can suspect it for sure). 


If anyone has Knowledge (Behaviural Sciences) you could use that too, DC 20 to realise this is not anxiety or a state. She hasa different personality!

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Ok an unusual circumstance, but hey, thats what makes things interesting. 


The crowd are about to Riot, but...will they?


Its DC 25 to Stop them Rioting, and DC 15 to make sure they dont Riot at poor Rachel!


So first off, can the Microphone help Rachel? Its like a modified aid other, so lets say a DC 10 CHA roll to give a +5 bonus to Rachel (if you please, Blue Rose)


But it all boils down to the woman on stage! Does she have presence? She makes the CHA roll for the above, perhaps helped by her helpful Microphone!

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