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Heavy Decisions (OOC)

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That was not a gift card for the Red Lobster. :(

Sam will open up with a visual/audio illusion on my fellow heroes, to try and draw their attention to the correct edge of the building. DC16 Will to resist on interaction, though it'll be gone before there's any real chance to interact. Phantasm, so it's purely mind-affecting.

If there's time, Sam will also use Emotion Control: Fear on whoever's closest to entering the building. Trying to get him to scream, or otherwise draw attention to himself without giving Sam's involvement away. DC17 Will to resist.

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So, the funny thing is.  I was waiting for EP's Reflex Roll.  And it turns out he had already gone!  Which means I left you waiting for mine.  Woosh, my bad.  So only one reflex save for both the blinded and deafening.  And one for the area.  Alas the first one you noted was the one in which she failed.  So Terrifica should be blinded and deafened.  But, I shall instead make you this offer.  You can take an HP and not only be blinded and deafened but lack of balance with the sudden affliction makes it so she falls out the window (to be saved before the splat of course).  Or we can just count the last reflex save (Even though the one that should be in effect is the one that landed on 10.
Reflex Save (DC15): 1d20+1 10
Reflex Save (DC15): 1d20+1 21

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He'll get the chance to disbelieve first, with a +4 from Terrifica's urging.  Will Save vs Emotion Control: 1d20+10 16

However, we'll use the bluff to try and trick him that his disbelief wasn't real.  Thus he lost track of the first illusion but not the one's taunting him afterwards if he fails


Sense Motive vs Bluff: 1d20+5 17


Alright we'll have him more cognizant but still frightened out of his wits, and kinda doubting his own sanity now.

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Argonaut's Notice: 1d20+10 19
And Initiative Time two different set pieces. 
Argonaut's Initiative: 1d20+1 19
Mook 1's Initiative: 2#1d20+8 13
Mook 2's  25
Thief Leader Initiative: 1d20+3 7


Bringing one set piece to Round 1.  And the other waiting on Nevermore.


Round 1

25 - Argonaut - 1 HP - Unharmed
19 - Mook 2  - GM - Unharmed
13 - Mook 1 - GM - Unharmed


As for Kit and Terrifica?  


Well, their robber friend is unconscious.  But a notice check is needed.

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Bringing the other set piece to 
Round 1
7 - Thief Leader - GM, 1 HP - Unharmed
4 - Nevermore  - 1 HP - Unharmed
Argonaut's going to 
Move Action:  Draw Power Pike
Standard Action:  Blast (DC22) vs Mook 1: 1d20+9 23
Mook 1's Tou Save (DC22): 1d20+3 8 Leaving him Staggered
Mook 2 takes a shot with the Pistol (DC19): 1d20+6 8 Missing

The Thief Leader shows his boxing chops with a Punch (DC21): 1d20+7 10 Suffice to say he misses
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