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Actually, this trick's gonna be a two-pronged one. And since our other hero is currently pinned down, I'm planning on doing a lot at once on this post.

First, Sam's going to go look around and figure out her approach in the ventilation shafts as best she can without actually going in, then she's gonna go down and look for the breaker box. Probably in the basement behind a locked door somewhere. If she finds it, she's gonna throw all of the breakers, cutting off power. Probably gonna take things down to phones and emergency lights. From there, back up to... actually, just to check what happens at the door to the announcers' booth first, to see if she even has to go through ventilation.



Picking any locks in her way. Normal building locks, she can probably roll at all she wants. Starting with taking 10 for a result of 20. If that fails, taking 20 for a result of 30. When she heads back up, she'll take 10 to lock the doors behind her if she can, to make it a little harder to figure out that's where the break in the line is and mask her trail a bit, even though it's the sensible first place to check.

Staying 'invisible.' Continuing to take 10 on stealth, in case someone's on the security cameras.

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Stealth = 20 


No sign of the Trench Coat - but Kit does see someone who looks very much like her (Trenchcoat) huddled on the ground with the other hostages!


I will say that, given Kit's knowledge of chicanery (and so that you're not stuck playing OOC guessing games), the most logical place for the other to be would be in the broadcast booth with Empath. 

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