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Found 17 results

  1. Summer 2021 Discovery Channel "So that was the secret of the Day of Wrath," said Fast-Forward into the camera, looking rather more serious than his usual mien, a cloud of black smoke rising from the still-smoldering building behind him. "Robot conspiracies, evil dopplegangers, and a plan for Earth that went much deeper than anybody expected it. When we picked this story for our finale, we never imagined we'd find anything like this - perhaps the most shocking moment in the history of...Supercrime!" - One month earlier....
  2. GM Tuesday, July 11th, 2018 The North End, Freedom City 3:44 PM Nothing. Even after several hours straight of observing, theorizing, and experimenting Dr. Eliot Westermen couldn’t figure out the Nexus Problem. He knew he had everything he needed to figure it out. ASTRO Labs was one of the greatest scientific facilities on the planet. They had reliable information on the paraphysics of the Cosmic Coil, access to salvaged Terminus tech and even an intact Omegadrone corpse for study. This should be easy. He should be able to see where everything connected. How this new portal system worked and how it could be deactivated. Westerman put his forehead against his chalkboard board and signed. “But you can’t, West. They’re right. This is beyond you. Beyond any of us.” It took him a minute to really grapple with that. To finally put his pride aside and admit the truth. “Chakwas couldn’t do. Oladeyle couldn’t do it. And you can’t either. They were right, we need outside help. A fresh pair of eyes to look at this nonsense.” Westerman had sworn that it wasn’t necessary. That the heroes needed to be out there helping people instead of slumming it with the eggheads. That if he had just a few more hours he could crack the Nexus Problem and stop the invasion. No one believed him. Senior expert on Terminus Tech and Paraphysics be damned. They put out the call for help about a couple of hours. Any heroes with an advanced knowledge of “exotic” technologies were asked to come to ASTRO Labs and help figure out how to dismantle the portal network that allowed the invaders to send wave after wave of monsters to wreak havoc on Freedom City. Westerman didn’t have to look at his watch to tell that the heroes would be in the “War Room,” as the scientists had started to call their primary laboratory working on the Nexus Problem, in a few minutes. Perks of being a super-genius he guessed, you get a great internal clock. That put a smile on his face. Westerman couldn’t remember the last time he smiled since the invasion began. Moving away from the chalkboard, he took a seat in one of the rolling chairs scattered across the lab and tried to relax. The lab was a mess. On all four sides of it there was notes, files, tech, empty coffee cups and lab gear scattered everywhere. Not to mention one scary looking Omegadrone on a medical table. Westerman didn’t look much better. Lack of sleep does that. The heroes would be here soon and Westerman knew he had to be at his best to get them up to speed on what little he and the others had figured out and answer any questions they may have.
  3. Asteroid 60339-Bixby, The Asteroid Belt, Sol System Asteroid 60339-Bixby was an unremarkable object in Earths solar system on recently found after 5 million years in the darkness it would have remained unremarkable until humanity made it's into space. But a passing ESA probe had picked up a faint signal of alien origins coming from the asteroid, they'd passed it onto the Freedom League who'd passed it onto CoVic station. Seeing as it was probably a fairly innocuous signal, many systems had scattered remains of various von Neumann machines of pass explorations, the Praetorian had arranged for to check it out on their regular patrol. Just in case anything was found they'd arranged for a representative of the Sol System to meet them before they reached the asteroid itself. Everything seemed routine, though this was like nothing they could have possibly imagined...
  4. Election Day It was early yet, and Ditra Fifty-Five wandered out into the Main Plaza feeling sick to her stomach; she'd just voted in the Republic Election, and part of her thought it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference who won. The green-skinned Nameless agent wandered over to a public bench and plopped down on it, still with her arms wrapped protectively around her belly. Like many of her more 'humanoid' behaviors, it was partly programed and partly legitimate, but it meant something a bit different when a Nameless did it. The lower abdomen is where a unit's pilot rested, safely coiled up inside an armored 'womb', so the gesture was really one of protection towards the bug that was the living core of cyborg. Ditra sat there for several minutes, watching the crowds line up outside the polling place. Street vendors began to set up their carts to serve the voters, and soon the smells of grilled meats and hot drinks wafted her way, and her pilot shifted and wriggled inside her, filled with pangs of hunger. I guess I did forget to have any breakfast before we left... And with that, she hopped up off the bench and strolled back across the street towards a Gandari noodle seller, his head wreathed in steam. "Good morning, young lady? What can I get for you?" "Good morning! I'll have a deep bowl of the ghat soup, with extra noodles, aaaaand a bottle of Triple-V." "Very good, miss! Coming right up!"
