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The Superhuman Gambit (IC)


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Saturday January 18th 2014

West End

10:30 am


Just another day in the city, in particular the West End. People minding their own business is what's going on, nothing out of the ordinary. However, there's a certain air of tension filling the normally far more lively and pleasant neighborhood. As if something had been brewing slowly in the last few weeks or even months. A sharp eye could notice there had been some degradations in a few places around the West End, that in some places the neighborhood had turned a little more intimidating or even dangerous.

Noises fill the air as police cars pass by in the street, their sirens blaring. Something is going on, that’s for sure.

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Gene King walked down the street of his old neighborhood, feeling obvious and somewhat silly. He was supposed to be visiting his family for the weekend, having lunch at the old family home, but instead he was looking around, trying to spot dark alleys and conspicuous strangers lurking on street corners. Even though he only had a shaky idea of what 'lurking' would look like.

He stopped and sighed, looking around the area. He was barely a superhero, what was he doing here? Trying to investigate... what, exactly? Some folks who would probably be yelling out their names if they were actually around. It hardly seemed necessary to try and sneak around. He just needed to wait for--

--For police sirens. Like that one, right there. Gene tracked the speeding cruiser, and almost without thinking he ran after it.

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Thaelia spent much of her free time when not accompanying her friends elsewhere in the West End of Freedom City.  Magical phenomenon seemed to be the most attracted to that particular section from her perspective.  Which meant the most harrowing of adventures could be had by just waiting around long enough.  And then the all too familiar cry of a police siren shot off near by.  Like a beacon to undersea princess she'd stretch her arms out and begin charging through the street in a haze of speed.


A cry of excitement riveting through the air as she bound to find the source of the commotion.  The teen perfectly content with the situation as the opportunity for glory and adventure presented themselves to the Daughter of the Seas anew.

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With a loud noise, a police car crashed into a nearby building. Fortunately it seems the car was empty or this could have ended up very, very messy. Assembled around a bank, policemen are trying to contain the damage. Four people, seemingly members of some local gang, wearing gaudy masks, are currently busy ravaging the ranks of the police in a display of powers right outside a local bank. Well isn't that just your typical scene in the city, isn't it?


"They're tearing us apart!" yells a rookie policeman. "Somebody call b-backup! Or the Freedom League, I don't know, something!" With a wave of his hand, one of the thug shoots out a bolt of lightning, startling the rookie once more. All the while, civillians are busy running away from the scene in terror as the thugs continue their seemingly random rampage.

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Elias was in the West End due to reasons.  He was not following after Thaelia, in fact he was walking away from her, going in another direction all together.  Until he felt the police cars at the same time as he heard them.  Just like he felt the tensions and unease immediately ratchet up.  Sighing softly he ducked into an alley, and pulled up the nondescript hood, as well as a mask over his face all together. followed by gloves, before he he was charging towards the source of the turmoil and noise, already trying to shed the strong emotions that came from people exposed to such strife.

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The scene is simple, almost perhaps boringly cliche in a city such as Freedom City. Four thugs in gaudy masks are busy demolishing the entire city block in a display of superpowers. The police seems powerless to stop them. The nearby buildings appear to have been damaged in the crossfire, including a nearby appartment that is currently on fire from an explosion. There  apparent clue if there are people inside or not but it seems likely.


"What's wrong?" yells out one the thugs. "You guys thought we weren't serious, huh? Really? Well guess what, we're playing in the BIG LEAGUE now!" He fist pump the air and electricity crackles out, pinning the policemen behind the debris.

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As Thaelia bound onto the scene the wild smile on her face was unmistakable.  Even the crackle of electricity in the air did nothing to deter someone who had a less than favorable disposition to electricity.  She would begin to call out enthusiastically.  "You would do well to surrender fiends!  The Daughter of the Seas has come to bestow you a gift of battle most glorious."  Her open challenge was not to a blind rush to punch someone.  On contraire, the Atlantean royal was aiming to take attention away from the civilians who were already in harm's way.


On her own making a run for the burning building would be foolhardy.  And while she often leapt before leaping, Thaelia was nobody's fool.  The burning apartment setting up how dire it was to act.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Errant came barging in, as he was want to do in situations like this.  Following after the sirens then.  Fortunately he was a minimalist when it came to his costume, as he tried very hard to just blend, where possible.  As he came wheeling in towards the scene, he sighed softly, feeling the chaos hammer at his senses, before he looked at the building, aware that he was better off with that than others, like the flamboyant Thaelia.  Still he needed her help...  "Less glorious battle, more saving of innocents.  Follow me!" 

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Gene ran after the cop cars, sprinting down the streets pell mell as he tried to keep up. They turned a corner and so did he -- a couple houses early. There was a fence with a pair of garbage cans in front of it, an easy enough target for an eager student of parkour. Of course, Gene was more a student of Louis Pasteur; he made a jump and tucked his legs up, but all he managed to do was jump headlong into the garbage cans.

Limping slightly, he went back to the road and resumed running. Eventually, huffing and sweating, he got close enough to the cop cars to see their lights over the next row of houses. He stopped there and pulled out a red mask from his pocket, peeling off his jacket and polo to reveal a red tee-shirt with a cartoon bomb on it, the exact same shade as the mask he fitted over his face. He tossed the polo and jacket over a nearby bench and rounded the corner.

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As if answering Errant's questions, a scream came out of the burning building, which shuddered and started collapsing under the weight of it's damage. The fire has spread all over the structure and one side was starting to collapse. The raging inferno was eating at the building and it could collapse any moment now


"There's still someone in there!" yelled one of the civillian still around. Once more, a scream echoed. There was definately someone trapped in there!


"Hey! &%#*-face!" taunted one of the crooks at Thaelia. "You! Yeah you, &?%#*-clown! Watcha gonna do, uh? Come on! Come get and me, I ain't scared of ya!" Clearly, the gang member had a very crude, if somewhat colorful language. Making an obscene gesture, he challenged the atlantean.

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