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34 - Fast Drone - Uninjured - GM

15 - Thoughtspeed - Uninjured - HPx1

14 - Stronghold - Uninjured - HPx2

10 - Mind-Set - Uninjured - HPx1

9 - Maelstrom - Uninjured - HPx1

8 - Flying Drone - Uninjured - GM

1 - Strong Drone - Uninjured - GM

Drone is up first, and it's going after... Stronghold, is why my dice are telling me! It zips up and goes stabby-stabby. Fast Drone's melee attack, vs Stronghold's flat-footed Def. DC 19 + Autofire (1d20+12=20) Vs. Haukea's flat-footed Def of 12, that means the full Auotfire applies. DC 24 Toughness save, please.

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Oh well.

Activating Concealment(Free Action)

Messaging Maelstrom(Free Action)

Creating Illusion(Standard Action) of himself advancing on the robots, pleading for a cease-fire.

Bluff Roll(Trick; Move Action) to try and get the Flying Curator Drone to shoot it: 24. So, DC24 to see through the ruse. Unless they're Immune to Reason, of course.

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Flying Drone's check vs. DC24 Trick. (1d20+8=9) No chance of seeing through that, nope!

Flying Drone's attack, vs Big Drone's Def. DC 23 Tou (1d20+8=12) The big guy only has Def +5! C'mon! :P That'll still miss, though.

Maelstrom's attack check w/ +5 Accurate Attack, vs Flying Drone's Def. DC 25 Tou (1d20+10=16) Oh, come on!

Flying Drone's attack, vs Maelstrom's Def. DC 23 Tou (1d20+8=9) This is officially redonkulous.

Okay, the Big Drone is going to hit Stronghold's barrier. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to miss it, so it just needs to beat a DC 25 Tou save.

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