  5. (This is a PL10 rebuild of Solar Sentinel) Player Name: Thunder King Character Name: Solar Sentinel Power Level: 10 (160/161) Trade-Offs: -4 Defense/+4 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 1 In Brief: Cosmically empowered immortal veteran of an interstellar war Alternate Identity: Henry William Mason Identity: Secret Birthplace: Adolphus, Kentucky Occupation: Firefighter Affiliations: Freedom City Fire Department, the Zarnashi Military Family: None Description: Age: 121 (DoB: January 18th, 1896) Apparent Age: 35 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'3" Weight: 230 lbs Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown Henry is tall and broad shouldered, with a ruggedly handsome face, and stern features. He looks reasonably young, but anyone who sees into his eyes will see the age in them. He keeps his hair short and walks upright. He favors work pants and button up shirts, claiming to feel naked in t-shirts. He also favors leather shoes and boots, having a dislike for sneakers. Henry's costume is blue and gold, designed to look sleek and fast even when it's not in motion. Power Descriptions: Henry's cosmic energy manifests as a brilliant blue, though for certain things he can suppress the glow, such as using his normal flight or super-strength. The exact manifestations of this energy follow; Blast: Henry's blasts are manifested as blue bolts of energy, slightly resembling flame. Flight: When Henry flies, it manifests as a slight blue aura. When he's pulling power from his cosmic array, it produces a blue contrail that follows after him. Super-Strength: When accessing his array to enhance his strength, Henry's glow intensifies relative to the effort he needs to put forth. Healing: The recipient of his healing also glows slightly when affected by it. Extra Effort: The higher his energy output is, the more flame-like the manifestations become. History: Henry was born in Kentucky to a poor farm family. His father and mother both died early in his life, leaving him orphaned at 12 years old. At 16, he lied about his age and joined the US Army, where he served until the end of WWI, serving with distinction as a Non-Commisioned Officer. He was discharged honorably in 1920, and settled down in Freedom City. It was in 1922, however, that everything changed. One night, a friend of his invited him to stay out with him in the country, at his home in rural Pennsylvania. He never got there. Instead, an alien space craft captured him for study, crewed by members of the Zarnashi race. They were planning on sending him back after their tests, but they spotted an enemy vessel on their sensors. In their haste to escape the enemy craft, they accidentally brought their passenger, Henry, with them. Over the next few months, it was increasingly evident that war was inevitable between the Zarnashi and the Makh'rell peoples. Unable to go home, Henry became an ally of the Zarnashi race. A few months later, he found himself on a brand new space craft with an experimental FTL drive. The drive's core ended up with a massive breach. Selflessly, Henry helped everyone escape from the room, but he himself was trapped. The damaged drive bathed him in cosmic energy. The Zarnashi were surprised to find that he was not only alive, but far more powerful. He willingly joined the war against the Makh'rell race, becoming a respected and feared member of their military. However, the war dragged on for years. Henry fought for 88 years in a war that wasn't his own. Once the Zarnashi had secured peace, however, there was no reason to keep such an oddity among their ranks. And so, with his permission, they dropped him back on Earth with a few key supplies. Little did he know how much the world had changed. He managed to get enough help to set himself up again, with a new job; firefighter with the Freedom City Fire Department. However, after years of fighting, he found himself having a hard time adjusting to society. So, he decided to make himself a costume and start a new war; a war on crime. He'd never take another life again, but fighting is all he knows, and all he has. Personality & Motivation: Immortality has taught Henry a great deal about life, death, and survival. He has the long view on life, but also knows to cherish life's pleasures. Honor is very important to him. He considers his word paramount, and is reluctant to give it unless he knows he can live up to it. He fights crime because fighting is all he knows. He feels that he's seen too much blood, and will neither take a life, nor neglect to save civilians. Powers & Tactics: He uses the same tactics now that he did in the war; hit them fast, hit them hard. He makes ready use of move-by-action, charging in to blast, hitting them fast and moving out of range. When pressed, he has no problem closing distance and