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Sweet Dreams (Aren't made of this) (OOC)

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Let's see, Rene is quickly able to discern the fact that only certain paths around the campus have coherent writing on posters making it a simple matter for Rene to maneuver himself around school grounds.  Hallways and classrooms that lead to dead ends just tend to repeat a simple word like poster over and over again.


Miss Grue is able to notice that two tables on the opposite end of the cafeteria have disappeared.  But she isn't able to catch sight of anything that would hint to where they went.

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Well lets see if I can't web them up!


Providing this actually works in dreamland, using Snare Line Area of Effect, for a DC 20 Reflex (Area save) and DC 20/15 Reflex Snare effect. I'm not quite sure how many I can get in a line - its as if a broad brushstroke of webs gets painted (as its ranged, not a line from him, a line originating and ending from him, if you get it). I suppose I at least get two, given the nature of lines!

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Alright to get two it'll have to be a diagonal line.  Let's say covering Assailants 2 & 3.

Masked Assailant 2's Reflex Save (DC 20): 1d20+6 14

Masked Assailant 3's Reflex Save (DC 20): 1d20+6 8

So neither avoided the line.

Now for their Reflex save to avoid being snared Reflex Saves vs Snare (DC 20): 2#1d20+6 11, 20

Meaning Assailant 2 is Bound and Helpless, but Assailant 3 makes his save.

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So while they're not minions they are only PL 8's .
Masked Assailant 1's moves in with a Machete Atack (DC 20): 1d20+11 21

He makes some use of move by action to back off right after.


Masked Assailant 2 will attempt to free himself from the webs using his strength.  Prompting a DC18 TOU save from the web.
Masked Assailant 3 Aids (Masked Assailant 1) against Rene: 1d20+11 31


He has teamwork 2 and gives Masked Assailant 1 a +4 Attack Bonus on his next action against Rene.

Which brings us to

Round 2
17 - Rene De Saens - HP 2
11 - Masked Assailant 1
09 - Masked Assailant 2  Bound and Helpless
09 - Masked Assailant 3

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Reflex Save (DC 20): 1d20+6 23 

Reflex Save (DC 20): 1d20+6 26 Not so much, no

So let's see

Masked Assailant 1 performs a Power Attack(-5 Atk/+5 Dmg) with the Machete (DC 25): 1d20+10 19 barely hitting the mark

Masked Assailant 2 continues struggling to free himself prompting the Snare's Tou save vs DC18: 1d20+9 26 it holds

Masked Assailant 3 once again Aids (Masked Assailant 1) against Rene: 1d20+11 19 again giving him the +5 to attack.

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