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Possible Necromme...


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I have been meaning to run a thread featuring Necromme (Occult brain in a jar NPC) for some time. 


Sounding out you folks if any interest? Ideally looking at PL 10 ish. Maybe just one or two PCs. Slightly  favouring investigative, spooky, and human types. Magic background strictly optional. 


If anyone actually fancies being a distant relative of Necromme (which is possible, he is old old old and it could go back 200 years), that would be very interesting (and HP worthy!)

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Talked with SC a bit in the chat box. Necromme trying to steal the body of his Nx great granddaughter, the lesbian sex idol rock star, is hilarious.

And with her particular vulnerabilities to all things psychic, the idea came up of him actually succeeding, reducing Wayward to a brain in a jar trying to help through other means while it becomes a matter of trying to get Necromme out of Wayward's body.

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An interview certainly works. 


I will keep this open for a bit. If it starts with Necromme mind swapping with Wayward that willi mean a ton of HP to Wayward, but also given Necrommes power and resources we probably need another PL 10 or so PC to help out. 


Any interest?


Also: I think this will mean we need the first dozen or so posts just GM / Wayward, setting it up, so fair warning and all :)


Any other ideas speak up!

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