hammering at the opposition until it breaks. His powers leave little room for finesse or subtlety, but he's just fine with that. Complications: Secret: Identity. Nobody knows that Henry is a superhero, he likes it that way A Stranger In His Own Land: He's lived in space for most of his life. Earth, especially modern Earth, is so different that he won't get pop culture references and doesn't understand modern social norms very well. Child of Battle: He's been fighting for so long that sometimes he chooses to fight when he might have gotten away with a nonviolent solution. Blood on his hands: Henry is responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of sentient beings, this does not sit well on his concience. The Bloody Stranger: During the war, Henry had a bit of a reputation for being a ferocious and nigh-unkillable warrior. Sometimes this reputation gives him problems when dealing with extra-terrestrials. New War, New Responsibilities: Recent cosmic events have dragged Henry back into combat in space. He is finding himself more involved in events out in space than ever before. Abilities: 10+0+4+6+4+4= 28PP Strength: 20/30 (+5/+10) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 8+6 = 14PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +10 melee +4 ranged +10 Cosmic Blast Grapple: +15N/+18B/+28S Defense: +6 (+3 base, +3 dodge bonus) +2 flat-footed Knockback: -7 N: Nullified, B: Base S: With Strength Array Saving Throws: 8+6+6 = 20PP Toughness: +14 (+2 Con, +12 Protection) Fortitude: +10 (+2 con, +8 base) Reflex: +6 (+6 base) Will: +8 (+2 wis, +6 base) Skills: 56R = 14PP Diplomacy 10 (+12) Intimidate 10 (+12) Knowledge: Galactic Lore 7 (+10) Knowledge: Tactics 9 (+12) Language 2 (English[native], Zarnashi, Galstandard) Notice 10 (+12) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats: 17PP Attack Focus(Melee) 6 Attack Specialization 3 (Blast) Benefit (Tactics to Master Plan) Dodge Focus 3 Improved Initiative Master Plan Move-By-Action Power Attack Powers: 23+10+10+12+6+6 = 67PP Azure Flame (20PP array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) (23PP) BP: Blast 10 20PP AP: Enhanced Flight (5 to 15) 500,000 mph, 4,400,000 ft/rnd) 20PP AP: Healing 6 (Extras: Action (to standard) PFs: Regrowth) 19PP AP: Enhanced Strength 10 (to 30) + Super-Strength 5 20PP (Effective str 70, Heavy Load 204 tons) Flight 5 (250 mph, 2200 f/rnd) 10PP Immunity 10(Aging, Life Support) (10PP) Protection 12 (12PP) Super-Movement 3 (Space Travel 3) (6PP) Super-Strength 3 (6PP) (Effective str 35, Heavy Load, 3.2 tons) DC Block Unarmed Touch DC25 (staged) Damage (physical) Blast Range DC25 (staged) Damage (energy) Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (20) + Skills (14) + Feats (17) + Powers (67) - Drawbacks (0) = 160/161
  6. Kestevan 79 Magnetar 23,000 LY from Terra November 2014 (Terran Calendar) Why are we here? It was a hard question not to ask as the Praetorians' starship approached the world Moon-Moth had designated as the next target of the Communion. Kestevan 79, and its companion magnetar were a long-dead supernova remnant - the nebula, the neutron star inside, and its magentar companion both had been classified as navigational hazards by the Delaztri and generally avoided by their fleets, something that as far as they could tell had remained the same for Lor and Grue both. After all, what could possibly live in the wash of gases and X-Rays produced by nebula and burning magnetar alike? But there was, as far as the Curator had been able to tell, life on the sole world orbiting Beta Kestevan - life that was by all accounts a target for the Communion. For his part, Solar Sentinel found conditions equally grim as he headed out into the remote space near the Kestevan system, a system so remote and so irradiated that it had remained largely unclaimed in all the space wars he had ever heard of. There was no debris in the system, no asteroids or other planets - just the invisible at this distance neutron star that was Beta Kestevan (for all that it howled like a dead god on the radio) and the single white orb beneath the brilliantly burning shape of the Kestevan nova that floated over the system like the ghost of a dead star. Kestevan I - the only life-bearing world for light-years. Kestevan I; the next target of the Communion. A small collection of older, disreputable-looking starships were in orbit as Sentinel and Praetorians took up their positions in the vast depths of space; the wash of radiation in the system making whatever signals they might be sending to each other impossible to read. The planet was cold and desolate even from space, frozen nearly from pole to pole. Down below, on the icy surface of Kestevan I, a small handful of city lights twinkled at the equator, the planet's only source of free water. They had no idea what was coming.
  7. Ditko Street Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 6:32 PM Another workday done. The question was whether or not he'd have to work the evening as well. Kyle Steward made his way through Riverside, stopping to bask in the summer heat. The good news about his workplace was that it wasn't exactly a gigantic bastion of professionalism; the bad news was he still had to wear long-sleeved shirts every so often. Fortunately, he'd managed to shuck the shirt and go in just a T-shirt. The sun was just starting to dip down, but it was still somewhat hot and humid. The iced coffee was helping, but there was still a ways to go. All in all, though, things were peaceful. Steamy, sweaty, and crowded, but peaceful. There was a cool breeze kicking up under the muggy air, and it promised an interesting night. It was enough to cause him to almost get lost in thought. And then the shrieking started. The first eruption happened right next to him, in a car pulling into a parking space. The driver lost control, colliding with the car in front of him. Then came the radio at the newsstand down the street. Then the PA system at the nearby coffee shop. Soon, the entire street was awash in cacophony. Through the bursts of distortion, Kyle could hear words... but they weren't in any Earth language. He tapped his bracelet, hoping the sight might go unnoticed amongst all the chaos. The language filtered into his ears, swiftly translating. It was Lor, and although it was garbled, he could make out a few pieces. "Alone... fallen... help... dead... dead... stranded..." And all across Freedom, the static spread, erupting from every device attuned to radio waves. Repeating the same request...
  8. Memorial comes to Earth, and brings the tail end of something very large with her...
  9. January 12, 2014 Stone Stadium Freedom City College It's halftime, and the Harlem Globetrotters are in fine form. They've packed Wading Way Arena to nearly two-thirds of its 10,000 seat capacity and have held the crowd's attention with their trademark brand of basketball shenanigans and good fundamentals. Freedom City appreciates people in funny costumes with fantastic abilities, and between the cartwheels that scored that last three-point shot and the backflip slamdunk, the Globetrotters have the crowd eating out of the palm of their collective hand. Will they come from behind and make up their current two-point deficit against the hated Washington Generals? The crowd certainly hopes so! But it's half-time now, time for a bathroom or stretch break, or perhaps to make your way to the famously overflowing concession stand. Freedom City College has always been particularly international in its cuisine, and whether or not it's true that the concession stand's manager Maurice is really an alien, his hotdogs really are 'out of this world'! The crowd is happy, the game is going great - It's a good day to be alive.
  10. The OOC thread. I'll call it a DC 10 check (made on whatever skill you think is appropriate) to recognize the Psions.
  11. I am not alone. I'm writing this down, because if I don't I might forget it. So here goes; Last night, I had a dream that four colored fires were hurling towards the Earth at me. It was like watching multicolored falling stars. Green, Red, Yellow, Purple. Fire like mine, like my power. In my dream I watched as four beings made of fire rushed through the atmosphere at me. I watched as they attacked me and each other. We battled through the city, but I didn't understand why. As one of them struck the other dead, I saw a fire floating in mid-air, like a little ball of stationary fire. Then, the victor grabbed the flame with his or her bare hand and claimed their power. I then understood; they were fighting over the fires. You can have more than one. I know now, that I am not alone. I know that the power I have is far greater than I imagined it to be, and that it isn't unique. I know that there are five of them. I know that the last fire has been taken by someone, somewhere. If I know they exist, then they must know that I exist. I know now, that they are coming for me. I know that at least one of them wants to kill the rest and steal their power. They're going to fight a war, and Earth is their intended battlefield. I will be ready.
  12. September 13, 2013 10:03 PM The night air was beginning to get cooler in Freedom City, though still far warmer that it would be in the months to come. But neither the current cool temperatures nor the freezing ones that would soon arrive were of any concern to Henry Mason, as his powers allowed him to survive in the depths to space. Since his return to Earth, Henry had taken the identity of the Solar Sentinel, using his powers to aid the fight against crime within the city. For the ageless veteran, it was just another war to be fought. Currently, the ageless veteran of an intergalactic war was gliding over the streets of the Boardwalk. Over next to the south bank of the South River, the brightly lit casinos stood out from the dark waters and often dark streets that stretched to the south. Solar Sentinel was just about to move on to another part of the city when he heard the sounds of sirens below him. Glancing down, he spotted a pair of police cars, their lights flashing as their sirens continued to sound, speeding down one of the dark streets…
  13. OOC thread for Phantasmagore appears threatening Farside City, and there's a band of heroes ready to take him down!
  14. Jupiter, Sol System, 3rd May 2013 1100 UTC With a flash of light and more exotic particles they appeared several kilometres from Jupiter and began to “swim†toward the Gas Giant. They had many names in the various languages of the Milky Way and its Global Clusters most of them related to their appearance to various large marine animals. The Lor tended to use a term that roughly correspond to the human term Leviathans. It was hard to tell their number it’s was in the hundred’s, being creatures as must plasma and magnetic fields as physical flesh some had already begun to merge there’s essences to produce new-borns. With the smallest being the size of a Lear Jet any one of them could be considered a threat yet there had never been a recorded attack by these gentle giants of the spaceways. No one was truly sure how intelligent they were they could be tamed and made to carry out tasks, but their minds were to vast to alien for any telepaths to get a reading. One thing that suggested some intelligence was the Jumping dreams that some telepath’s would receive a day or two before the majestic creature’s actually made their move, which could reveal the systems the creature’s would be there destination. Though majestic creatures they would have been of little interest of the various Interstellar powers except for one thing, they could at a instance travel billions of Parsec’s and always seeming to arrive where they wished. It seemed to take them vast amounts of energies and they rested for many months after the journey. A live tamed Leviathan would make a crew rich enough to support many generations. All of the great powers of the Galaxy banned such practices, even the Grue though there gigantic bio-ships were strangely similar, and tended to protect the creatures when they arrived. However the creatures had started to wander further beyond the border of these powers, displaced by war, to area beyond their control. However whilst their energies of their arrival were detectable over a Parsec away there Jumping dream’s allowed the various interstellar agencies to arrange protection of the creature’s when they arrived.
  15. GM April 1st, 2013. 11.45 AM Bridge of the Grievance Heart, In orbit of the Far Side of the Moon The red-skinned creature in the squat chair was thin and almost overcome by the folds, swaths and shadows of its voluminous red/black cloak and long green robe. Lean as a rail and with a narrow face drawn tight over its malleable skull supported by a hand cushioned with a supple black glove, two green eyes blazing luminously. The room about ihm was dark and cold, ancient metal supporting a myriad of viewscreens that droned out endless reports in languages even older. The lights scattered around the floor and ceiling burned with a crystalline blue, giving the place a mysterious cast that Phantasmagore, Grue Arcane and master wizard, liked immensely. He stared at the viewscreen directly before the chair once held by some forgotten child of the stars, gazing thoughtfully at the warm blue and green and brown circle shining in the distance, and from it to the gray fields of rock and dust of the satellite kilometers away, from them to the glittering city of spires in the smooth crater. 'No reason to overplay myself' the Grue thought placidly, tapping a nearby button that sent a roar of power into the engines of the Grievance Heart, one-time superweapon of the Lor Imperial Armada, and propelled the enormous angular craft serenely towards Farside City! One hour later... "Attention, people of Earth!" thundered the voice from every loudspeaker in Freedom City, as the unmistakable face of a Grue appeared on every screen. Glaring out at his audience, Phantasmagore stood in the middle of a mystic light show, rearing up to his full height as the wizard's robe swirled in a mysterious breeze. Pointing a hand at the screen, the alien mage declared "I have the city on the Moon in the sights of hundred-kiloton cannons, a full plasma battery and a planet-cracking beam. I dare you to stop me before I reduce your precious satellite to a cloud of dust! And by the way..." an ironic smile appeared smoothly as his face grew a mouth "If I detect anyone from the Freedom League, I will not hesitate to take action. The very best of luck to you!" With a faint electronic whine, the signal hijacking ceased and his image vanished. Approximately ten minutes and an emergency conference later, the Freedom League had sent out a quick series of coded messages to AEGIS headquarters and Director Harry Powers, a dispatch to the star galleon Ages Lost, Johnny Rocket raced to the door of Henry Mason, and Jennifer Fray at FLSCH(Freedom League Special Circumstances Housing) received a very terse call. All of them were directed to the same point, almost 20,000 feet above the city and directly above Freedom Hall..
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